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[Reprinted] Tian Shenxian entered the grave

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Tian Shenxian went to the grave
Mr. Tian Mi was born in Fengshui family. His great-grandfather Weizhen was on both banks of the Huaihe River, and he was nicknamed Tian Shenxian.
Mr. Tian inherited the ancestors of his ancestors. The watch is better than the blue, and his footprints spread across the river. But Mr. Tian was never moved by fame and fortune, bearing in mind his ancestral teachings, and refused to pass on easily.
I have had a deep relationship with Mr. Tian. After my persuasion, Mr. Tian finally agreed to disclose this peerless science to the world and pass it on to people with a fate.
I have only learned a lot, and it is inevitable to organize the disclosures of this book. In view of the prevailing piracy, I had to write a handwriting.
First, what is the meaning of entering the grave?
To enter the grave is that the geographer can see the main house's cemetery at a glance, such as wealth, officials, luck, whether people are prosperous and family style, whether they have been killed.
2. What shape is better for the graveyard?
Fen Ying demanded that the Ming Hall of the graveyard be flat, the water flow slowly, and the flow to form a straight line with the orientation.
For example, Guishan Dingxiang requires the towering tower to the north and the south to be flat.
The chest of Qianming Church and its grave must not be too high, it is only suitable for flatness and not too high. If the grave is one inch higher than the previous one, the second one inch higher than the second, the third inch higher is disturbed at home, the four inches higher is a blind eye, the five inches higher is blind, the six inches higher is a weakness, the peach blossom is seven inches higher, and the ginseng eight inches higher Adopt other people's children), nine inches to one foot tall is the Moonlight Armor Jedi (can only live to 60 years old), if there is a round drum in front of the grave, within 3 to 10 meters from the grave, the home has liver cancer, lung cancer, yellow disease water Drum disease (liver ascites).
Song said: Man Ping's son Sun Wang was in front of the grave, and the wealthy family was in the water after the grave. (Shuishui means that there is a deep river 30-50 meters away from the grave, but it is not a Dawa pond).
3. How is the ranking of the graveyard determined?
The left side of the grave is 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
The right side of the grave is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Qinglong is the main left 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
White Tiger is main right 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Suppose: Longsha is one or two inches higher than tiger sand.
The answer: Long Hu Hu out of the prefecture. If the left side is not high and the right side is two to three inches higher, it is a tiger holding a dragon. The answer is: Hugging the dragon for the poor.
Longsha is four or five inches to one foot tall, and the people in the hall are good at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and there are two possibilities in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 rooms. If the tiger sand is half a foot to one foot taller than the dragon sand, all the heirs of the graveyard will be damaged (all of them are sons), and there is a possibility that it will be 70%.
Fourth, what is to cut the road?
If there is a road on the left side of the grave, the distance from the east of the grave is 3-4 feet in front of the grave. If there is a road distance of 3-4 feet on the right side, it is called right cut, and two of the rooms 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 must be violently killed (guns, cars, and thunder. Usually 20 to 40 years old) between). This is called the White Tiger with Suo Keke family.
Five, Gen Fang has a way
If there is a road in the grave, the distance is about 5 meters, the descendants in the grave will appear robbers, and become thieves.
Poetry said: Gen Fang is not a strong road, men are robbers and women do *, road is big, bandits are big, road is small. Women are not clean and cheating.
Poetry said: Gen Wei has a way to be a devil, and the adulteress is holding someone else's leg.
Six, there is a road in Kan Fang
There is a path in the tomb of the grave, or it will pass through the grave lightly or darkly, and it will be about 50 to 10 meters away from the grave. (Whether the road is before or after the grave)
Song said: Cang Palace went straight to death. If he was saddened, he would hang himself with medicine and die young. Someone beggars were in a foreign country.
There is a way for the cadre
If there is a road with a grave of about 10 meters away from the grave, the hanged ghosts will appear in the house. The reason is: one road is a rope, and the two roads are two green hemps. If you don't make a *, there will be people who have abducted and broken legs in the house.
Eighth way
If the way of the grave is to pierce the grave directly, there will be violent deaths of girls in rooms 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. If the situation of the road is wide and the little girl is damaged, this is called Short Sword Road.
Song said: Duan Fangjian's population was injured, Jian Jian's blood was red, his son was bound to die in the countryside, and his mother saw tears.
Nine, Kun Fang Youlu
If Kun Fang had a direct shot at the grave, there would be violent death among the women behind the grave. Effective within 5-10 meters from the grave. If the road bends into a bow shape, and this shape appears in the Kun side of the grave, there will be no mother's casualties in the home, but there will be unruly women and prostitution.
Ten, there is a way out
If there is a road between 5-10 meters away from the palace, if the road is not stabbed to the grave, the road is large and the road straight is the ladder. Women in the grave are more expensive. Girls will run away from marriage, young boys marry distant women as wives (also recently 3-5 hundred miles). If the road becomes a * road, most of the men in the family will find relatives in the hometown.
2 ■ Into the grave ■
Eleven, there is a way
There is a road 5-10 meters away from the grave, which is not good for the eldest daughter. If the road is an inclined road, it leads to the earthquake side, which is not good for the male.
The song said: There is a road leading to the east, and the young man is deserted. He will not have a wife if he died early, and he will have a hard life.
Twelve earthquakes have a road
The earthquake-like road, like a sword and arrow, stabs the grave owner in rooms 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, and 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. The man is damaged. If the road is 5-10 meters wide The Chinese man died even worse, drinking medicine, hanging himself, and being shot dead. Song said: The epicenter hexagram number is called Lei. Lei Gong flashed down and lifted the magic hammer. There are so many dangers in the epicenter.
Section 2 On the Bafang Depression in the Cemetery
I. Dry depression
Regardless of the orientation of the grave, as long as there is no sand protection within 5-10 meters within the dry palace, and the low-lying water is stored, the family will die early, and the orphans and widows will be killed. Song said: If the dry palace is in the wind and the flooding is too bitter, the woman will cry that his husband is dead, and there is no master in the hall.
Dugong depression
The grave of the tomb of the grave is 5-10 meters away from the grave. If it is a depression, the girls in the family are prone to disease and disease. If the ponds appear, the girls in the family often suffer from chest and abdomen diseases and will not heal for a long time.
Song said: The water is in the shape of a pit, if the water stays bloodless, the woman is sick and hard, and the medicine is used at home in the four seasons.
Kun Gong Sag
There is a depression in Kunfang within 10-20 meters. Perennial standing water is the mother's blood mirror, and it is also the mouth of the negative tiger. The housewife's mother died early. If the river flows through Kun Palace, it is not a problem.
Fourth, Lifang depression
If it is 50-10 meters away from the palace, if it is low-lying, it will form fish scale water. The pit will be uneven, and the low-lying immersed in the grave. There will be bald men and women in the home.
V. Qifang depression
If there is a depression in the Fang Fang about 5-10 meters away from the grave, there will be many disasters for young men and women in the family, and chest and abdomen diseases. The reason is that the Chinese and the males were implicated because of the female quake.
The song said: The divination in the depression is the wind. If the wind is in the depression, the male and female teenagers are more sick, and they are in the room 1 and 3.
Six, Zhenfang depression
If there is a depression in 5-10 meters of the earthquake, the male in his family died of illness outside the home, or there were thunder and car death among young men and women. If the depression area is too large, it must be affected in a hundred or more acres. damage.
Song said: The wind in the earthquake square was like Wang Tang. The man in his family was seriously injured, and the widow was sitting in the high hall, tearing for generations.
Seven, Genfang depression
Regardless of the sitting direction of 50-10 meters of Gen Palace, if there is a gust of wind, the area is 5-10 acres, and it will be lost for the descendants of the mountains. Poor hands and feet.
Song said: If the house tomb meets Genqianwa, bandits must be found in the house. If the depression winds to the east and the water flows to the south, the house tomb is called Changshui. The man in the main house's tomb died early, aged between 20 and 35, and less frequently between 15 and 18.
Song said: The East is continuously flooded, and the widow is bound to sit in the middle hall. Or the medicine pot keeps on, the water in Yangzhaigenfang is too big, and most people in the house break. Neither the northeast of the yin yang house should be low-lying.
The poem says:
It depends on whether Zhuangzi is prosperous or not, and if the northeast is rich, if the plump person is Dingwang, if the windy person is Dingkong.
Cang Sag
If there is a depression in the palace, except for Bingshan Renxiang and Dingshan Guixiang, regardless of any sitting orientation, the distance is between 5-10 meters, and the depression is about half an acre or a few minutes. Men will have headaches. (Meningitis, concussion, etc.). Such as the flood, the area is relatively large, including Bingshan Renxiang, Dingshan Guixiang will full of men in the church will be drowned, or died outside the house, exile.
Song said: If the Kham Palace is full of water, the women in the family are so sad, the real men are picked out from the river, and some die in Dawai Township.
Section III: On the height of the graveyard
First, Gan Gonggao
The dry palace always rises when there is a peak. If it is a mountainous man, the man who is the head of the house must be old and have weight. If it is a plain, there is a continuous highland in the dry palace, and the father will live a hundred years.
Song said: If the peak position is now high, and the man in his family is old, his life is not too much, and the centennial is out of the door.
Kan Gonggao
If the Khan Palace is at its peak, the head man of this tomb will work hard, and he will be wealthy without a name, and the silver money in his home will be uncountable.
Third, Gen Gonggao
If the Gen Palace is at its peak, the family will inevitably have Guiding, and the peak of Sanzhang County will be the peak, and the Gua will have the flag corner to be the official. If it is a highland, no matter what the grave direction is, the Quartet will be harmful again, and his family will not break Ding Shaosun.
Fourth, Zhen Gonggao
If there is a peak in the earthquake, the man in this family must send the two noble men and women (Wu Zhandaian), and it is most effective to have a peak at 30-50 meters from the graveyard. If there is a peak within 500 meters, the effectiveness is slow (regardless of direction).
3 ■ Into the grave ■
If there is a peak, all the peaks (mountains) look like flags and drums. Among the women in the family, there will be girls who have the right or fame.
Poetry said: Gao Gong Gao Feng is like a fan, his family is better than her husband, she has weight and power, and she will marry a long-distance husband after 20 years.
Six, Ligong Gao
Leaving the side belongs to the sky. If the peak is up, even if the woman is expensive, the eye disease will appear in the home. If the peak covers the grave, the eye disease will continue to appear in the house for men and women. Men with broken eyes and women peeking at men.
Kun Kun Gao
If the Kun Palace is at its peak, the family ’s women are prosperous. If the eyebrows are drawn, the drama is false and serious. If the Quartet is all noble, the peak is empty even if it is high. Division) The woman rogue is unreasonable. Govern each other from generation to generation.
The earth color can be found using this method:
Zhenlong cave, within three years after the coffin entered the ground, the grass on the grave is not long, the grave becomes tide, and the more dry the weather is, the more obvious it is. In addition, the soil on the grave becomes very hard, such as iron as steel. This is called gas capping, which proves that fresh things such as shrimp, lotus and lotus are growing in the cave. If this grave can be maintained for 18 years, it will become a great achievement. However, in the meantime, there will be irregularities and even casualties in the home. If the ground is broken and the grave is removed within 18 years, it will be completely over.
If Genfang Lailong, Zhenfang, and Lufang meet, the three parties come to a stop and disappear, the height is 3 meters above the ground level, and the small one is 2-3 cm above the ground. The soil digging method must be implemented within 3 li (Sanli is because of the great strength of the three parties). If red, yellow, blue, white, and black soil is found (digging below half a meter), seeing this soil proves that dragon air exists.
For example, burrows can be dug in the mountain area to a depth of 3-4 meters.
If you leave Fangkun and Fanglailong, stop and disappear after confluence. If you find black soil like ink stains, light and colored, and curved, this is also true dragon spirit, you can set up a tomb. But points cannot be made directly on the gas cap. Because Lilong is a fire bureau, the heat is too hot and the fire is too strong to prevent the coffin from being washed. If it is done on top of the righteousness, there will be patients continuously in the house, and it can only be placed on the edge of the dragon.
It is really impossible to find the color of the soil. Choose different places in the dragon's stopping place, dig the same amount of soil, grind it and weigh it, the soil weight in that place is bound to be the place of dragon spirit.
Regardless of the party where the dragon comes, as long as it forms a cave star, the cave star is a high convex pile with more than 2-3, which proves that the dragon spirit is flourishing, and then looks for acupoints in the high convex place. If the color of the above soil is found, it proves that the true dragon Where Qi is, if you can use the land according to the water method, the earth can make a big hair, the small land can make a small hair.
Second, follow the dragon search method:
In the mountains or plains, when you see a convex hull going down from the mountain, follow this shape to see if there is an opening or a hole, or a spot, or a platform, or a nest, or a sudden, or a sudden fall, look at the Quartet. Is there any resurgence? It proves that the dragon stopped here, and it is here to find the dragon's lair.
If a plain dragon finds a raised place in the flat ground, and there are continuous bulges around it, the more it proves, the more expensive the dragon's spirit is. Then check how far it extends. At the end of his extension, you can find the ground and remember There is a bag of bumps, and there is no corresponding bump. This is a lonely dragon, not rich or expensive (the more clay bags, the more expensive).
How to find dragons with vines
If you see a dragon or a few feet above the ground in the mountains or plains, follow it, and you can get acupoints at the end of the itinerary. If you find a branch *, you can find a point.
If the dragon's veins rise and fall continuously *, the dragon's name will be taken into account.
Fourth, look at Qi and look at the dragon:
If you do n’t know the dragon ’s whereabouts, you ca n’t find the true trace of the dragon. Go into the mountain or go to the field to find the dragon at night. If you see fog standing in the mountains or on the flat ground or umbrella-shaped fog, the fog of the building is the dragon. Just click on the acupuncture point here. All good places can see the fog.
Five, look at the water to find the source of the dragon
If the dragon veins pass through the river, the middle of the river, or the sea, and you can't set up a cave, you can go to the water at night. Among the lotus flowers. If the big river goes into the mountain, or on the hillside, in every corner of the mountain, you can hear the sound of music, the sound of sips at night, or the appearance of beasts and horses, and the horsemen appear. Withered the ashes on the tree, the lotus, and the soldiers disappeared immediately.
Chapter Three
The first section, cut off gas
After you find the dragon veins and confirm that you have gas, you can build a village in the direction of the dragon veins, so that the dragon can't move forward, but stay here and build a village here.
Section 2, Dragon Head Shuqi Temple Method
After finding the dragon veins and confirming that there is qi, you can build a temple in front of the dragon veins and forcefully stop them so that the dragon cannot move forward and stay here.
Section 3
When it was discovered that Long was traveling, many tombs were buried in the front, and there were many surnames and different orientations, so that Long Qi could not restrain himself, could not move forward, and the air was scattered in the local area.
Section 4 Large Digging Dragon Vein Destruction
I found this place to be a dragon vein. You can cut it at the waist of the walking dragon vein and dig it to a depth of 3 meters, and bury it in ironware, knives, swords, and spades.
Section 5: Burning Soil in the Lijiao to Kill the Dragon
It was found that there were dragon veins here, and a brick kiln was covered at the place where the dragon veins walked or stayed, and it was intercepted, so that all the real dragon caves in Forty Miles were burned.
Attachment: How to break the pulse of Zhuangzi?
In the dry position and the Kun position, the pulse of Zhuangzi was broken.
Chapter 4 On Water Law
The first section, worship water
In the forward Xiaomingtang, the water of the three parties gathered in the Mingtang, forming the three parties towering outside the Mingtang, such water is worship water.
Poetry said: Mingtang is tall and tall. Children, grandchildren and grandchildren are all heroic. Sanshui went to worship, and there were talents at home.
Section Two
The Bazi water is the water that shunts down after the Guigui Church.
Poetry said: the water flows forward in a horribly manner, and the couple and the husband and wife do not reach their heads.
Section III
Shooting rib water means that the flow of water does not form a direction with the mouth of the grave. example:
Section 4
The upward water flowing in the direction of the grave is called Qianlian Water, as long as it flows to the grave. (It's not worth the cheap water to be 30 meters away from the plain). The Mingtang water flowed behind his head, and his home turned out to be ashes.
Poetry said: The vast water is rolling forward, and the promiscuous words in the family are unspeakable. The father-in-law took the daughter-in-law, and the family was ugly from outsiders.
Section 5, Bathing Water
This water is 5 to 10 meters in front of the grave, up to 20 meters. No matter where the water flows, it is called bathing water, because it is too close to the grave, the Ming Wangtang pit in front of the grave is called bathing water. (Mingtang in front of the grave cannot be smaller than 30 meters)
Poetry said: Peach blossoms are bathed in water, the woman does not return home, and the tomb is settled by the earth. (The mountain does not exist, there is no bathing water, the original underground has been raining, and Mingtang has no water)
Section 6, shower water
The tomb was too high and unblocked, and the water shot straight down. This was called encountering a shower of water, and all children, grandchildren, and grandchildren broke their legs. This situation basically occurs in the mountains.
Section 7: Cutting Feet
Moving forward, Mingtang water forms a triangle, no matter what angle. The formation of a cut-off angle will lead to paralysis of the leg bone cancer.
Section VIII, Anti Bow Water
Bend forward in a bow shape and bow inward. Anti-Gongshui words are unspeakable, the woman followed people in front of the hall.
Section 9
The water bends forward continuously, and the water is not afraid of a bend. Poetry said: Mian Gongshui came to the front of the hall, and his children and grandchildren made farms. Can be rich for 30 to 50 years and passed on from generation to generation.
Section 10 Dustpan Water
The dustpan water is the shape of the dustpan that is formed in the Mingtang forward, and the children are grandchildren and grandchildren.
Section XI, Immersion in Water
The forward Mingtang water extends to about 5 meters before the grave, and the main symptoms are hepatitis, liver cancer, pneumonia, and emphysema. If there are five people in a family, three people have the disease.
Section 12
The two streams of water flowed in one direction and called Ershui to catch a boat so that the girl could follow the man. If the land in the middle of the two waters forms a table, regardless of the house in the house, there will be gamblers in the house.
Section XIII, Genqian Water
It is about 5-10 meters away from the grave in Gen Fang, no matter what it is, as long as there is water gathering in the northeast, there are people who sneak.
Poetry said: For the grave to meet the Genqian water, bandits must be found in the home. The bigger the water is, the bigger the bandit, the smaller the water is the smaller pickpocket and the person who steals the dog. Both men and women. But there is no water beyond 30 meters. (Ingen is a ghost gate, water is wealth, and ghosts steal wealth)
Section 14 Morning Glory
If the forward water flows from left to right, if it flows backwards, it will be called left petunias on the left and right petunias on the right. If the shady house encounters water petunias, this family will never be in trouble, within 5-10 meters Count. 15 meters away is not called morning glory.
Section 15 Pike Water
The vast flood of water went straight to the grave, without hindrance. The main murderer (the cause of the killing was unknown), this water stopped about 10 meters before the grave and called a spear water. If there are obstacles blocked from 30 meters away, it will be a lot of money.
Section 16 Jade Crystal Water
Regardless of the direction, as long as this water appears in the forward direction, that is, the Mingtang is shaped like a round mirror, the four seasons are not withered, the evergreen is transparent, the taste is no odor, and it is slightly sweet.
Poetry said: Yu Jingshui is moving forward, and there is no official in the family and he is free.
Section 17 Tianchi Water
On the peaks or slopes of the mountains ahead, there is a water like a wangtang. The four seasons are not dry. The surrounding mountains are handsome. There must be true dragon caves around Tianchi. , But not good people cannot use it.
Chapter 18
The forward Mingtang is like a half-circle meniscus, bowing outwards and holding inward, the water is clear and transparent, handsome men and women, and women are more expensive.
Chapter 19
At 50-100 meters forward, the water coming down from the top of the mountain flows into the forward Mingtang like Lianzi. Mingtang is connected by a mountain of cases, and there are male and female emperor servants.
Section Twenty
The front Mingtang is divided into two upper and lower waters, and the water returns to the same road. The upper pond is the warehouse and the lower pond is the reservoir. This will make the children and grandchildren win golden mountains. If you are too close to Zhuangzi, there will be more girls around. If there is more possibility to change the name after the house.
Section 21, Sishui Meets Without Returning
There are four rivers going forward, and the water is flowing down and down, and can not go all the way. If there is such water, the offspring will be cut off. This water is called Basha water. But more than 300 meters, there is no harm in the Yang house, and the Yin house is fierce. (5-10 meters is harmful)
Poetry says: Kan Longkun exchanges with the mountain monkeys, pheasant dry horses exchange with the snake heads, pigs and tigers are separated from the tigers, and the house tombs are closed every time.
Section 22, Anti-Diving
Water came forward to the right, walked from right to left, and turned out to be a wicked person *, a vicious one.
Section 23, Carrying Body Water
There is a sloping road passing through the middle of the Ming Hall. In the form of carrying a corpse, there may be a murderer in the house, or an outsider may die in this house, or his own family may die in a foreign village.
Twenty-fourth, oblique flying water
Mingtang has a slope on the side of the grave, shaped like a sword, and its family first made a fortune for 15 years, but most had no heirs.
Chapter 25 Prison Water
About 15 meters from the grave, regardless of whether it is forward or backward, left or right, the water is facing south to the grave in an embracing posture, the water is fierce, and the main children and grandchildren are in prison. If there were to be a road around the Mingtang, there would be prisoners.
Chapter V. Several Situations of Dragon Veins
Section One, Five Elements
This is a plain-shaped dragon. Five clay bales appear within 500 meters of the circle. The height varies. As long as it is more than 3 meters above the ground, the middle one is smaller and the other four are larger. This is the land of true caves. This is called the landing of the Five Elements. No matter where it stands, it is expensive.
Section Two
Earth or mountain-shaped, violent ups and downs, undulations, or burrs before the ups and downs, there is a good water in front of it, there must be a cave in this place, this dragon is called a Yanglong, it is more expensive than a straight dragon, than The curved dragon is advantageous.
Section III
On the mountainside of the mountains, there are bumps and bumps on the soil. There are mountains in front of each other, and there is water at the bottom of the mountain. This place is a cave.
Section 4: True Dragon Tossing
In mountainous areas or plains, jaw-shaped nests appear, and their owners are rich in the plains.
Section 5: Woping Style
There is a convex middle nest in the mountain area, and there is a flat land in front of the nest. Those who reproduce the nest in the flat land are the places where the dragon spirit stops. Digging the soil is considerable. When using the above five types, there must be a day, that is, a strong rain falls within three days, or a sky of clouds (a piece of colorful clouds) appears, or a white fog roof appears on the ground.
Chapter 6 How to stand
Lailong is oriented by water
First, the direction of the dry mountain-water out of the ugly
Bishan dry direction-water out Ding Wei
I'll sit down
Note: Water out: refers to the flow of water. When the water comes out of the water, it flows in the direction of the water, and the direction of the water is from right to left. The requirements for site selection are that the dry terrain is heading, the flat land is full of northwest terrain, and the mountainous area is to have a peak from the northwest. Mountain tombs must be flat within 30 meters; plains must be flat within 30 meters.
Poetry said: This water burial is the most sought-after, and the vast water is ugly. There are many wealthy generations and grandchildren.
Dividend: Gengchen Gengyi, Bingchen Bingyi
Second, Haishan Yanxiang Laoshan Haixiang is the gold bureau Wangxiang
Requirements for site selection: The northwestern region should be full, and the ground should be flat before the grave. For plains, if there is no mountain, sand protection must be provided within 30 meters. 50 meters is also acceptable, but it cannot exceed 100 meters.
Water requirements: It is expensive to surround and bend, and it is against going straight to go water. Water likes to bend and surround, and it is not good for the money. Even if some people are poor, the human nature is dry and brutal.
Note: The nozzle is set outside the nozzle, and the compass is out of reach.
Third, Laoshanchen to Xinshanyi, tomb raising direction.
Requirements: Xinshan B direction, the water flows from left to right, and the water flows out. The water goes from left to right the farther and farther out, if the water out of the Gen Yin is a noble person, immediately go to the street, Ding Choi Wang, the alloy bureau to support.
Laoshan Chenxiang to the Bureau Bureau tomb, Yishan Xinxiang, Chenshan oblique direction, if the water out of the Kunshen side is the raising direction, the water out of Ganhai is the tomb of the Fire Bureau, Dingcai Wangwang. Requirement: The back is flat, and the water should be bent and embraced.
Fourth, Laoshan Laoxiang Gengshan Jiaxiang
Requirement: The direction of the water, left to right is Ding Weifang, and the Haimu Weimu Bureau is flourishing.
V. Jiashan Gengxiang towards Laoshan
From the left to the right, Gui Chou is the positive direction. If it is out of Xin Xun, it is the positive direction.
Six, Gen Shankun Xiang Yinshan Shen Xiang
The water flows from right to left, the water flows from the west to the southeast, and the Heshen Zichen Water Bureau is born. The water must bend and flow from the water to Yichen.
Note: Generally use Zhengsheng Zhengwang, do not need to be self-supporting, and if there is no Zhengsheng Zhengwang, use tombs.
Seven, Kun Shangen Xiang Shen Shan Yin Xiang
If the water comes out of Yichen, if the water from the left to the right comes out of the Decoy Alloy Bureau, it will be born. Water requirements: the bigger the more expensive the Lord. The sand protection requirements behind the tomb require the mountains to be expensive, and the higher the plain, the more expensive.
Eight, Wei Shan ugly Xiang Ding Shan Gui Xiang Gui Shan Ding Xiang Ug Shan Wei Xiang
Requirement: water from right to left, water flowing straight is also expensive, and water comes out of niches.
Note: Guishan Dingxiang is the first auspicious direction, suitable for plains and not suitable for mountains. From the left to the right, Gen Yinfang headed for Jinju Tomb, and from the right to left, Ganhai Fang.
Nine, Bingxiang and Zishan Wuxiang
The water flows from left to right, Xin Xin is the fire, the owner Ding Xingwang, loyalty and filial piety. Such as Ding Wei, generally not used, because it is self-generating.
Note: No matter where the water comes from, it must be a three-pointer.
Bingshan Ren left the water to the right out of Gui. Wushanzi is not strong, and the population is bound to suffer casualties. If the funeral is ten years and twenty years old, a male robber is a female work *.
X. Principles of water use: Water separation as the boundary, regardless of the distance of the water, the water in front of it, such as the water that can be seen in the mountains can be used, the plains are near, the mountains are far.
On the plains, the Mingming Hall is closest to the grave. On the mountain, the Mingming Hall is based on the river. Mingtang is like a horse, and the water mouth is different. Regardless of the size of the Mingtang, the plains need only be affectionate. The plains are against the vast waters.
Poetry said: (plain land) The vast water is moving forward. The children, grandchildren and grandchildren are very difficult. Even if the scenery is good, it will inevitably last 30 years.
It takes 60 meters to Qianshui (Mingtang) and has a long hair. If you want to be fast, it can be 30 meters, but the owner's life is short. (Straight water to find the water direction is 30 degrees on the plate)
Chapter VII, Supplement
First, the health and prosperity phase are all three-pointers facing the water, and the tomb raising phase is less welcome and less along. The water from the Haishan River to the Golden Bureau must come from Gui Chou.
Second, if you want more Ding and spend less, hire Haishan heading.
3. If you want men and women to be equal, use a dry mountain to head.
Fourth, such as Gen Shan Kun Xiang and Yin Shan Shen Xiang must be right to left, and the water out of Yichen is a natural aspect, which is good for officials and people. Yin Shan Shen Xiangshui must flow in the same direction as Gen Shan Kun. This is the Shen Zichen Water Bureau.
V. Prosperous phase of the wooden bureau: Gengshan Jiaxiang, Laoshan Chenxiang: It must be from left to right, the water is Ding Wei or 巽 巳, Gengshan Jiaxiang is the wooden bureau, and Gengshan Jiawangwangwangcai . She Shanchen made a fortune to Fading, but it was not conducive to officialdom.
6. Bingshan Renxiang moves from left to right, water flows from the water, and Jinjuwangwang (because the water comes from the west)
From the right to the left, the water flows from Ding Wei or the corner to the side of the river.
From the right to the left, water came from Xinyu to the stand of Guishan Dingxiang, and Ugly Mountain did not head to Shenzi Chenshui Bureau. If the left and right waters are out of the throne position, Li Renshan Bing Xiang Heyin Wuwu Fire Bureau will make a strong appearance.
For example, from the left to the right, Kun Shenfang Li Guishan Ding Xiang is the tomb minister of the Bureau.
If Zuo Shui goes to the right and Li Xingshan Yixiang is the supporter of the wood board, if you go to the left to the left, Gen Yin is the supporter of the gold board, and will continue to rank first.
If the right side of the water to the left side of the Ganhai side, Li Weishan ugly direction is the fire phase wood.
For example, the water from the left to the right flows to the side of Ganhai.
To follow the water, the dragon followed the water, the water stopped the dragon, and the water walked the dragon.
See the four major estuaries in the plain
The mountain land must be selected in a jaw-shaped land. If there is no expensive land, you must choose a mountain with dragon air to go down the mountain and form a dragon shape. High and low.
Zhenlong Cave required shelter from the wind and got water forward. Mountain land strictly prohibits the direction of Guishan Mountain and the Ugly Mountain. Because mountain land is filled with air and plain land is filled with air.
What is full of air is that the mountain is behind the head, there must be a mountain in front of the pillow, and the plain is behind the sand, and there is a continuous highland outside the Xiaomingtang, which exceeds the sand behind the head. If the acupuncture point is full of dragons and qi, it is expensive, such as the Sanfang water passing by Mingtang, and the Benshui mouth flowing out. This place is expensive.
Zishan Wuxiang Renshan Bingxiang
The Yinwu Beacon was in full swing, and the water flowed from the left to the right and went out to the Xin Fang.
Wushanzi to Bingshan Renxiang
The ugly gold bureau was in full swing, and the water flowed from the left to the right and exited on the hexagram. Suppose right to the left of the Ganhai side to stand Dingshan Guixiang.
Plain graveyard is close to water
Mountain graves are not close to the water
There is 3-5 meters of ground in front of the mountainous church.
The sweep of the water in the face would inevitably lead to a lack of princes in the family. The kiln is too high for the church, which is not good for the grave, bad for the host ’s family, and severely killed.

Spider pond