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Spring's Love

Source of information: Time: 2020-02-21 02:12:16

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Spring's Love
Wen / Axuan
Recitation / summer
I love spring in the four seasons
Although it is still cold at first
The spring breeze blows away the long harsh winter
The drizzle drizzled the banks of the Zhang River again
I love spring in the four seasons
That's because you are alive
A spring message called the wild geese flying south
Strands of spring light bathe the spring garden
Yin Yin's grass probe probing into the ground
Swaying willow sprouts green and graceful stretch
Overwintering wheat seedlings are turning green and thriving
The sleeping stream thaws and flows
I love spring in the four seasons
Because it's charming and colorful
Peony paeonia shows your grace and elegance
Pear white peach dress up your beautiful face
The bee flying butterfly dance is a passion for you
The floral bird language is just full of praise for you
I love spring in the four seasons
That's because your spring is infinite
I am not intoxicated by Xia ’s passion, strong words, and grand words
I am only passionate about the spring wind, drizzle and lingering in spring
I do not expect the harvest, joy, and sweetness of autumn
I only look forward to the sky blue, cloud white and leisure in spring
I'm not lost in An Lu in winter, the tranquility in winter, the leisure in winter
I just love Chun's memories, Chun's Acacia, Chun's nostalgia
I love spring in the four seasons
That's because of the Spring Festival
Spring is the hope of the four seasons
Is the beginning of the year
The beginning of a dream
Is the starting point of life
I hope spring is always here
Hopefully spring continues
Because spring is the origin of my growth
Because Chun has my beautiful nostalgia
Author: Chenshuang Rong, pen name TZ, Hebei Shexian people, like the text martial arts, hobbies, painting and Tai Chi Association.

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