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China, how can these bastards be better?

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On February 11, 2016, American researchers announced that they used lasers to interfere with gravitational waves, and the observatory detected the existence of gravitational waves, confirming Einstein's prediction 100 years ago.

The discovery of gravitational waves in the United States shocked the world, and Hawking said that this could trigger a revolution in astronomy. However, soon, netizens broke the news: a laid-off worker in China discovered gravitational waves as early as five years ago, and also participated in the most popular variety show at the time, "You Must Be", but it was unfortunately regarded as The jokes of some so-called experts and scholars.

The host's disdain, the so-called ridicule of the scientist, the ridicule and pity of the celebrity, and even interrupted the speech of the laid-off worker who surnamed Guo several times, so that we can more truly see the quality and face of these people.

When you do n’t understand, please do n’t laugh at yourself, everyone ’s dreams should be respected!

Little Tea Boy was so degraded for Mr. Guo's half-life effort, feeling deeply helpless and distressed!

Those who laugh at others' dreams are always the most ignorant!

Interrupting other people's speech several times is even more revealing!

Papa's face was hit! !! !!

JD Reading

It turns out that Guo Lao's gravitational waves really exist. I wonder if those HD will be ashamed after seeing it? ? ?

A folk physicist, physics is his hobbies and interests. Although a junior high school degree, what can it show?

I remember after I graduated, I worked in a farm of a township enterprise and met my master. An old man nearly seventy years old.

He said that he did not finish junior high school, but through his own studies, he has made a great contribution to the improvement of indigenous sheep in Inner Mongolia, which has a certificate issued by the Mongolian Autonomous Region Government. Later, in the layered hen farming, feed formulation has achieved remarkable achievements.

Although Master retired, many doctors and masters entered their home animal husbandry bases, but they could not break through Master ’s feed formula. In order to motivate these talented students in the city, the reward plan was: Who can change the master's feed formula does not affect the laying hen's egg production rate, and you can get a reward of 100,000 yuan in the city for three months.

But today, I have never heard of anyone getting this bonus.

Master did n’t have any academic qualifications and did n’t even finish junior high school. It can be said that even a junior high school diploma is not counted, but the results developed by such a person make it difficult for future generations to surpass. What's more, Mr. Guo Shusen, I don't understand his research, but I don't dare to laugh at it because I don't understand, but I'm not ignorant .

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