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You ca n’t support me for a lifetime, why I ’ve been so accustomed to me since I was young

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There was a news on TV the other day: a mother raised her son with painstaking efforts, and her son got a job soon after graduating from college.

However, he resigned every less than a month, always complaining about heavy work tasks. He had to get up early in the morning and work overtime at night. It was too hard and too tired to bear.

For two years, his son has been comfortable at home, either playing games online or spending a small amount of money with his mother to spend time in society.

Regarding his mother's accusations, he eloquently said, "If you can't support me for a lifetime, why are you so used to me since childhood?"

After this program was broadcast, many parents were lost in their thoughts. Is there any potential crisis in their home?

When we were young, the old people told us: "Small losses do not eat big losses, and small sufferings do not eat big sufferings."

That is to say, it is a good thing for children to suffer a little bit and encounter some difficulties when they are young. If we are afraid of children suffering, and take on children's responsibilities, although we can avoid the children's crying and entanglement, but deprive children of opportunities to develop good character and develop self-ability, this is a great harm.

We always say that children today are not sensible, but we don't know it is because we protect them so well that they are not sensible. If you want your children to be considerate of others for the sake of others, you should let your children suffer a little bit from an early age, let them know the sufferings of the world, and cherish and understand.

Most of today's children are very smart, but most of them fail in the end because of their lack of willpower and the spirit of perseverance.

Childhood and adolescence are the basic stages of life. Parents consciously create some conditions and carry out hardship education for their children. It is very important and necessary.

"Suffering" is a mental capacity.

How to make children suffer, what kind of suffering? The collection summarized the following points and shared with parents.

01. Parents need to be aware of their children's hardship.

For example, when a child learns to walk, don't always support her. Parents who are attentive can find that children who are always assisted by their parents to practice walking spend more time learning to walk than children who practice walking by themselves. .

  • Your child is three years old and you should ask him to help you pick things up when you are on the street.

  • When the child is five or six years old, he will be asked to clean the table, tell him how to save electricity, and teach them to organize their own room.

  • Children go to school, tell them some simple safety knowledge, ask them to walk to school by themselves, come back from school, and ask him to save on stationery expenses.

  • After the child was out of school, he was asked to drop by the vegetable market to buy food in order to relieve the pressure on the parents.

  • Let the children wash the toilet during the festival, knowing that smelly and dirty is a part of life.

  • Properly allow children to do rough and heavy work, knowing that parents need their care.

  • When children go to middle school, they have to manage their own living expenses, so there is so much money, and they can only go hungry if they overrun.

  • Develop children's various life skills so that they have strong hands-on ability.

  • When the child is about fifteen years old, he is asked to work at home or outside, exercise himself, touch the society, and cultivate hardship.

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Parents are willing to let their children suffer.

02. Children need to be independent.

Cultivate children's independent will from a young age and reduce dependence on others. That is the child's own affairs, responsible for themselves.

At home, complete your own daily life independently, clean your own room, clean up your belongings, etc. In learning, think independently, complete independently, and be psychologically independent.

Parents can't consider issues for their children. They must think for themselves and respect their opinions. In this way, children can think independently and have their own opinions, so as to lay the foundation for their future success.

03. Parents take the initiative to work hard with their children.

You know, parents who only know how to enjoy can't produce a child who can "suffer." Therefore, parents can participate in morning jogging with their children, participate in sports, such as playing ball, swimming, and traveling together. This can increase the opportunity to communicate with the child and also allow the child to exercise. Being able to endure hardship comes from the accumulation of bits and pieces in daily life, from small things without compromise.

For example, the weather is very cold and the child does not plan to go to kindergarten today. Parents do not accommodate their children and take the children to kindergarten under the cold wind.

The sun is hot and tired at home at night. Parents and children will go to shower as usual, instead of falling down and falling asleep.

The child is running with his parents, and it is about ten meters away to reach the predetermined end point. The child is panting and does not want to run again. Parents encourage their children to run to the finish line together.

These piles and pieces are training and sharpening the children, giving them a strong will and making them suffer. The more you take care of your child, the more you need to strengthen his "hard work" education. It is true love and responsibility that allow children to suffer and suffer.

04. Being able to endure hardship comes from the accumulation of bits and pieces in daily life, from small things without compromise.

For example, when the child is unwilling to get up in the cold winter; when it is difficult for the child to complete a handmade item; when the child skips the rope to the last exhausting moment; when the child is doing the housework, the little friend comes to him When hanging out ...

These are all occasions of hard work.

At this time, children need encouragement, encouragement and encouragement from their parents and families. Ask the child to persist in doing what he is doing, and ask the child to persist in fighting the difficulties.

In fact, the spirit of suffering comes from this last clenching of teeth.

For children's hardship education, we must pay attention to methods and methods, "Tiger Mom", "Wolf Dad" and "Eagle Dad" are not enough to learn.

Parents need to evaluate their children's hardships before they can teach hardships; they need to respect the children's wishes without forcing orders; they need to act as role models instead of just talking.

05. Perseverance should not be exposed to cold.

The long journey of life depends on them, and the difficulties must be solved by them. One day, they will face the society themselves and bear the responsibility of the family.

Especially boys, for a future man, hard work is the foundation of his world. Without the hard work spirit, he is doomed to face the increasingly competitive social competition.

Letting children suffer and toss is a preparation for their future life to go smoothly and smoothly and to store energy. After allowing them to enter the society, in the stormy life, fully realize their own value.

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