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From left: Sampo Denzengdhondup, Kaimo Sonamwangdui, Apei-Kaimo Sonamwangdui

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From left: Sampo Tenzindenju , Kaimo Sonamwangdui , Apei

Kaimo Sonamwangdui

Sonam Wangdui 's Weibo

The brother generals of the founding generals, one is the founding general, one

Messenger of Tibet Peace

Ordinary people, I do n’t tell him! Founding generals of ethnic minorities in New China

Founding general of ethnic minorities, fighting for prosperity

Kaimo Sonamwangdui

Li Fa_Kaimo Sonamwangdui_Li Fa was assassinated

Who are the founding generals who are ethnic minorities?

Founding major general, defection abroad, nephew founding general, or deputy leader

Li Fa_Kaimo Sonamwangdui_Li Fa was assassinated

[Reproduced] + brothers, brothers, uncles, nephews in the founding generals

In 1955, he was named the founding general of Tibet: two lieutenant generals, two major generals, one

In 1955, he was named the founding general of Tibet: two lieutenant generals, two major generals, one

The founding major general who has never worn a military uniform, and after exile in India, he still drives

Tibet came out of 4 founding generals, 2 lieutenant generals, 2 major generals, of which 1 lieutenant general

Brothers in our founding generals

When New China was first awarded titles, those found in the founding generals had relatives.

Founding general of ethnic origin

Zhang Jingwu and Tibet's liberation cause-Participate in peace talks to persuade Dalai

The 67th Anniversary of Tibet's Peaceful Liberation

Is there a secret for the peaceful liberation of Tibet?

Sign 17 agreements

Tibet History

Kemso Anwandui Statue

The entrepreneurial epic of the snowy plateau pays tribute to these Hunan old Tibet!

History! Since the 18th Army entered Tibet, there have been more than 6,000 officers in the Tibet Military Region

Third group signs agreement on peaceful liberation of Tibet

4.The chief authority of the peace negotiation delegation sent by the Tibetan local government

Yoshiko marries his mother-in-law and is happy for a hundred years

New China Achievement Archives: Tibet's Peaceful Liberation

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