hg3535.com Owl vest, like a teacher's stick work (No. 05)

Owl vest, like a teacher's stick work (No. 05)

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:13:32

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Fewer pin submissions, less detailed tutorial drafts! Everyone, study hard. I forgot to post the text comment yesterday. I will reissue it today.
Owl vest illustration
After film:
1. Use eighteen bar needles for eighteen knit double ribs.
2. Change the No. 9 bar needle, without adding or subtracting 56 rows from the front knitting upper needle and the back knitting lower needle.
3. On the 75th line, close 4 stitches on each side, and then 2-2-2.2-1-4. The remaining 56 stitches are woven to 116 lines without addition or subtraction.
4. On the 117th line, the back collar is opened, and 20 stitches are flattened in the middle, and then two stitches are opened on both sides. 2-2-1.2-1-1, 15 stitches are left on each shoulder. A total of 120 lines were completed.
The shoulders of the front and back films merge themselves, and then they pick up 116 stitches! After weaving 10 rows of double ribs, close with a sewing needle!
Shoulder picking: Three braids pick 5 needles, 88 needles, and weave 10 rows of double ribs to close with a sewing needle. The shoulders are the same on both sides.
Front panel:
18 rows of 80 double knit ribs with 11 gauge needles.
2. Change the No. 9 bar needle without adding or subtracting 22 rows of front knitting upper needles and back knitting lower needles.
3. Starting from the 23rd line, weaving 22 stitches up to 12 stitches, weaving 12 stitches, weaving 12 stitches, weaving 12 stitches, and weaving 22 stitches.
4. Then the owl position is woven according to the illustration! The rest does not change to a total of 74 lines.
5. At the beginning of the 75th line, close each side with 4 stitches to open the shoulders 2-2-2.2-1-4, and the remaining 56 knit to 94 lines.
6. On line 95, start to flatten 14 stitches in the middle, then open the collar 2-2-2.2--1-2 on both sides. Close the stitches to 15 stitches each and the number of shoulder stitches on the back piece is the same!

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