hg33567.com The kindergarten has such a headmaster, the school will surely lead

The kindergarten has such a headmaster, the school will surely lead

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A good principal should do: ① the construction and cohesion of the entire team ② the progress and control of the performance of the entire park ③ the customer satisfaction of the entire park ④ responsible for the implementation of the ideas of a good boss

(1)晨会原则:回顾昨日,布置当天的任务,激励员工士气;给方法,调整员工状态; (2)晨会内容:目标设定、昨天工作回顾、今日工作安排、学习核心教育知识、交流沟通技巧; (3)成功的晨会:多多的表扬与鼓励,园长的作用是帮助员工如何招生和沟通,员工遇到问题我们的任务是帮助他解决问题,解决员工的问题就是解决班级的问题; (4)晨会是每天的小培训,提高员工业绩的能力,解决他们遇到的问题; (5)执行力:令结果发生才叫真正的执行力; (6)开完晨会后开“时段跟进会”,目的:追客户、追目标;方法:会后要给员工方法; (7)给员工分工。 “How to hold a morning meeting” of the director ’s duties (1) Principles of the morning meeting: reviewing yesterday, setting tasks for the day, motivating staff morale; giving methods, adjusting employee status; (2) morning meeting content: setting goals, working yesterday Review, work arrangement today, learn core education knowledge, communication and communication skills; (3) Successful morning meeting: a lot of praise and encouragement, the role of the principal is to help employees recruit and communicate, our staff is to help He solves problems and solves the problems of employees is to solve the problems of the class; (4) The morning meeting is a small daily training to improve the ability of employees' performance and solve the problems they encounter; (5) Executing power: the result is called true (6) After the morning meeting, a “time-track follow-up meeting” is held, the purpose is to chase customers and targets; methods: give methods to employees after the meeting; (7) division of labor among employees. Assign different tasks (team leader) to make each employee feel important;

(8) The morning party is to arrange tasks, give methods, and encourage; the evening party is to summarize and review the measures.

"Team Communication" Sharing the Principal's Duties

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(1) In a team, each person's personality is related to their growth experience and environment; for personal considerations-communication, it turned out to be family difficulties-understanding; being unconfident-communication, parental criticism education-understanding; (2) ) When the employee does not listen to your guidance, opinions or suggestions, it is because the two sides have not established trust, and each other ’s heart is not open. Let the employee accept your suggestion, please let the employee accept your person first; Because the direct supervisor is the responsibility of the principal; (4) Careless management and loss of an employee; Careful management and retention of an employee; (5) If the principal is unqualified, it means that it is indicated to other people in the company that this It is our standard of employment, so we do not tolerate unqualified store managers; the principal is the person in charge and leader of the kindergarten, and the head of a garden!

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