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The classic last words of eight celebrities in history, the first sentence is still my motivation

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The so-called is: the man is about to die, and his words are good. Let ’s talk about eight classic last words in history.
NO.8: Jing Jing—Wind and Xiaoxiao are prone to cold and water, and the strong men will never return them!
Jing Ye, a famous singer in the late Warring States Period, a famous assassin, Jing Ye went to assassinate the verse sung by Yi Shui while killing Qin King, and eventually died assassination.
NO.7: Liu Bei—Don't do small things for good, don't do small ones for evil.
Liu Bei, the founding emperor of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period, finally said this sentence when he was alone in Baidi City.
NO.6: Wu Zizheng—Wu Dongmen, Zouwuyan County, to watch Wu Yue enter and destroy Wu also!
Wu Zizhen, a doctor in the country in the late Spring and Autumn Period, had persuaded Wu Fufu to kill Gou repeatedly. In the end, the husband heard Dazaibo's words and let him commit suicide. Wu Zixuan said this to his guests before committing suicide.
NO.5: Tan Tongtong-I smiled to the sky from the horizontal knife, to keep the liver and gallbladder two Kunlun.
Tan Tongtong, a famous modern politician, thinker, and reformist in China, participated in leading the Reform Movement of 1898. He failed to say what he said in prison before being killed.
NO.4: Wen Tianxiang—Who hasn't died since ancient times, leaving his heart to shine.
Wen Tianxiang, a politician and writer in the late Song Dynasty, a patriotic poet, an anti-Yuan minister, and a national hero, was defeated and captured in Wupoling. He would rather die than surrender.
NO.3: Qu Yuan-the world is turbid, I am alone, everyone is drunk, I am alone.
Qu Yuan was a poet and politician of the Chu Kingdom during the Warring States Period. Xing surname, Qu's name, Ping, the original word. The nobles of the Chu ancestors, with a wealth of knowledge and ambitions, had great ambitions. After Qin Baiqi broke through the capital of Chu, Qu Yuan was indignant and angry.
NO.2: Xiang Yu-Li Bashan is so angry, it ’s unfavorable when it ’s unfavorable, but it ’s unfavorable! Politician Yu Xi
Xiang Yu, the overlord who contended for the world with Liu Bang, finally sent his grief to his lover under the circumstance of being embarrassed.
NO.1: Sun Wen—The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still have to work hard.
Sun Wen, the forerunner of the great democratic revolution in modern China, left his indelible feats in history in order to transform China's life, and also established a solid and precious heritage for politics and successors. The call in the last words is an absolute classic.