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The list of all-round talents in ancient China

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

There are many all-rounders in ancient Chinese history, but not many have been ranked.
Give a general definition to the selection criteria of "all-round talent"-"inner" as a self-cultivation, learn five rich cars; "outside" as the country's Anbang, out of entry ...
1. Jiang Shang
The word Ziya, also known as Lu Wang, also known as Lu Shang, is a famous military strategist, politician, and strategist in Chinese history.
According to legend, he was fishing in Weibin, and King Zhou Wen went out to hunt and met. The two saw him as they were, and King Zhou Wen praised him and said, "I am too long for you."
Suizun is "Tai Gong Wang", commonly known as "Jiang Tai Gong".
In 1066 BC, the king of war took Jiang Shang as the national division and led his troops to defeat the army. He fought in Makino and defeated the army.
Jiang Ziya's knowledge is profound, "The upper astronomy, the lower astronomy, the five elements, the odd number of armors, everything is perfect."
According to legend, there are immortal soldier books "Three Sketches" and "Six Taos", which are a generation of amazing people in Chinese history.
Fan Ye
The famous politicians, thinkers and strategists during the Spring and Autumn Period are known as "Shangzu" and "Shangsheng".
Fan Ye believes that everything in the world is changing, and there must be prosperity and decline in the times. Let nature take its course and stand by in order to win.
Xingyue eliminated Wu and completed the great cause of hegemony. After that, Fan Ye knew that Gou Jian was a man who could share the sufferings and be difficult to live with. He and Xi Shi sailed the country together, and he managed to manage the property. He became a wealthy man, and he was named Tao Zhugong. Called "the God of Culture and Wealth".
3.Ban Chao
East Han famous generals, outstanding military strategists, politicians, and diplomats, Ban Chao has little ambition, argues eloquently, can weigh the weight and examine the affairs. Often wishing to emulate Zhang Jian's merits in foreign countries, he "throws his pen from Rong".
Ban Chao has been stationed in the Western Region for 32 years, calmed the rebellion of Shache and other countries, repelled the attack of 70,000 people in the Otsuki Dynasty, protected the security of countries in the southern region of the Western Region, and the smoothness of the "Silk Road". All 50 countries in the Western Region belonged to From then on, the Western Regions settled down, and the Huns did not dare to go south.
Vertical and horizontal, united the Western Region and the Mainland, and made great achievements for the foundation of the Han people.
4, Cao Cao
Famous military strategist, politician, writer and poet during the Three Kingdoms period. Conquer Wuheng and unify the North.
Cao Cao is not only an outstanding military and political leader, but also a generous poet and troubled philosopher. He has written books such as "A Brief Explanation of Sun Tzu" and "The Book of Bing Shu"; good poems, "Artifacts in Artemisia," and "Viewing the Sea", expressing his political aspirations, full of vigor and generosity.
5.Zhu Geliang
The famous military strategist, strategist, politician, diplomat, thinker, and inventor during the Three Kingdoms period were known as "Wolong." The proposed "Longzhong Pair", "Knows the world three points without leaving the house."
With the Soochow Alliance, improve relations between ethnic groups in the southwest, implement Tuntian, and strengthen combat readiness.
Zhuge Liang has a profound knowledge, as well as astronomy and geography. With more strategies and good ingenuity, he has reformed the "crossbow", created "wood cows" and "rogue horses", deduced military methods, and made "eight formation maps."
6, Zhou Yu
Wu was a famous general during the Three Kingdoms period, an outstanding military strategist and strategist. "In 208 AD, Governor Zhou Yu set fire to Chibi," In the laughter, the ashes blew up and the smoke died ", which laid the foundation of the world in three minutes and became famous in China.
Zhou Yu's literary excellence, generosity, generosity; literary and martial arts, elegant and exquisite, good at music
7. Li Shimin
In the name of "Easy People". He is a great military man, politician, and calligrapher, and is known as the "Eternal Emperor".
Li Shimin is proficient in warfare. He treated the generals and minority generals wholeheartedly and was honored as "Tian Khan" by Yi Diman.
During his reign, he was able to choose wise men and talents, and had outstanding achievements in martial arts and martial arts.
8.Fan Zhongyan
Well-known military strategist, politician, and also-an outstanding writer, reform thinker and educator.
Advocate the establishment of a strict official system, pay attention to agriculture and mulberry, promote the legal system, reduce militia. Song Renzong accepted his suggestions and implemented them one after another. The history calls it "Qing Li New Deal"
Fan Zhongyan works in poetry and prose. He is honest and honest, and considerate to the people.
He advocated the "worries and concerns of the people in the world first, and the joys and joys of the people in the world" and the moral integrity of the benevolent people, which are the brilliant spiritual wealth in the history of Chinese civilization. Fan Zhongyan was also hailed by Zhu Xi as the first-class person in the world.
9.Wang Yangming
The world is called Mr. Yang Ming, a famous military strategist, philosopher, thinker, writer and educator of the Ming Dynasty. He is the master of mind-learning in the Ming Dynasty, the master of ancient Chinese subjective idealism
The rebellion of King Ning, Wang Yangming quelled the rebellion of King Ning, it took only 35 days before and after.
10.Zeng Guofan
Famous ZTE minister, famous military strategist, politician, philosopher, and writer in Qing Dynasty, founder of "Xiangxiang School" in late Qing essay.
Zeng Guofan pursues "Li Yan, Gong, Li De."
Li Yan, his writings, family books, diaries, widely circulated;
Gong Gong, he established the Xiang Army and saved the Qing Empire;
Lead, he leads by example.
In addition to the titles of "Yipinhou", there are also titles such as "Zhongxing First Minister", "Leader of Westernization Movement", "Holy Sage", and "Father of Modern History".
China has 5,000 civilizations and many talents. However, there are few people who specialize in incomplete, and few internal and external practitioners.
We sincerely admire these talented people.

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