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National Football Decade's Qi Wusheng Era Reversed into Permanent Pain by Iran-Qi Wusheng

Update: 2019-12-26 11:20:54 Editor-in-Chief: Qi Wusheng Source of information: gamervg.com

Iran's ten-year-old Qi Wusheng era was reversed by Iran into permanent pain

Is Qi Wusheng a Party Member?

Looking back at why Qi Wusheng lost the last face of Yangcheng Guangyao player company

Photo- Qi Wusheng took the command to teach Tianjin TEDA team for the first time

Qi Wusheng bid farewell to the national football team who once drank eight Chinese medicines to enjoy life

Qi Wusheng

Qi Wusheng : pleased manatees strode forward

[Photos] China A Champion Dalian Albin Holds Award Ceremony

Photo-A Star Competition Sichuan 5-2 Qingdao Qi Wusheng Field Commander_

Qi Wusheng and Li Ming

71-year-old returns to the rivers and lakes, Qi Wusheng coaches Meizhou

Zeng Xuelin, Qi Hesheng, Xianghe Watching Party : finally wait until this day (Figure

33 players came to try out the new Manatee Qi Wusheng and Hao Haidong

Li Zhangye at the opening ceremony of 2014 China A appeared and chatted with Qi Wusheng

Photo: Chinese and German star entertaining dinner Qi Wusheng and Fan Zhiyi

It is interesting that Qi Wusheng, who obtained a tie after the game, stated publicly for the tie

Asian Youth Match: China Youth 0-3 South Korea Qi Wusheng comforts young players

Qi Wusheng talks about the national football: except morals, any criticism can be done_ 虎 扑 中

Qi Wusheng joins hands with Guangzhou Football to select Liu Kang as assistant coach

Elders: Jin Zhiyang & Qi Wusheng

Qi Wusheng suddenly announced his resignation

Asian Youth Saito: Chinese Youth 0-3 South Korea Qi Wusheng Watching the War

Photo-A star competition Guangzhou 5-0 victory over Qingdao Qi Wusheng appeared

Qi Wusheng will enter Tianjin TEDA and a large number of players follow the teacher to break into Tianjin

Photo- [A star game] Guangzhou 2-0 Sichuan Qi Wusheng accepted by the field

Photo: Bayi 2-1 victory over Yunnan Qi Wusheng ended AA coach with defeat

Lost to Holden Qi Wusheng is not angry that the two former national coaches cherish each other_

Photo: Guangyao 2-1 at home to capture Jiangsu Qi Wusheng sideline watching _Guo

Four generations of star collision: Qi Wusheng's father and son went to battle

Tu Shuai's overseas history: Qi Wusheng coached the Somali national team

Photo: [Star Game] 97 National Football VS 95 National Security Qi Wusheng smiled

Photo-Funeral of veteran Mark Qi Wusheng Chi Shangbin bowing

Wen-YOYO physical examination opens the Red Tower team coach Qi Wusheng in Hailiao

France coach is similar to Qi Wusheng

Photo: Super League opening match Tianjin 0-0 Chongqing Qi Wusheng looks serious

The Evergrande International Supervision Team heads to South Korea

Qi Wusheng : Chinese football is too impetuous, the Football Association must know how to accumulate_ 虎 扑

Hongta 0-2 Qingdao Qi Wusheng announces resignation of Hongta team head coach

Qi Wusheng touted Han to Zhou Ting's unreserved praise (picture) _

Qi Wusheng

Former 71-year-old national team coach Qi Wusheng returns to coach Jiang Zhonghu

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Team wins the championship away (picture)

Tired of mind and body, Tianjin TEDA team coach Qi Wusheng returned to Beijing to rest

Wang Junsheng and Qi Wusheng have come to Jinan

Qi Wusheng : Only a fool went to take the national football

Hongta army frustrated and left for the mountain city

Slideshow: Weidi stands to help the national youth Ali Han Qiwusheng appear

Qi Wusheng : Spain wins the championship, hopes the largest Chinese super foreign aid or help

Qi Wusheng : Combat style and psychology are indispensable like men

Record: Qi Wusheng commented on Dutch football's historical traditions to help its victory

Hahn Red Tower Base trains Guo Ao and Qi Wusheng to exchange experiences (graphics

Guangyao's mad practice shooting disciple was selected for the national team Qi Wusheng praised

Tu Shuai's history of studying abroad: Qi Wusheng leads African powerhouse to become famous in Japan

PP sports interview with former national football coach Qi Wusheng , face to face for the first time in 20 years

Qi Wusheng once coached the Somali national team

[Xiaozhu on the road] Where has the Chinese team gone in the World Cup

Photo-Guangzhou 5-1 home victory over Shanxi

Based on colleges, Qi Wusheng guides cheer for M Super!

Qi Wusheng

Slide show: National Youth and Qinhuangdao preparations for the four-country match Qi Wusheng appeared on the training ground

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