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The latest version of "The Dilemma", to be honest! (Commentary, gracious, beautiful)

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There is a dilemma in the world: it is difficult to get to the sky, it is more difficult to ask for people
There are two sufferings on the ground: Huanglian suffers
There are two insurances in the world:
There are two thin in the world: thin spring cakes
If there is a fate, you will come back if you miss it
If missed, they will leave when they meet
Reasons to gather together, excuses to leave
Life has no if, only consequences
There is nothing to be judged
No one is not guessed
Be the most authentic and beautiful yourself
Follow your heart
No regrets in this life
1 way of life
walk my own path
2 treasures of life
Good health and old age
3 kinds of friends in life
Willing to lend you money
Attend your wedding
Attend your funeral
Life has 4 hardships
See through
Can't afford to lose
Can't let go
5 words of life
No matter how difficult it is,
No matter how good it is
No matter how bad you have to be confident
Save more
Be cold no matter how warm
Life 6 Wealth
Body, knowledge
Dreams, beliefs
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