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Female Translators at the Premier's Press Conference for 6 Consecutive Years

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Female Translators at the Premier's Press Conference for 6 Consecutive Years

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2016 National Two Sessions

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That youth, we happened to be Xiao Xiaojun's reason for abandoning Gao Qi to reveal whether Gao Qi was in jail.

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What qualifications do translation staff have?

Oral English Translation

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Beautiful scenery of the two sessions: female translators at previous sessions

Premier Ning Sun resembles Bai Yansong

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Press conference held by the National Two Sessions

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Translation sister Zhang Lei's family background reveals Zhang Lei's husband is the prime minister

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Professional Japanese translator

Category: English translation

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Translator Sun Ning sits in Xi Jinping and South Africa

Or was she the beauty interpreter at the Premier ’s press conference for 6 consecutive years?

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Female interpreters from two associations become popular in junior high school

Linhai Business Interpreter & Translator

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Zhang Lu, Premier Translator

Leader's personal translation : 70% of women are dignified in appearance

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Zhang Lu, director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' beautiful translation department

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Premier Zhang Lu became popular at the press conference

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