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Is foreign trade good? You need to be clear about these processes

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For newcomers who have just entered the foreign trade industry, or those who have changed careers, many foreign trade processes are completely unknown. But just because of his passion for foreign trade. For us foreign novices, how should we be familiar with these foreign trade processes as soon as possible? Come and see it together!
When the billing stage has not yet started, we might as well lay the foundation firmly. Do n’t worry about opening the bill. When you do n’t understand anything, even if you are lucky, you do n’t know how to do it. Smoother and more confident! Let me share some of my experiences and skills.
For example, the basic steps of fulfilling an export contract include the steps of stock preparation, inspection, reminder, verification, renewal, chartering, etc. There are many precautions, etc. We simply remember that the amount of memory is still quite large Yes, if integrated into such a table.
Foreign trade operations
Does this seem more convenient? You can make the picture as large as possible, so you can write some notes and other things next to it, so even a novice will know at a glance what you should do next, there are What needs attention.
Here's a corresponding import flow chart:
Import process
The two tables will complete the import and export process. Is it very convenient? If you don't like computer-based painting, you can use it to draw directly on a large notebook. The impression will be even more impressive.
The letter of credit should be the top priority of our foreign trade. The process is more complicated and professional, and it cannot be careless.
L / C operation
It would be more convenient to do this with processes, so how to memorize the understanding and memorization and calculation formulas like quotation?
FOB = Cost + Domestic Expenses + Expected Expenses
CFR = Cost + Domestic Expenses + Export Freight + Expected Profit
CIF = Cost + Domestic Expenses + Export Expenses + Export Insurance Expenses + Expected Profit
Composition of import and export prices
This seems to be a bit simpler. If you are really lazy, you can find these flow charts on the Internet, but some tables may no longer be suitable for the current model and may not be perfect. So do it yourself.
For newcomers, it is inevitable that they are just starting to contact an industry. No matter what we are engaged in, we must develop a good work habit. We may prepare a memorandum to list the things to do in a day, and complete them according to the primary and secondary and time periods Cut out one thing, so that not only will you not be in a hurry, but you can also check for any omissions in your work. And every time you cut a line, you will have a sense of accomplishment, and you will be more motivated at work. Develop a good habit of summarizing and organizing. In the future, if there are more customers, the classification can also be tabular, which is also beneficial to customer maintenance.
Of course, these are just a few things from the work of foreign trade people. There are still many aspects involved in foreign trade work. There are also many working skills. This requires you to slowly accumulate and slowly understand these processes in order to better serve foreign trade customers.

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