www.hg93.com In the most beautiful starry sky, Yu Pangyu Liang——Chengbei Elementary School held a "me and writer face to face" special lecture

In the most beautiful starry sky, Yu Pangyu Liang——Chengbei Elementary School held a "me and writer face to face" special lecture

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Pang Yuliang

In the most beautiful starry sky

April is the reading month for Chengbei Elementary School. 7 日,作家庞余亮先生应城北小学的邀请来到学校,为孩子们做题为“国王的耳朵”的专题讲座。 On April 7 , the writer Mr. Pang Yuliang came to the school at the invitation of Chengbei Elementary School and gave a special lecture entitled "King's Ear" for the children.

Pang Yuliang

著有长篇小说《薄荷》,童话集《银镯子的秘密》,诗集《开始》、《比目鱼》等。 Vice Chairman of Jingjiang CPPCC, Chairman of Taizhou Writers Association, member of Chinese Writers Association, first signed writer of Jiangsu Writers Association , winner of China Rongrou Poetry Year Award, Jiangsu "Five One" Project Award, and Zijin Mountain Literature Award winner. The novel "Mint", the fairy tale "The Secret of the Silver Bracelet", the poetry "Start", "Flounder" and so on.

At the venue,

The lights are brilliant,

People move,

Warm atmosphere,

“小粉丝们”谈笑风生。 Pang Yuliang, who arrived early at the venue, talked and laughed with the "little fans" around him .

I heard that the writer Pang Yuliang was coming. The children were so excited that they bought Pang Yuliang's semi-autobiographical novel The Ugly Boy.

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The special lecture was hosted by the young captain deputy captain He Xuyi.

“我长得丑吗?我就是一个'丑孩'”一下子就拉近了和同学们的距离。 Chairman Pang's phrase, "Am I looking ugly? I'm just an" ugly boy "" suddenly closed the distance with my classmates.

"Would you like to be a king with donkey ears?" The fun questions made the students look at each other, and they brought them into a wonderful literary lecture. 结合自己对生活的感悟,旁征博引。 Pang Yuliang combined his own perceptions of life, and drew inviting references. One story after another makes the lectures exciting and climax.

The emotional story deeply attracted the children and made them suddenly open: It turns out that each of us is his own king. The more books he reads, the larger his territory becomes; the ears of donkeys are antennas that receive tide, The more books you read, the stronger the antenna signal.

In the nearly two hours of narration, Pang Yuliang always smiled, his language was vivid and lively, his voice was kind and gentle, and the lines were filled with frankness and childlikeness. The audience had a strong resonance with it, and the audience laughed from time to time And warm applause.

During the interactive session, the students asked the writer about the storyline of The Ugly Boy and their perplexity in reading and writing, and Pang Yuliang responded one by one.

This lecture allowed children to have close contact with their favorite children's literature writers, further cultivated children's interest in reading, not only learned the writing method, but also broadened their horizons, and presented them with a rich Cultural feast.

Chengbei Elementary School

Editing: Ju Feng

Text: Cao Yanfang

Photograph: Zhu Xiaodong

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