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Photo: Song Lixin, President of Yingcai Magazine, gives an opening speech_Conference Lecture-Opening Speech

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Photo: Song Lixin, president of Yingcai Magazine, gives an opening speech_Conference Lecture

Shandong Anti-Japanese Base History Photo Exhibition Opens in Beijing

Opening speech for the year-end summary conference

Live pictures of the opening ceremony of the 2nd Zunyi Games

The World Toilet Work Conference is held to promote the upgrading of the toilet industry.

Opening speech by Governor Haopeng

Leading Opening Speech by Leader of 2012 Door, Window, Curtain Wall Expo

Grand Opening of Beijing International Villa Furnishing Fair

Opening Speech by Mei Jianping, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

It's fashionable to run like this

Cloud Vehicle Changchun Auto Expo 0 down payment car purchase reinstall

Youth surging, dreaming about humanities: Guizhou National People ’s University

Three sets of car home textiles autumn and winter new product conference ends

2017 (Second) China Innovation Forum Held in Beijing

The 6th Hutai Neighbourhood Festival kicks off

National Day feelings: 69 years ago, how did they negotiate to establish a nation?

Village Party Secretary's Reunion Dinner-Beautiful Country · Maershan Rejoices

The First High-end Summit of Salt Chemical Industry in Western China and Gaotai County

The same brand and the same book, expressing the feelings of the people-2014 South Central China

The Second National Symposium on New Technologies for Lead Storage Batteries Held in Changxing

Quancheng Technology Forum-Advances in precision tumor treatment in Jinan.-

Liling County's Fifth Tiger Creek Education Forum Opens (Photo)

Sino-US Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Forum Held in Philadelphia

Secretary-General Bai Qiancheng delivers opening speech for Golden Microphone Forum (pictured)

2016 China Cup International Fashion Design Contest successfully concluded

Shimadzu's new spectrum and application solutions appear at the National Spectrum Conference

Northern Mainland Huiyi's Entrepreneurial Craze in His Life (4)

The 2nd Research on Credit Construction and Application of Achievements in China's Information and Communication Industry

Fan Boyuan delivered an opening speech at the Beijing International Forum on Educational Development_Search

Changzhou Primary School

Luo Zhongmin, Chairman of the Forum, Opening Speech

The 5th Yuman Cheers Longling Huanglong Jade Carving Competition was successfully held

Hengxian Yunbiao is so hot! Lion dance, bamboo pole dancing, singing folk songs, catching by hand

Yongfu Temple in Hangzhou Holds 2013 Blessing New Year Concert

Dalai Lama. Tenzin Jiaj Opening Speech April 23, 1956 Tibet since

The 4th Digital Lab Construction and Application Seminar was successfully concluded

Opening speech by Mr. Zheng Guozhen, President

Chery Chery 12th Service Skills Competition

New Silk Road North American Model Contest Finals-Host presents opening speech (Figure

Promote youth and joy, sunshine builds dreams and strong physique--the fourth session of our hospital

China's largest oil painting and sketching base settled in Chongming

Opening Ceremony of Theme Creation of Chinese Art Works for the 40th Anniversary of the Revolution

Jingcai News | 2017 Changbai Mountain Academic Forum at Changchun University of Science and Technology

Hengshui Middle School's May Blooming Poetry Recital Successfully Held

Warm congratulations to the successful completion of the 2016 Guangdong Wanshang Launch Conference

Mrs. Le debuts with original flavor

Aohan Banner Square Dance Competition

Relief Medical Support 2016 Spine and Spinal Cord Health Plan Touring Stone

Opening Address for Children's Day

Li Qingxuan's Personal Ink Painting Exhibition Held in Beijing

Beautiful! Bright! Great pictures of Dunhua Ice and Snow Festival

Cadillac ATS-L

Cao Tianwei, founder of "Mother and Baby Business", delivered the opening speech

The 3rd Heilongjiang · Daxinganling Tahe Meicheng Cup Forest

Beijing Wenxiang assisted in informatization leadership training course exclusive recording

Opening of Sun Anmin's Cabbage Painting

Beijing Shenghua Honglin participated in the innovation-driven development of China's Taishan grain and oil industry

Tongling Civilization Network: Tongling Community School Joins Hands with Chess and Children

New Energy and Renewable Energy Research, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011

The 6th Shanghai International Brand Stairs and Accessories Exhibition was successfully held

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