hg208808.com He made a trick of catching catfish in spring! I used it for 8 years! At least 27 pounds or more each time!

He made a trick of catching catfish in spring! I used it for 8 years! At least 27 pounds or more each time!

Source: Time: 2020-01-09 05:05:19

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By chance, I met a fishing master a few years ago. At that time, we were like-minded and talked about a lot of fishing-related skills, and this master taught me a trick of spring fishing for catfish. The simple modification of the explosive hook can effectively increase the hooking rate of catfish. The rate of medium fish can be increased by more than 75%. You can easily catch a few tens of catties in one day without any problems!
Today, I do n’t say much nonsense. I came directly to share this trick with fishermen. I used spring catfish fishing skills for more than 6 years. First of all, if you are fishing in a reservoir environment, I do n’t know that fishermen use Is it a sea pole explosion hook or Taiwan fishing? I personally like to use fishing rods to blast fishing in reservoirs, because if you want to catch big fish in this kind of environment in the reservoir, you must go deep into the water to catch big catfish, because big fish are generally in the depth of water. , Off shore.
In this way, if we use a pole to catch a fish, the line may be relatively short, which is generally used for catching big fish, so we will use the sea pole explosion hook to fish. This explosive hook is made by us. First, we must prepare some tools, including small chisels, scissors, and plastic bottles.
The fishermen should first make a small circle like this, cut with a bottle, and the fishermen can use the empty glue bottle to make it. And the technique of fishing the catfish small explosion is called the loop hook for short. In fact, the fishermen may have seen it. This loop hook is nothing more than our ordinary explosion hook.
Because we are mainly fishing for catfish in the spring, so when choosing a hook, remember not to choose too much, otherwise the air force may be used. On the contrary, if we use a smaller hook, the effect is exceptionally good, because in the actual operation of the author, although the small hook, but small fish and big fish have been caught, so I recommend using Ise directly No. 3 is enough.
In terms of fishing line selection, most fishing gear shops have fishing lines that sell red colors, and fishes are actually more sensitive to color, so we choose red as the fishing line.
Everyone folds the hook in half at a distance of about 30 centimeters, but the length of the hook handle should be longer, and there will be other uses later;
Also, as in the picture, tie two knots in the middle of the thread. Like the length of the strand, it is recommended to be 4 cm more than the diameter of the loop, but it should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to knot.
Now everyone is going to drill a hole in the circle with an awl and pierce its hook. When we are done, we will press the small hole with our fingers and press it flat;
In terms of lead distribution, you can use a fishing line to tie the lead pendant, and then hang it on the hook group, and then hang it on the main line. And the size of a plumb is determined by the hardness of the fishing rod itself. Fishermen can choose a plumb of about 10 grams. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem in throwing a plume of about 40 meters.
In fact, the purpose of my doing this is that the active lead that is hung outside will not be worn on the main line, and it can also prevent the lead from getting stuck in the stone gap when hanging at the bottom.
I did a lot of hooks like this one in the afternoon. As long as I use them normally, a set of hooks can be used for several years. But we need to simply dry after each use to increase the life of the use!
In the end, we also paid attention to the choice of bait. We can use some fresher peanut bran to soak in water, and then add a bit of cooked corn to thicken it, but the cooked corn flour must be finer. In the end, you can add a little more strong commercial bait to collect water to increase its flavor, which will definitely let you burst out when you are fishing!
The following is the actual effect of fishing in the reservoir some time ago;
Like this technique, anglers can go fishing in the reservoir in spring to try it out. Easy explosion protection is especially simple. Today, Xiaobian shared this with the fishermen. In fact, Xiaobian selflessly shared this trick of fishing with small explosive hooks. There is no other malicious intention to share with everyone. It is nothing more than to make it easier for more fishers to catch Fish, I also hope that fishing friends will support it!

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