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The Art of Mud and Fire, "Between Ceramics-Exhibition of Fine Tibetan Ceramics in the Xiaoshan Museum" launched at Jiabo

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Source: Jiaxing Daily-Jiaxing Online

Ceramics are known as the art of mud and fire. On January 9th, the "Between Ceramics—Xiaoshan Museum Tibetan Ancient Ceramics Exhibition" jointly organized by the Jiaxing Museum and the Xiaoshan Museum opened in the Heyun Exhibition Hall on the second floor of the Jiaxing Museum and will continue until March 8.

Civilization is a unique achievement of human development, and cultural relics are the testimony of civilization. "Ceramics is one of the great inventions of the ancients. Since its appearance tens of thousands of years ago, it has been developing along with human development and formed a relatively complete development sequence, which is accompanied by human civilization." The relevant director of Jiaxing Museum Man told reporters.

Xiaoshan is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ancient ceramics. The ancient ceramics culture of Xiaoshan began with the cross-lake bridge culture that was discovered eight thousand years ago, and leapfrogged prehistoric, ancient Yue, and Han and Tang Dynasties. It has formed a brilliant historical chapter of Xiaoshan, and also filled the gap in the history of Chinese ceramics.

This exhibition selects 90 pieces of ancient ceramics from the Xiaoshan Museum, including printed pottery, primitive porcelain, celadon, etc. The four parts of ancient ceramics are described in the four sections of "Ancient Spring and Autumn", "Unification of the Two Hans", "Weijin Fenggu", and "Famous Buddhism in the Southern Dynasty". The development process involves all aspects of social life such as diet, art, funerals, and so on, and reflects the political and economic life, religious practices, and aesthetic tastes of all previous societies. (Photo courtesy of Jiaxing Museum)

Source: Reading News News Reporter: Huang Yi Correspondent: Xiao Zihao Editor: Xu Liping Editor: Qian Jixia

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