hg666288.com [Recruitment] Children of stars, colorful world.

[Recruitment] Children of stars, colorful world.

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Twinkling, twinkling Jingjing, the sky is full of little stars.

When I was a kid, I love counting stars.

Although the stars are not always seen now.

However, there are a group of children with stars, they sparkle in their own world!

They have bright eyes, but they refuse to look at them with normal hearing, they turn a deaf ear to the calls of their loved ones, they can speak normally, they do not communicate with others or they are considered mentally handicapped, but they are often superior in some areas. They are in society. They are called "Autumn Angels with" Autism ". They are always called" Children of the Stars ". They always live in their own world and shine alone.

5 minutes to show you the world of "Children of the Stars"

Caring starts with understanding

Everyone in the world is special

Autistic children are like little princes in fairy tales

One person, one world, flashing alone

Fate is a magical thing that will make such a group of like-minded people meet at the same time and in the same place.

Then if you take the initiative, you will have a story with "Children of the Stars"

On April 2nd, "World Autism Day" asks you to light up the blue light, pass on love, warm and lonely, let us use one true heart to influence the other.

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Taking this opportunity, the Lucheng Disabled Persons' Federation and Wenzhou Lippo Bank organized a car team,

Responsible for picking up "Children of the Stars" to participate in the activity on the afternoon of April 1st

The road to public welfare

I can, because you go

Give the "star" children a little more color

On April 1st, the town of Mendodu,

BMW Love Team, waiting for you to join!

Wenzhou Libaoxing Love Registration Hotline: 28777333


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