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If there is a fate, we will meet again

Information source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:12:52

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Silent night, alone guarding the West Tower with strings, chanting a long acacia, dancing a long memory. I remember when I had been with you in the mountains and flowers, and with you in love, it was so sweet and so engrossing, but now, I am left alone combing the past in the red dust.
The lingering past, like a dream of tender love, slowly precipitated a thin thought. The past of you and me is clearly in front of you, the beautiful story is engraved in the valley of my heart and painted in the world I love. This is the resonance between the piano and the serpent, and the ensemble of pi and pai. Flick in the dream of Acacia, expressing the heart-felt words in the heart.
The Buddha said: All encounters in the world are the old dream fronts on the Sansheng Stone.
All reunions are the good fruits planted by compassion in previous lives.
Thinking back to your fate, it is still sweet and mellow. Although the moonlight was splashing a little bit cold, I still wanted to make a glass cup with my heart. I poured a pot of water like moonlight to wake up the past and let the breeze blow, and the feeling of loneliness sprang up. Just because of that gloomy glance, accidentally knocked over the faint heart.
The moonlight was like frost, and a thousand miles away, the wind lifted the curtain and awakened from sleeplessness. Su Bi v. Hong Yan and Hua Fa Sheng Xiao Mu. Missing is still shuttle in dream, stranded in love.
Guarding you is my life's follower, and being with you is my nightmare. That dream was like my delicate flowers, spilling the fragrance of beauty in every corner of the dream, letting me sleep in the nightmare until dawn.
If there is a fate, we will meet again. I want to meet you in the rain alley in the south of the river. The way I walked in the deep alley is still so beautiful and still lays the foreshadowing of love for you. The hazy rain silk describes love again. Legend, holding you and my acacia dream, that is a perfect picture of love, so wonderful and beautiful, beautiful.
If there is a fate, we will meet again and want to meet you in the "Caoqiao". I am still the little nine sister who loves you without regrets. Let us transform into a "beauty wish", the appearance of a butterfly dance, blooming in spring. At that time, I was nostalgic in the hundreds of flowers, in pairs and pairs, looking at each other, never leaving, writing beautiful eternal myths for love.
At that time, an inadvertent look back was doomed to my life's lingering and stood as my long wait. Do you know that my beautiful love story is engraved with your beautiful love story. The other side of the flowers blooms in the river, the flowers fall, and the leaves follow.
One flower, one world, one leaf, one bodhi, infatuated flowers, and one's guardian, although the sparse dreams seem to inhabit the grass and fall into dew, they still linger in the shallow dreams of the moonlight In the fairyland of the world, the flowing water flows, dripping red dust, and feeling the heart and lungs.
How many times to go back and forth without fail. How many vicissitudes of life, vows of love that never die. As if there is a faint pain buried in my heart, tearing and pulling my gentle wound, you are close at hand but dare not meet, you are in front of you, but dare not linger.
Looking at your affectionate eyes, letting that sparse shadow pass through my window sill, letting that back steal my heart, letting the acacia leave me alone ...
I don't know, how can I clear the flowing water between my brows? The locked sadness and sadness. I don't understand how to get into your heart! Countless times, I want to run away and want to betrayal, but you have been wandering in my dreams.
I don't know how many more lonely nights I still need to light the lights in the distance, and tell the lingering thoughts to the lonely breeze; to the vast moon and stars, to the quiet fire ...
I don't know, when you see my mind buried deep in the water, will your frozen heart fields make ripples? I don't understand how much long waiting still needs to be measured by my lonely time.
The sea knows fish, so it's not lonely; the earth knows everything, so it's not ridiculous; the stars know the night sky, so it blinks; if I understand you, I won't be alone.
Looking back at the lower eyebrows, the thin ink words of the mind are scattered lightly in the poems, but they fall very heavy between the eyebrows; A thousand tears, the tears of Acacia, bitterly sliding across the corners of the mouth, but sweet in the heart.
If there is a fate, we will meet again. If you cherish, you know, please remember the warmth of the past, remember the smile of my smile, remember the back of my poetry and painting, remember that in the dusty years, I recorded our love with a flat rhythm. Dependent past ...

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