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The leader of the winery considered that the old man was too old to carry, so he sent a car and a factory doctor to send the old man back to Beijing.-Factory doctor

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The leader of the winery considered that the old man was too old to carry, so he sent a car and a factory doctor to send the old man back to Beijing.

[Original] Serialization: I was a factory doctor in Minato in those years (2)

After the accident, the armed forces of Hudong Shipyard, the fire brigade and the plant doctor arrived at the scene as soon as possible.


Purgatory Angola (5)

Resume of Shenzhen Factory Medical Talent

The Daicheng factory in the movie, television, music, and entertainment review of the character `` Juvenile Babylon '', integrated


After retiring, Li Guowei still did not forget the original intention of studying medicine and became a factory doctor in a brick and tile factory .

"The old factory doctor does not guarantee another prison doctor who is behind the scenes this year, before being arrested

Food factory doctor yao factory work hat dust cap anti-static shawl cap clean cap anti-static hat

The doctor in the factory told me: why did you come to see the patient at a temperature of 40.5 degrees?

Factory doctor Chen Wendan: "caring doctor" for migrant workers

[Online Media Transformation] Factory Doctor Zhou Bingxue: Stands for 30 years in rural medical and health work

Memorabilia of the Cross Lake Bridge Site in the early 1960s

"Babylon" Kills Li Meng in "The Most Beautiful Factory Doctor "

Lu Xiaolu (Dong Zijian) factory provocation, changing bulbs


Later, lover Liu Hongbo also returned to his hometown from the factory doctor and served as a doctor in the Qingshan Community Health Center.

Most afraid of being lonelyIn 1994, inspired by the "family doctor system" abroad, a 40-year-old factory

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In 1997, a dad was laid off.He was a factory doctor (formerly an outpatient doctor in a county).

In the play, the new generation of powerful actress Yan Na, who starred in the factory doctor Shen Yunxia, showed great color in the play and became very popular

In the 3 years since the implementation of the long-term medical care insurance, about 40,000 disabled and semi-disabled elderly people have received care

Factory doctors' regular on-site service evaluation every month

Wang Zhiyi was originally a factory doctor


Chen Jinbao, who graduated from the Commercial Accounting School in 1965, later went on to work as a salesperson and factory doctor .

In 1981, he was selected by the county machine brick factory to be a doctor in the infirmary with excellent medical technology.In 1986, he

Photo: Love of "Motorian"

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