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Hubei three men detained with air gun "group" for shooting-Airsoft Guns

Updated: 2020-01-01 21:38:27 Editor-in-Chief: Airsoft Bar Source: gamervg.com

Three men in Hubei arrested for "grouping" with airsoft guns

I-brand air gun

Airsoft seized by Lishui County Public Security Bureau

Four truck drivers detained for eating wild birds in Yeye, carrying airsoft guns

Download drawings online, two men jailed for making airsoft guns

Airsoft shooting window glass bursts

The airsoft Liu Tao used to hit the sparrows

Seized airsoft guns and parts.

Air gun handed in by villagers in Zhao County.

First use a net to catch birds, and then want to use air guns to buy parts to assemble firearms fined

Shiquan man jailed for buying birds to buy parts and assembling airsoft online

Nanchang post-90s "gun enthusiasts" buy air guns online, road bird shooting guns arrested currently

Photos: The British sent air guns to Qianlong? The power was amazing but ignored

Sanhe police seized two air guns according to law

air gun

Yichang man buys high-pressure air gun for more than 20,000 yuan, controlled by police (picture)

Hubei Shiyan man seized airsoft guns for 25 years ago

The picture shows Xiao Bin's "made" air gun

Female nurse was injured by airsoft gun attack

Sniper rifle assault rifle

More than 30,000 poison darts seized in Xiangxiang

The picture shows the high-pressure air gun

Dumping station turned out modified airsoft

Gun lovers sentenced to 1 year and 6 months for collecting 8 airsoft guns

I- shaped air gun

Plastic tube diy air gun

Chinese team won 3 gold in Asian Airsoft Championship (Photos)

Yellowstone man buys parts and assembles air guns online

I-brand air gun

Hanzhong man jailed for buying and selling high-pressure air gun parts online

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