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The nine "laws" of today's society

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Society is made up of people, and people are simple.
Society is relatively simple, people are complicated, and society is bound to be more complicated.
People today are more simple than ever before. It is also smarter than ever before. Therefore, our society is naturally more complicated than any dynasty in the past. It is like a sea of oceans.
Yefu knows only that he is sparse and can't study any social problems. However, the ghosts are terrible. Recently, he has been thinking about some social phenomena with his own brain.
After all, it is not expected to study the problem. The social phenomena that I think and think about are scattered but not integrated. If we put them together, it can be said that "the donkey's lips are wrong."
Some of the rudimentary ideas obtained are also "Xintianyou" and "Pediatrics".
but. Now that you have thought and have your own opinions, you may wish to make it public to learn from other experts if you are immature.
Here are the 9 "laws" and corresponding notes of today's society that I have "discovered":
First, people who have nothing to do often have trouble, and people who often have trouble often have nothing to do with it.
The former is fine, and it's not absolutely fine.
Most mortals, as long as they have the conditions to do so, they can do nothing.
So doing nothing is doing nothing but doing it yourself.
The latter is fine. It is absolutely fine.
Often, those who provoke wrongdoing are dependent on others. Only with fear and fear can they easily commit wrongdoing, and when they are born, they are always "covered", so they are always fine.
2. A happy person is not necessarily ignorant, and an ignorant person must be happy.
Happiness is a perception, not an enjoyment.
The richer the knowledge, the harder it is to feel happy, and the simpler the mind, the easier it is to be satisfied.
This is basically true. But basically it's just basic, it can't be equated with everything.
A knowledgeable person puts down everything once he sees everything.
You will be satisfied with everything and be happy.
An ignorant person is, of course, simple-minded, even simple enough to know what pain is.
Therefore, at any time, he will not feel unhappy.
Third, the scenery is hard for everyone, and the scenery is hard for everyone.
Mostly take advantage of the scenery in front of people.
No matter when and where, once you play, you think hard to attract all eyeballs and spotlights in various ways. There must be pains that are difficult to say, can't say, or can't be explained. The smile reluctantly soaked into the bitter water.
People who have a lot of good intentions behind them spend the time of others "washing their heads," "washing their feet," and singing karaoke to learn knowledge and enhance their skills. Very lasting scenery.
4. People who are willing and know how to do things well often have no conditions to turn their ideas into reality, and people who have the conditions to turn their ideas into reality are often unwilling or do not know how to do things well.
The people who make insightful criticisms and suggestions on many things are often "outsiders". They have a lot of disadvantages, very inappropriate ideas and methods that can be seen at a glance. I ’m used to it and very dissatisfied, so he “accuses him”, and it ’s continuous and inexhaustible.
People who have the conditions and responsibility to do things often mess things up. Many people make mistakes that are very "low-level" and even kindergarten children can avoid them.
Fifth, there is no sense of justice for those who cannot do anything, and there are many things for people who are full of justice.
There are rules in doing things, which is the so-called "no rules can't make a square".
Do things now, except for clear rules. There are also hidden rules. The clear way is important, and the secret way is also important. Even the secret way is more important than the clear way.
To do everything, you must have the ability to pass through the underpass, and those who can pass through the underpass must not be wise.
It is undoubtedly a lack of justice. People with a sense of justice will only follow the Ming Tao and only the Ming Tao.
It is bound to be constrained by the hidden rules. Many things are bound to fail.
6. People who praise others for no reason often ask others for praise, and those who don't ask others for praise never praise others for no reason.
Praising others for no reason is something that normal people don't despise. Only people who are not good enough and want to be praised by others will use this exchange method to get praise from others.
To praise others is to praise yourself, as long as you are willing, as long as you can do it.
After praising others for no reason, "commendation and self-commendation" will definitely be organically combined. Those who never praise someone for no reason, can be sure. He is definitely not a beggar on reputation.
7. Become a movie star. There are often unbearable experiences, and people who are creating unfortunate experiences. I want to be a movie star.
The art road is rugged, and the road is full of people. You push me.
You fight for me.
To reach the peak of film and television, the spirit of climbing on rugged paths is not enough. It must also have various natural conditions that are suitable for market competition and essential and well-known social conditions. It is necessary to prepare for these conditions Many sacrifices are more difficult than walking the Shu Road.
So, after becoming a star, how can we look back on the past? After all, the star has unlimited scenery, and how many and how many sacrifices will be made by others.
8. There will be no inexplicable people in the "fans" group. There will be no "fans" in the inexplicable crowd.
When did the Star Chaser originate? It hasn't been verified yet, but the population of this group has increased greatly, it can be sure that it has happened in the past one or two decades.
This family has a set characteristic. That is a constant and unreasonable connection with the inexplicable person.
The star chasers are not necessarily all inexplicable people, but there must be no lack of them. The inexplicable people are not necessarily all to chase the stars, but the people who go to the stars will definitely not lack this " Tribe "people.
To find the star chaser, please go to the Mo Ming Qi Miao group; to find the Mo Ming Qi wonderful person, please go to the Star Chaser group.
Nine, people who lack nothing in material, lack happiness, people full of happiness, lack material.
What is happiness?
Happiness is when you are hungry and have food, your body is cold and you are wearing clothes, and life is full of hope and joy.
After resolute efforts, basic life can be guaranteed, and at the same time, there are beautiful ideals to pursue.
To fight, this is an essential element of happiness.
People in this state, although they still lack a lot of material, feel happy.
People who have nothing in material terms often don't have any new pursuits. Without them, boredom will naturally breed, and happiness will also be lost.
"The best scenery is where we haven't been."
At the same time, it is easy to abandon property and talk about it, but it is even more difficult to really do it.
If you have the money, you are not willing to spend it with those who need it most. If you do n’t take it, you will be condemned by conscience and public opinion.
"It is a shame to die with a lot of wealth"-and thus in pain.
Since suffering, there is no sense of happiness at all.
(Life perception)

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