皇冠hg4888.com Xiao Shengchu: 37 people in 45 classes went to prestigious schools, just because they had "stuck" this math secret early

Xiao Shengchu: 37 people in 45 classes went to prestigious schools, just because they had "stuck" this math secret early

Source: Time: 2020-01-08 20:11:28

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Primary school mathematics is crucial in each of our lives, because everyone plays the consumer, and these are calculations.
So big and small in life are inseparable from calculation, its importance is self-evident. I was just exposed to simple arithmetic in elementary school. Many children may not be able to fully digest it. This is a common problem of many children I have seen. This is also normal. There is no digested knowledge point in school. Do n’t owe a debt. Parents need to be a little more attentive when doing homework.
Then, in the process of counselling, some parents are in trouble. It seems that they ca n’t teach their children how to teach them. Seemingly simple knowledge. Whoever does n’t understand a child is totally rejected by the child. In fact, parents have not noticed that the reason why children say this is that they have not memorized the rules and concepts and are unwilling to remember them. The difficulty is here. In view of the situation of the children, I try to summarize some rules and concepts into a smooth mouth, so that the fun is increased, catchy, easy to remember.
In this way, I printed some of them to the children in the class. Who knows that the effect is still obvious, the basic knowledge has improved a lot, and many good children can still get full marks. When they are young, they are also in the class. More than half of the children attended key prestigious schools. So, today, in order to help more parents, I will share this information here. I hope parents must collect it for their children and show it to the children. In addition, if you need other subject information or learning methods, you can Find me on WeChat!
Dear parents, I focus on the learning, growth and companionship of children in elementary and junior high schools, sharing educational ideas, learning skills, parenting methods, and today's content is shared here. I will share some learning methods,
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