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10 small things to improve your quality of life

Source: Time: 2020-01-09 01:15:36

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Author: Huo Hui (Fu book columnist)
There are some small things in life, which seem to be ordinary and ordinary, but they are important. They can make your life happier.
1. Go home, please drop your phone
More and more people feel that mobile phones are like opium. How many people are okay, they can't help but take a look at them, brush their circle of friends, and watch the news ...
Whether on the bus, in the subway, at the airport, at the station ...
Seeing all are playing with mobile phones.
Looking at irrelevant information, browsing a large number of web pages, the information obtained from these fragmented readings is not nutritional, and it hurts the eyes, the neck, and the body.
I wonder if you feel that way. The time spent watching the phone is so fast that one hour or two passed.
These will greatly waste your time and energy.
So go home and put down your phone.
Put down your phone and enjoy the beauty around you;
Turn off the screen and give your loved ones a smile;
Leaving Weibo and saying to the other half of my life that I love you;
Stop swiping the screen and chat with your parents for a day.
The heart needs communication, and love needs expression.
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2. Eating with family
Don't think that work is busy, and more entertainment is a sign of success.
Those who are really successful are not those who are busy socializing, but those who can go home to eat.
Eating with your family is a trivial matter, but it is very important.
Jeon Hye-sung, the first Korean mother who has trained six Harvard and Yale doctors, said that one of the secrets of perfect communication is that the family must have breakfast together every morning, no matter what the situation is, no matter how busy the family is Have breakfast together.
Not only because breakfast is important for health, it is also a good time to communicate with the family, so that the whole family has a good mood to start a day of work or study.
I think having dinner together is more important.
After a hard day, the whole family was sitting at the dinner table. It was the best and most relaxing time of the day.
The father ended a busy day, the child ended an intense study, and the mother ended a day of toil. The next step was to enjoy a delicious dinner while talking and communicating.
Warm lights, a delicious dinner, a kind smile, and a gentle voice all add a lot of warmth to the dinner.
Everyone opened their hearts and talked about what they saw, work, study, life ...
Happy, sad, confused, depressed ...
All can be poured out without any pressure.
The whole family shares happiness and troubles together.
Even if you have troubles, it's fine. Relaxing and happy communication at the table is the best way to relieve stress.
Therefore, cherish every meal with your family, no matter how busy you are, try to take time to go home for dinner.
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3. Traveling with your lover
Travel once a year with your closest lover.
Traveling with your lover, exploring the world with your own heart, you can exercise your mind, transcend yourself, and enjoy it all with your whole heart. You will find different selves and your lover, and work together to make love more mature.
Traveling with your lover is an unforgettable memory in this life, it makes love stronger.
Because the people you trust most are around, you can take more risks, try new things in travel, and challenge the unknown.
If these unknown difficulties can be overcome together, what else cannot be overcome in the relationship?
No matter how busy you are, take a moment to take a distant or near trip with your lover.
Holding hands, getting old with sons, starts with travel.
Don't live up to the good times and TA who worked hand in hand over the years, both wind and rain.
Live up to time and live up to Qing, feel every where you go, do not need extravagant trips, walking happily beside each other is the happiest thing.
Life needs something new, so does love.
In fact, the biggest benefit of travel is not how many roads you have traveled, how many people you have seen, and how many beautiful scenery you have seen, but that you are holding hands, walking and recognizing yourself, TA, and love in a new encounter.
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4. Accompanying children is the longest love confession
I have a friend, my child is in middle school, and he goes to school every night to pick up the child for self-study next night.
Asked if he was tired, he said: It is a happy thing to spend time with children, how can it be tired?
I just feel that the way home every day is too short.
When the child goes to college, there is no chance to accompany him.
As Long Yingtai said, parents have expiration dates.
When children are young, parents are omnipotent to them and can be totally relied upon.
This is the golden age for parents to educate their children.
As soon as the child reaches adolescence, the parent's expiration date will soon be reached.
What should be said, what should be taught, what should be done, should have been done long ago.
No matter how hard the parents after the expiration date are, they are more effective than they were ten years ago.
Therefore, we must seize the golden age, because time really passes quickly.
Don't regret it in the future.
When the child is young, stay with him.
Tell him stories, accompany him to watch cartoons, listen to him talk, play with him, so that children have a happy childhood, good memories of a lifetime.
Because when he grows up, he will have to face a lot of homework, a lot of pressure, a wonderful world outside, and he will have his own circle of friends, and spend less and less time with you, until one day, Kitty has to spread his wings Fly away from home.
So, stay with your children now.
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5. Call your parents
Zhang Ailing said:
Some people have a lot of opportunities to meet, but always make excuses to shirk, and when they want to see, they have no chance.
Some words have a lot of opportunities to say, but I want to say later, when I have to say, I have no chance.
Some things have a lot of opportunities to do, but they are postponed day by day. When I want to do it, I find that there is no chance.
Some love gives you a lot of opportunities, but you don't care if you don't care. When you want to pay attention, you have no chance to love.
This is our relationship with our parents.
Poor parents in the world, they are the ones who love you the most, care about you, and want the least.
How long have you not called your parents?
Don't get busy with your work and life every day and leave them alone.
Put down the things at hand and call your parents. They are the easiest to satisfy.
Ordinary little things are exactly what parents need most, and you usually don't care.
Being filial is as simple as that.
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6. Next time in the kitchen, prepare a meal
Life requires an attitude, and so is cooking. Treating it as a treat will make you happier.
Enjoy every minute of cooking, set aside a quiet little world for yourself, think and create, each dish is a work, a little sense of accomplishment is filled with the pain of the tedious life, using ingredients to draw a true self And a different temperament.
Generally, women cook at home.
The woman in the kitchen is the perfect woman.
Like Huang Rong, it is because the dishes are well prepared, how many people grab the stomach, and how much cheap they get.
It is the sacred duty of every housewife to carefully prepare every meal and let the family eat happily and healthily.
Men rarely cook, so occasionally next time in the kitchen, preparing a hearty meal will surprise and impress the family.
The delicious meals make your family's appetite open. This satisfaction in your heart is full of happiness.
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7. Clean up the room and leave
I like the sentence "The house is rented, but life is not."
The clean and tidy rooms provide nourishment for the body and mind as well as care and consideration for the family.
Clean up the clean, neat and refreshing room with clear windows, the heart will be suddenly bright, and also very fulfilling.
Packing up the mess in the house, and also sorting out the mess in the heart, can make life happy.
This is to break away and organize your heart by organizing the room.
Get rid of things you don't need, inappropriate and uncomfortable now, and then leave what you need now, suitable for yourself. Not only the room becomes clean and tidy, but the whole person feels much lighter.
To clean up is not to clean up the past, but to create a space for the future.
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8. Keep some flowers and plants
Flowers and grass can cultivate sentiment and help physical and mental health.
Watching the flowers and grass grow up, bloom, and bear fruit under their own labor, and enjoy the flowers in spring, smell the fragrance in summer, the fruits in autumn, and winter green, which have added countless joys to our lives.
Every creature is spiritual.
Little flowers and grass grow healthy under careful care.
They grow, develop, mature, and age according to the laws of nature. From the growth of plants, we can feel the breath of nature and the rhythm of life.
Feed some flowers.
Flowers are not easy to grow. Just plant some grass. If the grass is not good, just raise good meat. No matter how bad it is, you can plant garlic and soybeans around you!
Raise your hands, give yourself a happy mood, and make your life full of small luck.
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9. Alone, leave a little space for life
In the busy work, in the complicated family chores, in the spare time with the children, he stole a few days of leisure, stopped and breathed, and was alone for a while.
Stay away from mobile phones, computers, TVs, all electronic products, away from all learning and work, just sit quietly.
There was only a piece of paper, a pen, a book, and a cup of tea on the table.
No one is disturbing.
Read a book quietly, any book or magazine is fine. You don't need to learn anything, you just enjoy the process of reading quietly.
Pick up a pen and write on the paper, you can practice writing, copy text, you can also write your own mood story, you can also paint and draw, free doodle. Relax and let your heart go.
Have a sip of fragrant tea and have a good dream.
A person, a piece of paper, a pen, a book, a cup of tea, without the hustle and bustle of the world, enjoy the most beautiful time.
10, make a summary of life
At the end of the year and at the end of the year, sum up the past and look to the future. Not only do you have to sum up your work, you also have to sum up your life, so that it becomes a normal, an essential process.
Although life is constantly changing, what remains unchanged is our vision of future life, expectations of life, and pursuit of happiness.
Take a look at our lives and you will find out what state of your life has been in the past year and how far away you are from the life you yearn for.
Reflect on the past, discover the shortcomings, and embrace the new challenges with gratitude. In the new year, your life must be better every day.
Have a good day, put down your phone, accompany your family, go home for dinner, call your parents, and prepare a hearty dinner ...
All of this is worth the experience.
A bland life has the best taste, try to do these important little things, it will make your life happier and better.
About the author: Huo Hui, Franklin Book Club columnist, the name is easy to remember, the reverse is Hui Huo, a child who loves family and life. 简 书 @ 辉 霍