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Zheyan | The Essence of The Analects 50 sentences, read only once, and benefit for life!

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○ Source of the article: Classic Book City (ID: gudianshucheng), with pictures by Fu Baoshi.
"The Analects of Confucius" is a masterpiece of Confucius' thoughts. In today's society, it still has practical significance, and it is worth us to slowly appreciate and taste it carefully.
1. No one has long-term concerns, and there must be near-worries.
Without thinking about the future, there must be sorrow in sight.
2. Knowers are happy, benefactors are happy.
Wise people love water, and people with benevolence love mountains.
3, do not want to do, do not do to others.
Don't force things that you don't want on others.
4. Make friends with words.
To make friends, you must believe in words.
5. Gentlemen are different, but villains are different.
Gentlemen live in harmony without adhering blindly, and villains can't live in harmony with each other.
6. Zi Zaichuan said: The deceased is like a husband! Disregard day and night.
The elapsed time is like this flowing water! Flowing day and night.
7, such as cut, such as consultation, such as thought, such as grinding.
Perfecting one's own cultivation, both like carving jade and carving stones, requires effort.
8. The roads are different and do not work together.
With different positions and viewpoints, don't discuss each other's plans.
9, three hundred poems, in one word, said: thinking without evil.
The "Book of Songs" 305 summarizes its entire content in one sentence, that is: pure thinking, without evil.
10, I have ten and am interested in learning, thirty are standing, forty is not confused, fifty is destiny, sixty is pleasing to the ear, and seventy is unwilling to do what I want.
Confucius said: "I am 15 years old and am determined to learn, I am 30 years old, I have made achievements, I am 40 years old and I am not confused, I am 50, I understand the laws of nature, I am 60, I can listen to different opinions, I am 70, I can do whatever I want You can do whatever you want, and it won't go beyond the rules. "
11, learn from the old and learn new, can be a teacher.
Review the knowledge you have learned from time to time, so that you can gain new and deeper knowledge, so you can be a teacher.
12. Gentleman is better than week, villain is better than week.
Gentlemen unite the masses but do not collude with each other, and villains gang up instead of uniting the masses.
13. Knowing is knowing, knowing is not knowing, it is also knowing.
Knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, this attitude is wise.
14. It's intolerable, I can't stand it.
Confucius said about Ji: "He used Tianzi's dance lineup to dance in his own courtyard. Such things can be tolerated, and what can't be tolerated?"
15. Hearing the word and saying it, the rejection of virtue also.
Hearing the rumors spread without random research is abandonment of morality.
16, Chao Wen Road, the death can be terrible.
It is well worth knowing the truth in the morning and dying at night.
17, within the four seas, all brothers too.
The world is big, there are friends everywhere!
18. A gentleman speaks of justice, and a villain speaks of profit.
A gentleman knows morality, and a villain knows selfishness.
19. Seeing wise and thinking together, seeing unkind and introspecting.
When you see a sage, you should think of aligning with him; when you see a sage, you should reflect on yourself.
20, poor without complaint, difficult; rich without pride, easy.
It is difficult to be poor without resentment, and it is easy to be rich without being arrogant.
21, Germany is not alone, there must be neighbors.
A ethical person will not be isolated; he must have someone close to him.
22. Dead wood should not be carved, and dung walls should not be sloppy.
Describe a person who can no longer be carved like decayed wood and can no longer be painted like a dung wall, and is generally disappointed in this person.
23. Listen to what he says and see what he does.
When judging a person, you need to look at what he says and observe his behavior to get a full understanding.
24. Sensitive and easy to learn, ask without shame.
Describe people who are smart and easy to learn, and can ask people who are less knowledgeable than themselves.
25. Think before you act.
Always think three times before you act.
26, quality wins Wen Zeye, Wen Sheng quality is history. Wen Zhibinbin, then gentleman.
A person's internal simplicity is better than external literary talent, and it will look rough, and external literary talents will outweigh the internal simplicity. Only with the proper combination of literary talent and simplicity can we become a gentleman.
27. The one who knows is not as good as the one who is good, the one who is worse than the one who is happy.
To anyone who knows it, it is better to love it, and to love it, it is better to practice it as a happy person.
28. Clever words make you beautiful.
Few people with rhetoric and laughter have benevolence.
29. Know it by tacit knowledge, and never tire of learning.
Keeping the knowledge in mind, I do n’t feel satisfied when I learn, and I do n’t feel tired when I teach people. What have I done in these three aspects?
30. Injustice is rich and expensive, like a cloud to me.
To get rich by unjust means is as uncertain as a cloud.
31. Three people must have our teacher: choose those who are good and follow them, and change those who are not good.
In a small group, there must be people who can be teachers. Choose his strengths to learn from him, and reflect on his weaknesses to correct them.
32. The gentleman is open-minded, and the villain is long.
Gentlemen are always flat-minded, and villains are often sad and sad.
33. Scholars can't do without fortitude and have a long way to go.
Aspirants must not be open-minded and strong-willed, because the burden is heavy and the road is long.
34. Absent from his position, do not seek his government.
If you are not in that position, don't consider things in that position.
35. Learned and motivated, inquisitive and thoughtful; benevolence in it.
Rende is among them by studying extensively, firming his ambitions, asking questions earnestly, and thinking in connection with reality.
36. The three armies can win the division, and the husband can't win.
The three armies can lose their coach, and a man cannot lose his ambition.
37, aged cold, and then withered after knowing pine and cypress.
It was not until the coldest season of the year that the pine and cypress trees finally fell.
38. The beauty of a gentleman is not evil of an adult.
A gentleman accomplishes the good of others and does not help others do bad things. The villain is the opposite.
39. Scholars are committed to the Tao, and those who are shameful and evil eaters are not enough to discuss it.
A man who is determined to pursue the truth and is ashamed of the rough rice is not worth talking to him.
40. Do not be loyal to others? Do not trust with friends?
Have you done your best for others, have you been insincere with your friends, and haven't learned something to teach yourself? These are three things that must be reflected every day!
41. His body is right and he will not do it;
Even if they do not issue orders, the masses will consciously do it; if they do not behave properly, even if orders are given, the masses will not obey.
42, rush is not reached; seeing small profits is not a big deal.
Don't just be quick, don't be greedy for small gains. If you want to be quick, you will fail to achieve your goal;
43. Passers-by must not be stunned, and followers can still chase.
The past is irretrievable, and the future is too late to be corrected.
44. Those who missed the appointment were fresh.
People who can often restrain themselves have fewer mistakes.
45. Learn from time to time, not to mention it? Have friends come from afar, it is also joyful? People do not know and do not hesitate, not gentleman?
Studying and constantly reviewing is a pleasant thing. Having friends from afar is a happy thing. People do n’t know me, I do n’t hate it, and I ’m not a gentleman!
46. Scholars in ancient times are for themselves, scholars in today are human.
The people who studied in the ancient times were to improve themselves, and the people who are studying now are to show off to others.
47. See Li Siyi, see danger to give orders.
When you see financial gain, you can think of morality; when you see the country in distress, you are willing to give your life. Is the big shot.
48. Gentlemen don't talk about people and don't talk about them.
A gentleman will not select talents based on his speech, nor will he abandon his speech because someone has faults and errors.
49. Clever words. A small leak will sink a great ship.
Rhetoric can ruin morals, and small things that don't bear it can ruin big things.
50. Do n’t suffer from the unknown, or suffer from the unknown.
Don't be afraid that others don't understand themselves.
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