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Astragalus and angelica, a pair since ancient times, interpretation of Qigui medicine pair, with a Chinese medicine anti-fatigue recipe

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Angelica sinensis commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine
Astragalus angelica has been used for nearly a thousand years. It is a common pair of qi and blood tonics in traditional Chinese medicine, and its records on compatibility are different. It was first recorded in "Chen Suzheng's Gynecology Supplement and Menstruation Gate" (AD 1127 ~ 1131). The ratio of Astragalus to Angelica was 5 to 6, and the amount of Astragalus was less than that of Angelica.
[Astragalus membranaceus]: First published in "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" and listed as top grade, the book records: "Astragalus membranaceus is sweet, lukewarm. A Dai Dai. Health Valley". "Ben Jing Feng Yuan": "Astragalus is sweet and warm, with thin air and thick taste, rising and falling, and yin, zhong and yang also. It can make up the five internal organs and deficiencies, starting with the hands and feet, the yin, and the hands and yang and the shao. , To the lungs, without sweating, but with sweating. When you enter the lungs, you are guilty of spontaneous perspiration. When you enter the spleen, you have ulcers.
[Angelica sinensis]: Also first published in "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" and listed as a Chinese product, the book states: "Sweetness, warmth. The main cough reverses the qi, warms malaria, cold and heat, is washed in the skin, and the woman leaks Peerless, all evil wounds, gold wounds. Boil and drink. A dry return. Shengchuan Valley. " "Ben Jing Feng Yuan" states: "Angelica sinensis has a thick scent, which can rise or fall. It starts with Shaoyin, Foot-Yin Jue Yin blood, and it is necessary to use blood for all diseases and diseases."
Astragalus membranaceus
During the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Li Dongyuan, one of the four members of the traditional Chinese medicine Jin Yuan, created the "Danggui Buxue Decoction", which is famous in the world. The 5 to 1 Qigui ratio is still in use today, and it reflects the traditional Chinese medicine treatment philosophy of "intangible Qi, supplementing tangible blood". The Angelica Buxue Decoction formed by the two medicines, as a blood replenishing prescription, has re-used Qi for replenishing Qi, which has been the focus of controversy among clinical practitioners in the traditional Chinese medicine industry.
Astragalus is reused in the prescription, its dosage is five times that of angelica, which has two meanings:
One is that the prescription is deficient in yin and blood, so that yang qi floats and disperses. At this time, I may not be able to nourish the yin and nourish the blood, and the yang qi will die out.
The second is that the tangible blood is born from the intangible qi. Therefore, astragalus is used to supplement the spleen and lung qi, so as to capitalize the source, so that qi and blood are born.
Coupled with a small amount of Angelica nourishing blood and camp, the floating sun is condensed, the Yang is yin and long, the qi is strong, the blood is healthy, and the deficiency and heat retreats.
Indications: blood deficiency and yang floating fever syndrome, women's menstrual period, postpartum blood deficiency, fever, headache, sore does not heal after a long time.
Astragalus is sweet, slightly lukewarm, yellowish into the spleen, heart white into the lungs, starting with the foot yin meridian, supplementing qi and yang, strengthening the body, strengthening water, swelling, and supporting ulcers.
Attached to the traditional Chinese medicine Qigui Health Preservation Recipe: Bu Yi Tang-light conditioning, anti-fatigue
Chinese medicine health prescription
Tonic Soup (Complete Collection of Experiences)
When you are tired, taking this dose will not cause internal injuries. The medicine is easy and effective.
[Composition]: Astragalus (Honey Fry) two dollars, Ginseng one dollar, Angelica one dollar, Atractylodes (soil fried) one dollar, Chenpi one dollar, Zhigancao quarter, ginger one, jujube two. Decoction.
[Fang Jie]: Fangzhong Ginseng, Atractylodes, Astragalus Buzhong Yiqi. Angelica sinensis promotes blood and blood, and qi and blood alternates to help Qi and Qi. Chenpi and Atractylodes are used for qi and spleen. Licorice Yiqi Buzhong, reconcile various medicines. Ginger and jujube are cited as a way to increase energy and vitality.
For the treatment of spleen and stomach deficient qi and blood weakness. It can be used for the prevention of internal injury, qi and blood caused by fatigue and spleen injury, and is a typical conditioning sub-healthy prescription.
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