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[Tianju] Mythical allusions win Tiantianzi

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Mythical allusions win
Sky Bureau
There is a chess idiot in Xizhuang, and everyone calls him chaotic. He is vague about everything, but only masters Go. He walked staggered and slanted. It is said that he walked on the chessboard, every step was a trick. Chess is naturally refined, but no wife-it is forty years old. But his real pain was that he couldn't find his opponent, and his heart was often shrouded in loneliness. He had to play chess with himself.
There is a small village of Guantun in Nanshili, where an elementary school teacher lives and moves back to Beijing from Beijing. Legend has it that he is a Go player and has a very high rank. He made no mistakes in this ravine. He chased the master chaotically and often walked thirty miles to Guantun Yiqi.
The chaotic five big and three are rough, the face is dark, and the chess style is very brave. He makes good use of a trick of "zhenzhen head" and fights extremely fiercely. The teacher played chess with him for the first time, and when he reached the middle of the game, he looked up in surprise: "Your killing power is really rare!" Nodded chaoticly and modestly. But the teacher's endeavor was very good, and he slowly picked up the air. The two regretted it, the hero knew the hero and became the best friend. The teacher often told him something about chess. When it comes to the rise of Go in modern Japan, which is far superior to China, chaos shows recklessness: "Damn, kill Japan!"
Chaos is indeed a geek. As a child, an old sister-in-law taught him to go. Three years of natural disaster, Mr. Hunger died. Chaos spontaneously grows up, runs wild mountains, drinks muddy water, and becomes an iron man. That chess was also a natural fit, giving birth to a huge brute force, which often stirred up the wind and the waves on the chessboard, causing the opponent to stun. No matter how strong the fortress is, he will attack it hard and will destroy it. It seemed as if he reached out a pair of thick black hands and pushed Taishan to walk on the chessboard. Teachers from Guantun often lamented: "Where does this power come from? If the national team ..." It seemed as if I remembered something, and the second half of the sentence stopped.
On the thirtieth of the twelfth lunar month, a pig was chaotically obtained. He circled around the pig's head, and whispered in his mouth, "Can you pass the year? Can you eat a pig's head? Who is down!" He picked up the pig's head and decided to go to Guantun.
It was dusk and heavy snow. As soon as Chaos went out, his black cotton pants turned white. The north wind whistled, as if countless people discouraged him: "Chaos, don't go! This heavy snow-"
"Oh no!"
Thousands of people couldn't hold him back, and he persevered into the wilderness. Snow clusters rolled like thick smoke. The mountains swayed like a drunk and couldn't keep quiet. The wind and rain grip forced a chaotic gyro-like rotation, and could not open his eyes, whistling with ears. There was a rumble in the sky, and the gods drove in Mercedes. The glaciers were covered long ago and disappeared into the reckless snowfield. The heavens and the earth turn into one, infinitely vast, but infinitely crowded. Danger is lurking everywhere.
Chaos walked into the mountains and gradually lost his way. It was dark, and he went deep and shallow and stumbled in the snow. The pig's head froze stiff and arched his back. He thought, "It's going to be bad!"
For a while, he woke up in chaos. The wind and snow have stopped, and a bend of ice hangs in the sky, which makes the world cold. By moonlight, Chaos found himself in a mountain stream, leveling the four sides, like a chessboard. On one side of the flat land is a scalloped cliff, surrounded by black cricket mountains. Chaotically knows this place, the villagers called the Valley of the Wraiths. It is extremely difficult to get out of this valley, not to mention such a snowy night! Panic was panicked, and he walked away. However, as a demon, he always went back and forth to the chessboard.
It's late. It's colder in the snow. The chaos was frozen into ice cubes, but my heart was still sober: "Damn, you can't freeze to death here!" I looked around and found that the mountains were all black stones, and the blocks were huge like cows. He simply walked away and moved Blackstone back and forth for heating. Originally brute force, the big stone screamed and reached the chest and abdomen. He laid Blackstone piece by piece on the ground. My body was warm, but my head was gradually ignorant, and my eyes blurred as I fell asleep.
He seemed to turn around a few corners, dimly seeing the light. Hurry up a few steps and come to an elegant hut. Chaotic overjoyed: "Saved today!" Recklessly punched the door. Someone in the room responded, "You are here. Please!"
Entering the house chaotically, but seeing a large bed head-on, with mosquito nets hidden, no one was lying on the bed. Chaos is strange: what's wrong? Afraid of mosquito bites in winter? A sick voice came from the mosquito net: "You move the table, and this will play chess with you."
Chaos overjoyed: I have a wind shelter, and I'm still playing chess, good luck tonight. There was some confusion: the man who recognized me heard it, but didn't know who it was. He brought the table to the bed, and he couldn't help looking at the mosquito net. However, the mosquito nets looked like clouds, so that he could not see through.
"Chaos, you don't have to look around, play chess!"
Chaos felt ashamed, grabbed a handful of sunspots, and said, "Teacher master, let me go black first."
The people in the mosquito nets were not humble, waiting for him to play chess in silence. Chaos thought for a long time, put a sunspot in the lower right corner. The mosquito net moved and a white arm stretched out. The sense of chaos brightened! The white arm approached the chess box like a snake, and two fingers picked up a white zigzag into the air, with a crisp sound, the center of the chessboard. Chaotic startle: This is not a regular play! How can one occupy Tianyuan's position first? He stretched his neck to see who was in the mosquito net.
"You don't have to look around, you can't see me."
The voice is soft and groaning like a disease, weaker than a woman; but with a sense of fairy, it seems to come from a high distance, but the words are vaguely clear. The sound was chaotic and deeply mysterious, and sighed that there was an adventure tonight. Chaotic trembling spirit, ready for a war!
The chess line was sixteen, and the slaughter began. White flies to the lower right corner of Black, and the chaos resolutely breaks. He is strong in chess and never let go when there is a battle. White chess and black chess are divided into two pieces, and the four dragons tumbling and tumbling to the left. Chaos is known for its fast chess, and the opponent is like a flying man. Guanzhuang teachers often say that chaotic chess is thick, but the people in the mosquito net are fast and meticulous. The chaotic horror continued unabated, making the brute force even stronger. White cleverly forced him to work, but he cut off a white dragon. Now no one has retreated, and the dragon who does not eat each other will undoubtedly die.
Go, which is only black and white, reflects the essence of survival competition. It's not like chess, it doesn't have any handsomeness, it seems to represent the yin and yang of heaven and earth, and nakedness is a contradiction. Once one's survival is threatened, who will not let go of his life and fight? At this moment, the fire in the lower right corner was getting more and more fierce, and the killing was extremely fierce. Chaotically clinging to a piece of white chess, repressed and suppressed, and chased after him. White turned into a trickle, flowing quietly in the black seam, penetrating into the upper left corner of Black. If this white dragon is not caught, Black will destroy the entire army. A layer of sweat on Qin Chao's forehead shouted, "Come on! Let's fight!" He ran to the battlefield of destiny in the upper left corner.
In the 98th move, White played a great move! The man in the mosquito net used a corner to make a robbery. Even if the chaotic robbery was won, he had to walk three hands in order to eat up white chess. Chaos dumbfounded. Isn't this a trick? It's a ghost! However, Chaos has no room for manoeuvre, so he has to lift White all in one hand. The people in the mosquito nets took advantage of this robber to eat the black right bottom corner and seal a black dragon.
Now it's chaos to escape the chaos. But looking around, the white flowers around it seemed to be covered with snow. Chaos pinched a sunspot, standing like clay. He is so heavy! He won the battle but will lose it again. Only by escaping this dragon can White be unable to recover his loss. But the future is slim, what's the way out?
When it was difficult, a gust of wind blew open the door and crutched an old gentleman. The chaos heard turned back, and saw the private husband who had died for many years. Once dead, how can you show your face in this wild mountain? Too strange! There is not much chaos in the emergency, and he shouted, "Teacher, teacher, help me!"
Mr. Private Sister came to the table, leaning over his goatee and watching chess. The yin is heavy and the lights are dwarfed like beans. The white arm raised his index finger, aimed at the cover lamp a little, and the flame jumped up, brightly. The old man was startled and turned over, looking very embarrassed.
"Hum." The account sneered.
The chaos in my heart was indignant: This game is about to win! A burst of blood rushed to the brain, and the masculinity forced the black hair Huo Huo to stand up.
Mr. Xunzi seemed to know that his opponent was not an ordinary person. When he beckoned, his companion came in outside, and he entered the duo Lu Fanjin and Qi Yuxuan Ang, who were the masters of the Go collection in the Qing Dynasty: Piao Piaoran master Fan Xiping, and his hands covered Tian Shixiangxia. They played ten innings when the lake became a classic of Go; Shi Xiangxia died of vomiting blood at the end of the game due to exhaustion of heart. There is one more. The Ming Dynasty had over 100 years of history. In the Song Dynasty, Liu Zhongfu, the master of Go, staggered into Laoshan's mother. A thousand years ago, they fought at the foot of Laoshan, only thirty-six. Until Yi Qiu entered the house in the Spring and Autumn Period, the heroes in the history of Go came.
Sitting chaotically at the table. He no longer guessed how these people came to earth, but focused on that hand. The hands as white as jade are so aloof and so absolute, a sacred aura surrounds it. It seems to have always been the master of people, ghosts, and gods, and it has always been the master of everything in the world. It is irresistible and insurmountable. Chaos understands that he is fighting an invincible opponent. He wants to win, he must win!
The masters were silent, solemn and solemn. The chaotic acupuncture points were held by one person with one finger, or the wind pool or the sun, or the large push or the life gate. Time is full of aura, and human wisdom is in chaos. He felt that his mind was clear, there were many chess paths in his heart, and he had a kind of power surging tenfold in his body. He picked up the sunspot, dropped it resolutely, then raised his head, his eyes burning, looking at the unknown opponent in the mosquito net.
Central Plains breakout began. Chaos tossed and whirled in the big white look, stabbed or fly, or pointed or jumped. His tricks were by no means the old level, and even he was surprised. However, the number of people in the mosquito nets rose, and the chess skills were better than before. That white chess seemed to be flowing, free and easy, deep in steps, fierce tricks, forcing Black to have no chance to breathe. Black chess, like a beast trapped in a cage, jumped like a thunder, raging and biting, but couldn't bite the encircling circle of white chess. The chaotic eyes stared round, sweating like beans. Black was losing ground on the board.
Suddenly, a spark flashed in the chaotic brain, exerting an eternal muscle. When White was parrying a gap, Black quickly seized the opportunity and forced the white encirclement. Now, the wide virgin land on the right beckons to him. As long as it reaches the right safely, the black dragon can survive. But would White relax? Knock sideways, press hard, and set up obstacles. Black crawled hard to the right. In the pursuit, White intercepted a black dragon's tail. This loss taught Chaotic heart pain, as if a left foot had been amputated. He gritted his teeth and continued marching towards the virgin land. White chess flickered like a dancing elf, bullying the wounded black dragon at will. The black dragon was bleeding, groaning silently, and crawled to its destination with amazing will. As long as there is a glimmer of hope for survival, chaos will hold on tenaciously, no matter how much sacrifice it will endure! There was a dull atmosphere on the chessboard. The misfortune of life seems to condense on this dragon. Fate often tests the load-bearing capacity of such a cruel man.
Finally, Chaos reached the other shore. He immediately turned around and attacked the weakness of White. The person in the mosquito net raised his index finger, and his fingertips shone with multicolored light. This is a mysterious warning. Looking at the finger in chaos, he felt a lot of things he never knew. Bai Ziba landed underneath, threatening the black dragon who had just escaped doom. He must stop. He must give up the offense and work on the spot. But how uncomfortable this life is! That is suffocating oppression, and if you want to live, you have to be like a dog. Raising his head in chaos, the index finger was still upright, still shining with colorful light. Chaos raised his head high, caught a sunspot, and broke into the white array fiercely!
This is a steel wedge. White, who has just chased the black dragon, is nailed to the pillar of shame that will be wiped out. The white chess below jumped another hand, robbed the black dragon's eyes, and made it lose its last hope of survival. So, it seems that the two warriors standing on the edge of the cliff each took out their glittering swords and started a duel between you and me.
What a mighty duel! Here, Go shows the masculine beauty of generous tragedy: it is not a polite game, it is a bloody battle! See, chaos used natural brute force to kill White Cheer. The man in the mosquito net slammed the black dragon and tightened his breath. The white arms were so cold that the executioner choked his opponent's throat. Every move in chaos seemed to be shouting, "I've had enough! I'm like a man today!" White answered briefly and eloquently: "You must die!" With soaring anger. A revengeful hero will have that power, this power is so hot, as if the lava of the crater just spewed out, and it will destroy everything. White ignores his position and kills the black dragon intently. Neither warrior defended, letting the other slash his body, and at the same time stabbed at the opponent's key more fiercely.
A pipa sounded outside, bright and melodious. Pipa slowly and hurriedly first played the eternal famous song "Ambush on Ten Sides". There are countless pipas that should be harmonious, noisy and eager, and that sounds like a hut. A small chessboard raised a flurry of blood, and it was entrenched in the house first. Suddenly the sky thundered, and thunder rolled down. The pipa sound is crisp and loud, and it is like a sharp awl, piercing a thunderous thunder, and stands up. The two pressure each other and cover each other, staggered repeatedly, accompanied by that pillar of blood, rendering the world vigorous.
People in the mosquito nets ate the chaotic black dragon, and chaos occupied the previous white array. Great changes in the sea. Chess is evenly divided, and the winner is all on the official. Looking back in chaos, the first lieutenant was exhausted and exhausted. Chaos knows that this war was not done by himself. People, ghosts, and gods are all together for a while, fighting that unpredictable hand.
The scramble for officials is also tense. As the saying goes: "Officials see chess." The little places that are little by little are all indispensable to the earth; they are all delicate and delicate. "Officials of the Officials" and "Xuan Xuan Qi Jing" with all the beads and magic are used. The small chessboard is actually the world of thousands.
The chess sages, as they racked their brains, reviewed the situation. Fan Xiping lost his fan and lost his charm first; Liu Zhongfu took off his towel and saw everyone's style. Mr. Xunzi could not reach the table, and was so anxious as to rattle, but he was tripped by many thighs, showing the starvation of the ghost. Mother Laoshan is the best at calculating. Knowing the ending, she murmured with a flat toothless mouth: "Half of the winners and defeats, all in the bottom right corner ..." I was anxious, and I was carrying a fairy power in my hand, and actually turned the dragon head. The crutch was broken.
Sure enough, the officials retired and began a robbery in the lower right corner. The creators of Go set up a robbery rule, which is really strange: there is a situation in which the two sides raise each other. The rapee must first take a move elsewhere to force the opponent to respond before they can return one. This cycle is called robbery. The outcome of the robbery is all on the robbery materials held by both sides. The chaotic dragon died but was not stiff, at this time it became a good material, forcing the people in the mosquito net to take over one by one until it was lifted up. The remnants of White in the black array also rioted so much that they couldn't stick to the chaos. You mentioned the two, and I brought it back, for which I have been fighting for a long time.
The chicken will cry, and a big star in the east of the sky is clear. The chaos was over, and there was exactly one in the mosquito net. The masters extended their necks together, anxious to turn into chess pieces and jump into the board. However, longing to see through, finally could not find a robbery for Chaos. A good game, seeing the loss in this robbery. The table filled with long sighs, all of which were a pity for half the son. Chaotic as a wooden chicken, a stream of tears rolled down.
Ranked chess ancestors turned chaotic and stared. Chaotic black jacket and black pants are like a black chess piece. The ancestors reached out to designate chaos, with a solemn expression: "You go! You are a robber!"
Chaotically stood up. There was silence inside and outside the room, and the air condensed. The chaos was generous and vigorous. Pushing Jinshan, inverted jade pillar, kneeling chaoticly and long.
"Why, chaotic house!"
The man in the mosquito net sighed sighing: "Oh ..." A white arm slowly retracted and never returned.
Chaotic back pig head out of Xizhuang, not returning for a few days. People in Xizhuang remember the snow on New Year's Eve and couldn't help it. Those who knew the details went to Guantun in a chaotic way, and then sent some legs for the young people to seek. When the teacher from Guantun Elementary School came to Xizhuang, he was surprised: "I haven't seen chaos. Where did he come to me?"
The crowd was shocked, searching for chaos in the mountains. The teacher was anxious about losing his chess friends, and despite the lung disease, he rushed to the west in the cold. After half a day of chaos, a militiaman reported to the Public Security Bureau.
An old man pointed out: "Why not go to the Misty Valley? There are many things in that place." So the people of Xizhuang and Guantun villages flocked to the Misty Valley.
Misty valley white mist. People gather in the mist, just like the gods rolled up the veil. Everyone looked around and was shocked. I saw that the valley board was flat, and Mizaza was covered with black stones. Kneeling chaotically in the lower right corner, the person froze early; raised his head to the sky without losing pride. A pig's head was sitting under the tree, his face was stunned.
Chaos is dead. Some people in Xizhuang brought the pig's head and told the teacher: Only because he gave the pig's head to the New Year for chaos, he froze. The teacher hugged the pig's head tightly and was stunned by the friendship of the chess players.
Some people are surprised: behind the chaos is the deep valley of hundreds of feet, the terrain is extremely dangerous, but why did he kneel to death here? Everyone made various speculations and talked about it. The teacher was also confused, stopped crying, and stumbled around.
He made a few laps between the Black Rocks, and climbed high again, overlooking the valley. Looking at it, exclaimed without exclaiming: "咦 ——"
The valley is flat like a chessboard, and the black stones and white snow are separated by chess pieces, which is exactly a game of Go. The teacher pondered for a long time, and Fang guessed that the stone was moved for heating before the chaos froze, and he accidentally played the game. What a chess idiot! Taking a closer look at this game, but seeing a strange idea, exquisite counts, a magnificent atmosphere, and a magnificent universe, it is really a great work not seen in his life. The mountains are soaring, standing on a circular chessboard; the sky is long, and the clouds are down; there are eagles hovering around the mountain stream, and the long screams are stern ...
The teachers of Guantun shook physically and mentally, and they stood for a long time.
The crowd climbed around the teacher, and he was puzzled when he saw him. One after another asked, "What are you looking at? What is chaotic?" The teacher replied: "Play chess." "Deep mountain wilderness, with whom?" The teacher was silent. After a long time, Shen said a word: "God!"
The layman had a humble opinion and asked, "I won or lost?"
The number of teachers. Count to the bottom right corner and see the robber who decided to win. Chaotic long kneeling on the ground, acting as a sunspot, just robbed! Teachers revere chaos and passion. He clenched his fists in the air, shouted wildly in the mountains, and the forest horrified--
"Shengtian Banzi!"

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