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Bai Li: We have n’t gone to bed yet

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Beginning at noon, the news of Bai Baihe's derailment was blasted.
Zhuo Wei burst out a video of Bai Li's derailed little meat. The video showed that the man wearing a blue-green swimming trunks and Bai Li played at the pool. Bai Li took multiple photos of the man. The whole process was very patient. .
The derailment of stars is now normal. Everyone regrets it from the initial frustration to the present day. It is reasonable that this thing should not have such a big reaction, but why does one stone cause a thousand waves?
Because, she is Bai Baihe, a pure and naughty incarnation representative.
It also made people speechless. Just at the movie conference the day before the video broke, Bai Baihe was also asked whether he intended to put a nine-year-old son Yuanbao on a reality show. She responded:
"Maybe not."
"Because our teacher Chen is an artist and is relatively quiet, I like to stay in the studio."
The day after her blatant show of affection and family harmony, she was derailed.
This is really too ridiculous. Bai Baihe became a wild lily.
Many people in the group are discussing the next move of Bai Li's public relations team, and they may immediately release the news that "This boy is a Gay", and may come up with something else to conceal.
But no matter how she washed it, she was derailed.
A good friend told me such a thing, she found that her boyfriend seemed to have a dog outside, but there was not enough evidence to be solid, she asked me what to do.
I said don't do wrong to others. You have to have actual evidence. In ancient times, you had to stay in bed when you talked about trapping. You can't throw dirty water and buckle your hat on the basis of several interactions in the circle of friends.
After a while, she told me that she bumped into his boyfriend and strolled the perfume shop with other girls in the store. She asked me if this could directly explain his derailment?
At that time, I was in a very complicated mood. I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't know what to say. I took the attitude of breaking down ten temples rather than destroying a marriage. I said something very stupid:
"The two didn't go to bed again. They didn't figure out the track. At most they were playing. Don't think about it."
After saying this, my friend cried over the phone, crying and shouting at me:
"Did I have to bump into them over the bed and see the rain, watching my boyfriend lying on another girl and flirting, picking up the condom they used, so that would be considered stolen and won? Is it because I am not wronged?"
Listening to her crying hysterically over there, I suddenly felt that I was stupid and I knew a fart.
If you do n’t love it, you are derailed.
There are many reasons for derailment: some people are lonely, some people desire things, some people want material, and others, for freshness, and of course the most shameless ones, claiming to have found true love.
I don't know who invented it first. Derailment is also divided into physical and psychological. There are thoughts and no action.
If you divide it like this, will you have to divide it more delicately in the future:
Derailed with left hand, derailed with right leg;
One tenth of derailment of thought, physical derailment is limited to the upper body;
I only moved twice, and suddenly I felt that I was not interested anymore.
When the emotion is quantified to this point, is there still a little bit of meaning?
Derailment is derailment and does not require quantification!
There is no so-called spiritual derailment, the physical body is derailed, there is no impulsive derailment and deliberate derailment. Once derailed, it is derailed.
For derailment, there are only 0 and 10,000 times. There is no sporadic occurrence of whim.
I used to have a boyfriend, and we have always been very good. The reason for the broken relationship is that I found that he chatted very well with a girl in the game. The relationship was very close and very good.
I said you betrayed me.
He confronted me rudely: "I haven't slept with her again. What kind of betrayal? After saying good night for a few days, even calling a few baby is derailment?"
"Game is game, life is life, and I married her in the game. Isn't it just tea and water beside you every day to hug you to sleep?"
You see, boys and girls really have different definitions of derailment.
Girls are boundaries that are separated by thoughts. They feel that they are not the only ones loved. This is considered derailment. And boys are margins that are divided by the flesh. I have never been to her and I have not taken off her clothes. We are not both. There is adultery.
But ask yourself, you day and night baby, your wife shouted, you never thought in your heart once when you met the firewood?
All derailment is a long-planned emotional crime, and the only place to derail is on the bed and on the way to bed.
Some people say that not going to bed is not derailed.
Really, I thought the same a long time ago, but I really did n’t understand until I had experienced it, my feelings were gone, and I was n’t the only one, no matter whether he took off his pants or took off his bra, it was the same.
There is a saying in China since ancient times, "If you are not afraid of a thief stealing, you are afraid of a thief." This sentence can be changed to "don't be afraid to see the clouds and rain on their bed, just to be aware of the clues that the other party has changed."
The real harm caused by derailment is the disintegration of trust between people.
I gave you a heart full of sincerity that belongs to me, but you can just throw it away beside the trash can on the side of the road without asking about it. Can't find it again.
When I fall in love with everyone, I will think of the harm you caused me and the shadow you left me.
Once I was bitten by a snake for ten years, I was afraid of the rope, and I was so afraid of repeating the same mistakes you and I made on this person. I was too afraid of the sensuality when I saw him begging in front of others.
With the exposure of Bai Baihe's suspected derailed objects, this farce seems to be gradually climaxing.
Everyone secretly speculated on Chen Yufan's next reaction. Some people said that for derailment, it should be as generous as Ma Yizhen's forgiveness article. Some people said that they should let the sister-in-law match the dog forever.
But in fact, for derailment, forgiveness is not the point. The point is whether you can still maintain close trust with each other.
It's like dropping a hundred dollars in a public toilet, and the brand-new renminbi is stained with other people's faeces. You pick up yourself and you feel sick.
At the end of Gone with the Wind, Bared has a famous quote:
"Scarlett, I've never been that kind of person. I can't pick up a piece of patience patiently, put them together, and say to myself that this repaired thing is exactly the same as the new one.
When something is broken, it is broken. I would rather remember what it looked like at its best than fix it, and then look at the broken places all my life. "
Wang Baoqiang said in the film "Detective in Chinatown":
"In this world, it's harder to look down on you than everyone else is to make everyone sympathize with you."
If you don't love it, please break up with me. Don't give me a heavy blow when I think we're still intimate. I can't fight it.
Don't let people from all over the world laugh at my naivety, pity my affection, lament my misfortune, and caress my wounds hypocritically.
Don't take my goodness to you, those who ride donkeys and look for horses will be coquettish to others. (Text / beauty in the north)
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