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"Follow Me Prediction" Lecture Series-Lecture 13

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Chapter 13 Judgment of Disasters (1)
There is no love in the world, no hate for no reason; no wealth for no reason, no calamity for no reason.
I. Disastrous Japanese yen
Example 1, Male, March 14, 1957
Dry, moon, ding ding, jia, ding, ug, ding, wei
In 1991, Xin Wei and Nizhu Ding were ugly, which was an important sign of disaster. At the same time, Xiaoyun Guizhang and Ding Xun washed the grams, which further aggravated the disaster.
Degree. He was injured in a car accident that year.
Example 2, Male, March 9th, 1966
Gan, Bingwu Xin, Wu Zijia Yin, Yun Yun Yi Wei, Xiao Yun Gengyin
In 2002, Renwu and Nizhu Zhuchong were at the age of 36, so there will be a disaster. Ming Zhu was hospitalized due to illness that year.
Example 3, Male, March 23, 1946
Dry, Bingchen, Renchen, Wuchen, Renyun
In 1982, Ren Zhe and Nizhu Wuchen washed away. This disaster-stricken message was also understood by numerology enthusiasts at the lowest level. Xiaoyun Wuyi and the Moon
Zhu Renchen also rushed to the ground, further exacerbating the extent of the disaster. Mingzhu had a gastrectomy due to stomach problems.
Example 4.Male, applying on June 19, 1965
Dried, Ethyl Acetate
In 1986, Bing Yin and Sun Zhuo Ren Shen Chongke, Yin Yun applied for three punishments, Xiao Yun Ji Yun and Yi Yi Chong Ke, the law was not quiet.
Theft and imprisonment for 6 months.
Example 5, male, on the second day of November, 1970
Dry, Moon, Law, Geng, Ding Hai, Yi, Geng, Chen
In 1991, Xin Wei was 21 years old. During his lifetime, Xin Wei and Nizhu Yi were ugly and shocked. Xiaoyun Jiwei and Sun Zhuk
, Indicating that most of the disasters are themselves. That year was actually Chen Yu's Ugly Years, but his fortunes were not quiet.
Hunch, so disasters are mostly related to Fortune. In reality, the Lord was arrested for seducing a young girl.
Example 6, male, when he was ugly on the first day of September, 1946
Dry, Moon, Law, Bing, Ding, Jia, Jia, U, Da Yun, Xin U, Xiao Yun
In the 1990s, the Japanese and Japanese pillars broke through, and the disaster information was obvious. It was actually the life arrested for embezzling public funds.
Press: Regardless of the law of the sun or the moon, if the current year directly hits the sun column, you must not hold your luck, let alone hurt the law,
Violations of discipline or discipline, otherwise, you must blame yourself.
Example 7, male, 5th day of July, 1966
Dry, Bingwu, Bingshen, Xinhai, Wuxi, Dayun Jihai, Xiaoyun Guihai
In 2001, Xin Ye and Xin Hai clashed, and the yen was disturbed. Xiaoyun Guihai and Jihai shocked, the law was not quiet. Order the Lord a trifle
Arguing with his wife, his hand was chopped with a kitchen knife.
Example 8, Female, Hours on July 20, 1965
Kun, Moon, Lu Yiyi, Jia Shen, Gui Ding, Ding Yun, Ding Hai, Xiao Yun
In 1997, Ding Chou and the Japanese post were not defeated, and Xiao Yun Ji Chong was also defeated. The Japanese yen was pinched by both inside and outside, thus causing a terrible disaster. real
Ji was deceased that year, at the age of 32 years and three months.
Example 9, Male, applying on September 9, 1947
Dry, Moon, Ding Hai, Geng Yuan, Shen Shen, Wu Shen, Da Yun, Yi Yun, Xiao Yun, Ji Hai
The destiny was the director of a county administrative bureau. In 1998, Ding Yueyue suddenly killed himself. Others, including his family, could not understand this. its
In fact, as long as it is from the perspective of human rhythm, its suicide can be explained scientifically. In 1998, Wu Yin and Rizhu Renshen Tian Ke Di Chong, Yin Yun Shen San
Penalties stand, which is a sign of great murder. Coupled with Dayun Yiyi and Xiaoyun Jihai Chongke, like to use restraint, the information of the disaster is obvious. Practice has proven that
Because the yen is not quiet, in addition to the use of restraint, most suicides and criminal offenders also have signs of punishment (Note: the territorial punishment: the son-in-law punishment,
Yin Xun applied for punishment, Ugly uncle did not punish him, Chen Wu Xunhai self-penalized, self-penalty was the year of Yun Yun and Zhu Zhong, Chen Jianchen, Wu Jianwu, etc. existed in punishment).
Example 10, Male, Hours on November 19, 1921
Gan, Xin Gengzi Jiayin Jiayi Dayun Renchen Xiaoyun Dingye
In 2004, Jiashen and Rizhu Jiayin rushed, and the yen was not quiet, which was a sign of disaster in that year. Xiaoyun Ding 酉 and Xin 酉 chuck, add
Weakened the disadvantage. It was actually the death of the Lord, aged 83.
Example 11, Female, Ugly on the 12th day of January 1931
Kun, Xin Weigeng, Jia Yinyi, Ugly, Wuyun, Xiaoyun
In 2004, Jiashen and Japanese column Jiayin rushed, and the original game Gengyin and Jiayin rushed. The yen was injured twice and I was in disaster. It's actually the destiny
Died of illness.
Example 12, Male, March 18, 1953
Dry and deciduous Bingchen Renzi Renyin Dayun Renzi Xiaoyun Bingxi
In 1996, Bingzi rushed to the Japanese pillar and the Grand Canal, and Xiaoyun Bingyan to the Bingchen. The Japanese Yen was uneasy, and he was killed in December of that year.
Died from an accident.
Example 13, Male, September 19, 1974
Dry and moon law Jiayin Jiayi Renwu Gengzi
In 1996, Bingzi and Renzhu Renwu punched. In July of that year, he was resentful because of the girlfriend he talked about breaking up with himself.
The second time he tried to find the other side in the trouble to kill the woman and was sentenced to capital punishment.
Example 14, Male, September 28, 1966
Gan, Bing Wu Ji Hai Gui Bing Chen Bingchen
In 1987, Ding Yi and Sun Zhugui rushed to overcome grams, which was a bad omen. In particular, Xiaoyun B and Dayun Xin Chou also washed away, indicating that the disaster was clear
Show. Geng Yueyue and Bingchen attacked, the fierce in the same month; Ren Ziri and Bingwu attacked, the fierce on the same day. It was actually the Lord of the Sacred Trees on September 8, 1987
Electricity died, less than 21 years old.
Note: In unfavorable years, unfavorable months (referring to shock), unfavorable days, we must pay more attention to safety than usual, and try to avoid dangerous activities.
This way, similar disasters can be avoided.
Example 15, Female, Hours on the 28th day of January, 1976
Kun, Moon, Bingchen, Gengyin, Xin, Xin, Dayun, Dinghai, Xiaoyun, Gengshen
Mr. Yan of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, tested his daughter in March 2005 (Yi Yi). Teacher Liu Yuzhen based on that year's Yi Yi and Xin Yi Chong,
Xiaoyun Gengshen and Geng Yin punched each other, and the messages of fleeting years, yen, and time law were not quiet, telling the destiny that there was a terrible disaster that year.
Fan's focus and reminded him of the need to engage in rhythm control, and did not receive feedback from Mr. Yan's letter until mid-May. After receiving the forecast letter,
When I was about to ask Teacher Liu to regulate my daughter, her daughter was seriously injured by a car while crossing the road on the afternoon of April 14th.
Rescuing invalid deaths around 21 ...
Note: The "Japanese yen" in this lecture refers not only to the "Japanese pillar". In the full prediction model, it also includes another bar.

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