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Text "Gun Zhong Guan" Li Yapeng will "unfortunate" to the end 2009-07-02 14:01:38 Source: International Online Draft Editor: Dong Li
International Online News: (Reporter Fang Wen) From being anonymous to becoming popular, Li Yapeng said: "Although I am not famous overnight, I am still lucky. Every step I take, someone always helps me, basically every movie. The play's collaborators are all very good to me. "Indeed," Advancing Love to the End "made Li Yapeng a household name. The development of more than 10 years seems to be going smoothly. In fact, everyone in the circle knew that Li Yapeng's thorns along the way. Emotionally, from the initial emotional battle between Qu Ying and Zhou Xun to the ultimate penny love, it was a difficult journey. In the family, Faye Wong's miscarriage, her daughter's natural defects, and a major mental blow. In his career, from "The Swordsman" to "The Heroes of the Condor Heroes", he was scolded, and in the economic crisis, his business was unable to make ends meet and financial difficulties were encountered. In life, the cloud of the beating incident has not disappeared before, and the well-known "car accident door" is broken afterwards. It seems unfortunate that Li Yapeng is constantly "care". After a long silence, Li Yapeng has been looking for a breakthrough to return to the film industry. Finally, in the "Gun Zhong Guns" broadcast on 8 sets of CCTV gold files, Li Yapeng ushered in an unprecedented and important role of his own-Liu No. 1 male, a very tough metropolitan governor. Tackling tough guys. In order to make the look more vicissitudes, Li Yapeng also intentionally put on a beard. Li Yapeng said: "I have played too many roles in costumes and fashions before, and even used to be a so-called idol for young people. But when I went through marriage and became After my father, I hope that the role I will shape in the future will be more challenging and play more responsible characters. Liu Wu is a mature man with rich experience. After reading the script, I have an impulse to create. "According to the introduction, This is the first time Li Yapeng has appeared in a soldier. In his words, "I am satisfied with my performance.
In "Gun Zhong Guan", the metropolitan governor, who was very satisfied with his performance, experienced two feelings of sad ending. At the same time, in the face of the authority of the authorities, he has intensified his exploitation and even forced Liu Wuxin's wife, Ling Yun, to be his "woman secretary." At this time, Liu Wu lost his ability to compete from political status to military strength. Seeing nonsense, he couldn't make a difference, only to be angry. In the sound of "falling Yuan", he ended up suffering from qi depression and hate ... The misfortune in life has not yet disappeared. In the play, Li Yapeng's first major transformation once again carried out "unfortunate" to the end. Li Yapeng professes that he really likes Liu Wu's role, fully condensing this kind of maturity and emotion in his heart, it is also a bold attempt to complete the screen transformation. Despite having an "unfortunate" ending, Li Yapeng felt very worthwhile and satisfied with the content of the play and the entire shooting process. "Gun Zhong Guan" official website: http://space.tv.cctv.com/page/PAGE1244530454110807 Hot entertainment

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