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"Open Hanging" Life Deserves Taste-Elon Musk's 12 Books in Love

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From the Internet, self-driving cars, clean energy to exploring space, Elon Musk's every attempt is to change the world. It is said that Musk had a conversation with a girl during his studies in Canada. His opening remarks were: "I have thought about many things about electric cars. Have you considered electric cars?"

An entrepreneur who grew up in South Africa and has been obsessed with science fiction since he was a child and never gave up the superhero dream, why did he form this extraordinary leadership temperament and have countless imaginations about the future of humanity? With this book list recommended by Musk, we may take a peek at it. These 12 books include biographies, science fiction, and specialized books from various industries. From this, we will get at least the following disruptive cognitions:

  • Einstein's scientific imagination was not born;

  • Although electrical engineer Tesla was destitute throughout his life, there are still many things to learn from;

  • The real reason for Edison to enter the altar was not because of his invention;

  • The human brain is constantly evolving, but it also exposes our weaknesses.

Elon Musk is not only the founder of environmentally friendly electric car company Tesla and space exploration technology company SpaceX, but also a business pioneer, entrepreneur, environmentalist and traditional disruptor.

Despite many auras, Musk insists on learning and reading. Recently, he recommended these 12 books to everyone, and the content is wonderful-just as worthy of his own "open" life.

Artificial intelligence controls most of Wall Street's trading lifeline and many important resource allocations, but is it necessarily reliable? This book, named the "Huffington Post's Best Science and Technology Book of 2013", explores the dangerous consequences of blindly pursuing advanced artificial intelligence technology. It can help you understand the profound effects of artificial intelligence on human life and the entire world. influences.

This book is based on a personal letter from physicist Albert Einstein and is a fascinating, well-documented biography. You may be wondering why Einstein can become a Wizard of the World? The author Isaacs explains in the book that Einstein's incredible scientific imagination may have benefited from only one point: the nature of rebellion.

How does the dam withstand the weight of thousands of gallons of water (1 gallon = 3.785 liters)? Why doesn't the suspension bridge collapse? What is the "rat" rule for kangaroos? Gordon answers the above questions in a humorous, easy-to-understand way in Structure, and provides wonderful answers to other interesting questions.

Catherine the Great was originally a humble German princess, but gradually grew into the most powerful woman in history. Throughout her life she faced rebellions, wars, and political upheaval triggered by the French Revolution. The Wall Street Journal refers to this "Ekaterina the Great" as "a lively chapter on strength, endurance, and enthusiasm ... a wonderful story from the hands of a story master."

As far as we know, there are about 400 billion stars in the galaxy where the earth is, and there are about 400 billion galaxies in the entire universe. In the 14 billion-year history of the universe, is there still a civilization as advanced as human beings? In this regard, this book attempts to explore the truth about aliens.

QQ Dale Mercenary Qualifications

This book about the life of electrical engineer Nikola Tesla was highly recommended by Musk.

Tesla has revolutionized the application of electricity and promoted the development of radio and television. His achievements in the industry are comparable to Thomas Edison, the "world invention king", but his life ended in poverty. Open this book and you will know why we should learn from this great inventor, how we should learn from him and what we can learn.

This undergraduate fiction tells a terrible prediction: human society will be controlled by a dark age full of terror and war for 30,000 years. Based on this, the novel unfolds a series of stories. In order to protect knowledge and save mankind, the hero of the novel gathers the most intelligent group of people in the empire and transfers to a planet next to the galaxy for refuge. The name of this planet is called "base".

The history of science itself is actually as fascinating as scientific discovery. The urgency of knowing the history of science is better felt through the book "Trafficking Merchants", as the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert said, "the climate Whether change can be called 'science' is a debate. Climate change is indeed a science, and we ignore this fact when the crisis hits. "

Needless to say, Thomas Edison is the premier celebrity of modern times. The "Napoleon of Invention" brought a series of significant inventions to the world, such as gramophones, incandescent lamps, and the world's first movie camera. But is he really the creator of these inventions? It turned out that his assistants and competitors were the more important promoters of these inventions ... For more details, see the book The Wizards of Menlo Park.

The "Mr. Science Fiction" writer Hein Rhein has won four Hugo Awards by the World Science Fiction Association. "Stern Moon" is his best work. The novel tells a story about rebellion, freedom, humanity and love. It is evocative, thought-provoking and inspiring.

The brain is the key to distinguishing humans from other animals. This book answers how the brain has evolved and what weaknesses it has. We may be more intelligent in living things, but this feature also exposes us to danger, which we need to pay attention to at all times.

When Churchill ascended the Prime Minister's office, Great Britain was alone in the face of the aggressive invasion of Nazi Germany. Churchill appealed to the then US President Roosevelt, coordinated the British army's implementation of an over-standard military defense and response mechanism, and maintained an "uncompromising" attitude in difficult situations. These actions helped him to successfully reverse the situation and climb to the top of the victory. . "The Last Lion" records this process one by one, and the plot is fascinating.


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