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Three tips chicken feet can create one million sales a year, net profit is more than 500,000

Source of information: Time: 2020-02-21 02:13:06

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There is a "Phoenix King" in the store that can generate one million sales a year due to three tricks. The net profit is more than 500,000. There are 10 each. The price is 49.99 yuan. An average store can sell 50 per day. Multiple servings.
Specific method: 1. Wash the phoenix claws, put them in 5 g of boiling water, add 100 g of maltose and 50 g of white vinegar, and remove the phoenix claws. This is the first trick for cooking claws. Adding maltose and white vinegar to the water is equivalent to putting a layer of water on the claws. 2. Put a large amount of salad oil in the pot, put it into the chicken feet when it is hot to 60%, and fry it until the chicken feet become golden brown. Remove the oil and immediately soak it in ice water for at least 1 hour. Here we especially remind you
The second trick: the purpose of soaking in ice water is twofold. One is the rapid alternation of cold and heat, which can make the claws of the chicken feet wrinkle. 3. Put 100g of salad oil in the pot. When it is hot to 50%, add 100g each of onion segments, ginger slices, peeled garlic and carrot pieces, 50g of parsley root and stir-fry. , Cook 100 grams of cooking wine, pour 100 grams of seafood sauce, 200 grams of purple golden pepper sauce, 100 grams of raw soy sauce, 150 grams of rock sugar, 15 grams of salt, 50 grams each of milk, dried red pepper, fragrant leaves and water (just It is advisable not to have phoenix claws), the fire is boiled, the pot is poured into a pressure cooker, the lid is heated to the upper air, and the low fire is pressed for 15 minutes. The third trick for cooking is not to let the air out after turning off the heat, and let the claws continue to soak in the original juice for about 2 hours, just remove them. There is a special reminder here: the original soup of pressing the claws must not be discarded, it can be used repeatedly after filtering, and the cooked claws are more delicious.
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