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Looking at Paulinho in Evergrande's desperation, his bull is first and foremost in stability | Super League-Sina Sports News-Sina.com-Paulinho

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In Evergrande's desperation, Paulinho's bull is first and foremost in stability.

Paulinho unveiled on Thursday to miss Barcelona's Bernabeu against Real Madrid

Wallpaper Show: Paulinho

Paulinho: take the initiative to return and hope to bring more championships to Evergrande!

Shanghai media: Evergrande recalls Paulinho to do subtraction

Paulinho's conquest of Barcelona shows that Evergrande's training intensity can stand the test

Paulinho Super League first star? Fans believe it! But these three Brazilians are not convinced

Spanish agent commented on Barcelona's purchase of Paulinho: a win-win business was defeated by it

What to do if Evergrande spends 100 million Euros to buy Paulinho Nataleska? Plus 60 million Euros to buy out!

How Paulinho cheated Spurs fans see Paulinho 40 million euros to Barcelona

2 hours and 3 hours, Evergrande will buy out Paulinho for 50 million, and Luneng will attract attention

Kneeling! Paulinho crushed Barcelona to kill a bloody road-spain news

Western media: Evergrande confirms buyout of Paulinho, total price of 100 million euros, annual salary of 14 million

Shanghai Gang to Brazil: Paulinho is excellent

Paulinho Super League first star? Fans believe it! But these three Brazilians are not convinced

Paulinho demonstrates "chicken peck rice" to Taliska, Tianjin Quanjian loses "three souls and seven souls"

20 million euros, Paulinho equals the highest personal value in history-Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao | Corinthian | Tottenham Hotspur | Barcelona | Paulinho |

Guangzhou Evergrande's gains before the war benefit Paulinho will become the biggest killer

Polynio is about to be bought out by Evergrande

Scolari: Difficult to find Paulinho's successor

Evergrande's new poster released! C-position at Polynio highlights its core role, Gorrat retires in third place

Argentina only needs one Paulinho! _Football_Oriental Sports News

Super League glory! Paulinho selected as World Cup best lineup partner Magic Flute

Special comment! Paulinho transfers to Barcelona, opening the Super League player transfer to the world's top clubs first!

Paulinho transfers to Barcelona to miss Evergrande's fourth consecutive championship, overshadowed

Forget the credit of the Super League? Brazil coach: Paulinho progresses because of joining Barcelona-Sports News

World Preliminaries Paulinho breaks Brazil 3-0 to send Chile out-football news

Barcelona's ugly victory, Paulinho should not start-Football News

Paulinho seduces Evergrande to seduce Evergrande

Guoan Shenfeng aspires to "Polinho-style" to leave! _Football_East Sports News

Paulinho's starting Barcelona was tied by underdogs-football news

Paulinho's New Ideas in China's Super League Recruitment with Epoch-making Significance |

Paulinho arrives in Guangzhou to undergo a medical examination

Zheng Zhi blesses Paulinho for good luck: but it will affect Evergrande

Evergrande Investigates Polyneo Advertising Criticism, Criticism + Resolute Boycott

Cantonese media: Paulinho = Super League Yaya Toure comes to Guangzhou on July 2

Leaving Evergrande? Paulinho says no: I am happy in China

Paulinho : I am the most handsome of Evergrande, and the largest meal is Mei Fang_ 虎

Paulinho : Not going! Hengda is very happy. Dunga must follow me.

[Scout] Paulinho becomes Zheng Zhi's substitute, he kicks and cry in Spain

Paulinho : returning to the national team for good performance I am worthy of trust

Evergrande score: Paulinho's only bright spot

Paulinho : The two foreign aid of each other are very good and confident to win Asia

Paulinho unveiled at Barcelona! Signed 4 years to wear a magic number, sent to join

Barbara and Paulinho

[Focus] New standard king! Brazilian international Paulinho joins record

Polynio has a dragon and phoenix-Southern Metropolis Daily

Paulinho : disappointed away from the lineup, but never thought of leaving Tottenham

Paulinho teamed up with Zheng Zhi to form Asia's strongest midfielder

Evergrande closes to signing Paulinho for 20 million euros

Almighty God of War! Paulinho's 4 superstars possess the super-king King Chengba

Paulinho | Commercial Illustrations | Illustrations | No Clocks-Original Design

Paulinho destination country Chelsea?

Barcelona legend: Paulinho's strength is good, joining Barcelona is a win-win situation

Evergrande announced today that Paulinho has joined Sissy

Paulinho lives up to the title of the nemesis nemesis

Revealed: why the Super League will stare at Messi Gorat

Wu Xi's real worth! 6.05 million sold 90 million, he is comparable to violent birds

Paulinho transfers to epoch-making significance

Evergrande officially announces that Paulinho has signed a four-year transfer fee of 140

Paulinho replaces Alan after signing up for AFC Champions League

Paulinho will force Sri Lankan handsome to change to Evergrande or now luxury bench

Exposure that Paulinho joined Evergrande and was only signed by Rene or was first cleared

Paulinho 's debut unaffected by jet lag

Foreign netizens dig graves: Paulinho has insulted Barcelona on Twitter?

6 goals! Paulinho > Cristiano Ronaldo + Bel Barcelona coach: Super League worth

Evergrande 1-0 Kashima gets advancement, Paulinho scores the winning goal

Cantonese media: Paulinho failed in Premier League performance

Japanese media praise Paulinho for Evergrande's victory over Barcelona

Will Evergrande complete the Barcelona dream of Paulinho ?

Violent bird Paulinho joins Guangzhou Evergrande and is not overpriced

Long shots make up for a chest hit! Uruguay can't help Paulinho

Soviet media praises Paulinho AFC performance: is 14 million euros still expensive?

Mingxuan Xuan Rivaldo welcomes Paulinho -Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao

Wear No. 15, Paulinho is Barcelona's eighth man-Barcelona | Poly

Congratulations on Polynio video: Congratulations to Evergrande for seven consecutive championships

Paulinho promises to say goodbye to Guangzhou in the future

Paulinho joins Evergrande

Evergrande prepares for training, Paulinho jokes with the generals

Brazilian international Paulinho joins Evergrande transfer fee 14 million euros

Understanding the Super League's first Super League MVP: Paulinho -Football Tips

Maca: Paulinho on Ancelotti's signing list, Real Madrid wish

Domestic and foreign aid to eat hot pot Martinez, Gorat, Paulinho ,

Barcelona fans worship Paulinho : Pauli the Great!

The crashed Pakistani team was expected to cooperate with Guangdong football

Shanghai women's football will be praised, give Mercedes-Benz business from Paulinho , see Shira

Football Association issues statement on Paulinho event: players should take care of themselves

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