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Guangxi Government Procurement Reform Makes Practical Moves to Improve Quality and Efficiency

HD Atlas: Discover New Guangxi

(4) Guangxi : Poetic and picturesque landscapes [48]

Industrial integration develops and expands Guangxi forest tourism to increase employment opportunities for farmers

Discover New Guangxi

Guangxi Shanglin Pastoral Landscape and Golden Autumn

Mega town with a population of 100,000 will be upgraded to a city! Which towns in Guangxi have the opportunity to upgrade?

Shanglin, Guangxi : Golden Autumn in Pastoral Landscapes

This is the rice field of Chengtuan Town, Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi , aerial photographed on October 31.

Guangxi issues frost blue alert

Guangxi made every effort to properly and timely dispose of the hot-air balloon burning crash

The first day of the Lunar Year of the Monkey in Dahua, Guangxi

My self-driving fun in Guangxi [Picture]

HD Atlas: Discovery of New Guangxi (10/152)

"2006 Beijing · Guangxi Culture Boat" Picking up the Sea: The Hometown of Hydrangea-Jiuzhou Scenery

Guangxi Daily

There is a small three-story building in Guangxi that has been the "South Korean capital" for 180 days

Shanglin, Guangxi : Rural road network construction helps poverty alleviation

Landscape in Guangxi (1)

Amazing Guangxi ——Campus articles · Nanning Night

Guangxi's poverty alleviation work should be carried out

The drunk Jingna Expressway is known as the most beautiful highway in Guangxi .

Focus map on December 17: 3 highways in Guangxi open to traffic (2/20)

Guangxi Rong'an Dragon Boat Race

The cleanest city in Guangxi , with a population of more than 4 million, and the province's economic strength first

Guilin, Guangxi : Osprey show attracts tourists

Guangxi : "People Welcome Spring" Cultural Activities Let Happy Songs and Dances Enter Villages and Towns

This one runs from Guilin, Guangxi to Sanjiang Expressway (referred to as the Guisan Expressway), but is known as the Guangxi minority

On December 27, 2013, tourists visited Wuyang River Ecotourism in Xiaochang'an Town, Luocheng Gelao Autonomous County, Guangxi.

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