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If you want qi deficiency, you can do it with one stroke. Unfortunately, too few people know

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Qi and blood are two basic substances in the human body, and play a very important role in the life activities of the body. Qi and blood are inseparable for physical health, so the most important thing in regulating the body is to regulate qi and blood. For women. How to regulate blood? Here we take a look!
If you feel weak
Reason: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the presence of breath in the human body is the most basic substance that constitutes the human body and maintains human life activities, and is the driving force for promoting and regulating the physiological activities of the internal organs. Mostly due to congenital insufficiency, malnutrition, old age and weakness, chronic illness has not healed essence.
Performance: physical weakness, pale complexion, weakness of limbs, dizziness, sweating during movement, low voice, cough, asthma, chest tightness, easy to catch cold, unfavorable urination, pale yellowing and other symptoms
Conditioning: Qi and blood are not necessarily diseased and are very similar to the sub-health state now called. It can be adjusted in time, and qi deficiency can supplement qi. This can only be remedied by traditional Chinese medicine. Beef, dog meat, chicken, catfish, catfish, jujube, etc., Astragalus is the first tonic, which can be used as tea. Available therapeutic side: Lily lotus seed soup, lotus root almond porridge. Avoid eating cold, greasy and spicy food.
If you have blood deficiency
Reason: TCM believes that blood deficiency means that the blood in the body is insufficient to supply the internal organs, and the meridians and the body are consumed, resulting in physical discomfort. Mostly due to irregular diet, overworked, emotional distress, excessive blood loss, chronic illness or weak body.
Performance: pale or pale, pale lips, tongue and claw nails, dizziness, palpitations, dreams of hands, feet, numbness, women's menstrual flow, amenorrhea, etc., severe cases can cause coronary heart disease.
Conditioning: Those who have blood deficiency need blood, and you can eat more black and red foods, such as mulberry, red dates, carrots and pumpkins, black chicken, brown sugar, etc. Can also be used Ejiao, Angelica, Shudi and other traditional Chinese medicine. Avoid eating cold, greasy and spicy food. Available dietary prescriptions: Huaiju with fish, Angelica sinensis and so on.
If you lose energy
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the qi and blood in the human body are mutual breeding of qi deficiency, and there is less blood, and the lack of blood is qi deficiency. Therefore, these people have both symptoms of qi deficiency and blood deficiency. Deficiency for a long time will also be transformed into qi and blood deficiency.) In terms of conditioning, qi and blood should be supplemented. Here is a delicious diet for everyone:
Qi and Blood Shuangbu Tang:
Ingredients: pork (lean) 500 g pork belly 60 g pork ribs (large ribs) 150 g cuttlefish 50 g
Excipients: Codonopsis 10 g day lily (dried) 10 g white peony 10 g poriae 12 g cinnamon 3 g cooked rehmannia 10 g angelica 12 g chuanxiong 5 g licorice 6 g of)
Seasoning: Ginger 30 g green onion 10 g rice wine 15 g peppercorns 2 g salt 10 g MSG 2 g each amount
Fire first, then slow down. Carp tofu soup is also the best food therapy for qi and blood.
Editor's suggestion: Those who are deficient in qi and blood can usually put jujube, astragalus and codonopsis in the right amount when cooking soup at home. Remind your doctor when using ginseng.

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