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Do you know how to whiten?

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The girls have always said that they want to whiten. This is indeed an eternal topic, but what do you know is true whitening?

New skin whitening standard

Since the development of the times, everyone's understanding of "whitening" has also risen to a new level. 立体的白 ,不是五六十年代的那种死白、灰白。 "Whitening" means that "white" must be "beautiful". The real whitening is three-dimensional white , not the dead white and gray as in the 1950s and 1960s. 光透亮白 白皙无暇 Specifically, "whitening" skin needs to be white and red, fine in texture, uniform in skin tone, translucent and shiny, no yellow gas, no stains or inconspicuous spots, and light and white from the inside out No time . So, is your skin white enough?

Skin whitening self-test

  Is your face as white as the inside of your arm?

  Is your cheekbones, mouth corners, eye sockets darker?

  How many sunburns and stains on your face?

  Does your skin feel translucent?


  The inner part of the arm is less susceptible to UV rays. Although we cannot be as white as Europeans because of ethnic problems, it is still very promising to reach the inner side of our arms.

颧骨、嘴角、眼窝肤色通常较深,导致脸部肤色不均匀,让肌肤看起来脏脏的。 • The cheekbones, corners of the mouth, and eye sockets are usually darker in color, causing uneven skin tone on the face and making the skin look dirty. In fact, as long as the skin tone is uniform, the senses will also be fairer.

晒斑、色斑也是影响整体美白度的重要因素。 Sunburn and pigmentation are also important factors affecting the overall whiteness.

皮肤通透就能折射更多光线,看起来肌肤就会光彩照人、更加白嫩,也能在视觉上提升美白度。 Translucent skin can refract more light, and it looks like the skin will be more radiant, whiter and tenderer, and it can also improve the whiteness visually.

In summary, is your skin white enough? Then why is the skin not white?

The root cause of insufficient skin whitening

Root cause 1. Melanin

More melanin will cause the overall skin tone to look less fair. 黑色素细胞 生成并储存,黑色素含量的多少决定了肤色的深浅。 Melanin is produced and stored by a special kind of cell, melanin cells . The amount of melanin determines the depth of skin tone. The reasons that affect the amount of melanin can be divided into:

先天因素——遗传特点。 Congenital factors-genetic characteristics.

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  Acquired factor-UV damage. According to different wavelengths, ultraviolet rays are divided into long-wave UVA, medium-long wave UVB, and short-wave UVC. Among them, long-wave UVA has the most damage to the skin, medium-long-wave UVB is the second, and short-wave UVC has the least damage. So sun protection is important.

Root cause 2. Yellowing, dullness, pigmentation

  Yellowing due to aging and skin aging;

不良生活方式会导致人体健康和营养状况不佳,从而造成肌肤的黯淡粗糙; Poor lifestyles can lead to poor human health and nutritional conditions, which can lead to dull and rough skin;

  Causes of inflammation, such as acne, can also cause pigmentation.

The above problems are mainly manifested by the lack of translucency, yellowing, and pigmentation of acne marks, which will cause the skin to appear insufficiently translucent and bright. The pigment incubation period appears very early. Before it gets our attention, skin damage already exists and continues to accumulate, and eventually various problems such as skin pigmentation and dullness will occur.

So if we protect early and do whitening work, it is possible to keep the skin bright and translucent for longer and better.

Eight whitening tips


,维生素c服用办法:每天约100毫克,多吃无益。 Intake more vitamin C 14 days before the trip , vitamin C taking method: about 100 mg per day, eat more is not beneficial. It is best to eat it after breakfast or lunch! Everyone knows that fruits are "golden in the morning and silver in the middle of the day." The same is true for VC, especially some VC products extracted from natural fruits. It is better to eat them at breakfast or lunch.


经常在外活动,即使打着伞肌肤也会因炙烤发红发热,最后慢慢变黑。 Appropriate cooling of the skin can prevent tanning and often go out. Even if you are holding an umbrella, your skin will become red and hot due to burning, and it will gradually turn black. Because excessive thermal stimulation can cause melanin to get out of control, you should avoid prolonged "exposure" when you go out, and wash your face and cool in time when cooking in a hot kitchen. It's great to carry a moisturizing spray with you!


研究表明,女性荷尔蒙失调会导致色素沉淀,使皮肤看起来暗沉发黑。 Pleasant fragrances can also whiten , and research has shown that estrogen imbalance can cause pigmentation and make skin look dull and dark. As long as you smell the scent you like, you can regulate the secretion of hormones, especially the essential oils of celery and fennel, which can help the body and stimulate the secretion of female hormones, thereby reducing the chance of darkening and darkening the skin. As long as it is your favorite scent, simply spraying your favorite perfume can also make your mood beautiful!


西红柿生吃好还是煮熟了吃好?如果只论美白效果,当然是煮熟了好。 Eating more tomatoes can promote whitening . Is it better to eat tomatoes raw or cooked? If only the whitening effect is discussed, it is of course cooked. Boiled tomatoes are damaged by high temperatures and increase the release of highly effective antioxidants such as lycopene. When cooking, vegetable oils are often used. These oils can also help the dissolution of fat-soluble antioxidants such as lycopene, which is more easily absorbed by the human body and fully exerts its antioxidant effect. Daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene can reduce the risk factor of sunburn by 40%.


柠檬水美白广为流传,但最好别在早上喝,因为柠檬中含有光敏性成分“补骨脂素”,摄入体内后,皮肤会对紫外线更敏感,不过这个成分会在几小时后消失,所以还是晚上喝比较好。 Do n’t drink lemonade in the morning . Lemonade is widely used for whitening, but it ’s best not to drink it in the morning, because lemon contains the photoactive component “Psoralen”. The skin will be more sensitive to ultraviolet rays when ingested. But this The ingredients will disappear after a few hours, so it is better to drink at night.


当我们身体劳累或生病时,肤色会看起来很差,这就是炎症引起的。 Micro-inflammation is the dull killer . When our bodies are tired or sick, our skin tone will look poor, which is caused by inflammation. Skin irritation can cause slight inflammation, especially when tired and sick. When the skin is slightly inflamed, the skin's melanin is abnormally active, which makes the complexion dull. Therefore, maintaining a healthy body and a happy mood is also important.


有没有这样的感觉?午睡醒来后皮肤特别好,但中午和下午的时候,肤色特别暗沉。 The skin color changes during the day . Is there such a feeling? After waking up, the skin is particularly good, but at noon and afternoon, the skin tone is particularly dull. This is because the skin's blood flow speed is different at different periods, so the skin tone is also different. You can use a hot towel to steam your face in the morning to awaken your skin. In the afternoon, you can use a moisturizing spray to cool and soothe your skin, leaving your skin radiant all day long.


美白保养24小时不能间断,但最佳修复时间还是晚上,尤其是晚间10点到凌晨2点,这时候肌肤恢复力最佳。 Night is the best time for whitening repair . The whitening maintenance can not be interrupted for 24 hours, but the best time to repair is in the evening, especially from 10pm to 2am. At this time, skin recovery is best. It should be sleeping. Choose a whitening night cream before bedtime, and constantly add whitening ingredients, so that the melanin in the skin obeys normal metabolism.

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