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Human performance represented by a pen-representative

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Human performance represented by pen

Paper-cut, paper-cut represents a person. Two large and one smaller, family.

Red represents internet mail and email communication

Businessman on chart representing success and growth

Sales representative sales or business vocabulary

Uncertainty and decision making represented by symbols

(Picture: Chinese delegation with the chairman of the UN Climate Conference exhibition)

Lose Dice Representing Loss Overcoming Failure

Group photo of representatives from overseas cooperation organizations

Pictures of the Communist Youth League Congress

Icon plate represents swimming

Black and white shapes represent people on white background

Balance stone represents inner balance and peace

Various pictures represent online customer service

Representatives of foreign teachers, winners of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Representative card picture

Director, manual worker, simple, bank teller, chief financial officer, customer, icon, customer service representative

Supervisor representative , Associate Professor Wang Haiyan from the School of Mechanical Engineering and graduate student representative Yunhua Cheng also

Our company presented the “Belt and Road” national custom version custom shoes to the Greek Marathon delegation

Luo Fuhe, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, visited the staff of the Embassy in Togo and representatives of Chinese-funded institutions

Group photo of leaders, experts and representatives

On March 15, the third meeting of the Twelfth National People 's Congress was closed in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Vote for deputies

Blue represents internet mail and email communication

Comrade Wen Hongmei, the deputy head of the county, presented awards to the representatives of the "Four Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee of Huaiji County"

Zheng Yan (second from right), general manager of the brand communication department of Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., took the stage on behalf of the company

Group photo of 2015 (company) insurance good news representatives

Representative Liang Guoxin from Taipei Representative Office in Singapore encourages travel stars to support the "Magnolia Girl" musical

Our school representatives attended the 11th National Haccp Application and Certification Symposium

Party Secretary Chen Yongzheng, Deputy Secretary Chen Shaoping and representatives of participating teachers and students took a photo with Li Lianfu

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