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The effect of eating Houttuynia cordata is unknown to 99% of people

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Houttuynia cordata, which is also called fold ear root in some areas of the south, is a common dish. Houttuynia cordata is spicy, cold in nature, and belongs to the lung meridian. Modern pharmacological experiments have shown that it has antibacterial, antiviral, body immunity, and diuretic effects.

Since the spring, various viruses have become active. Using simple Houttuynia cordata multiple times can solve the patient's big trouble.

First, plant antibiotics, all kinds of inflammation can disappear

Houttuynia cordata as a traditional Chinese medicine is more well known. Houttuynia cordata is a natural and safe antibiotic, which can clear heat, reduce inflammation and resist viruses.

Houttuynia cordata as a plant antibiotic, the most rare is that its medicinal properties can reach the upper, middle and lower triple burns of the human body. From pharyngitis, pneumonia, urethritis, inflammation, nephritis, inflammation and herpes on the skin, all can be treated.

Sometimes, the inflammation that occurs in the body may be unconscious. If you go to the hospital for a blood test and there is a rise in white blood cells, it is inflammation. At this time, even if it is not clear where the inflammation is, immediately use Houttuynia cordata to ensure that it will take effect soon.

For infections caused by various bacteria and viruses, such as wind and cold, flu, urinary system infection, reproductive system infection, etc., Houttuynia cordata are their nemesis.

As far as Chinese medicine is concerned, inflammation is a manifestation of the body's degree of dampness and heat. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until the blood index changes. As long as you feel hot and humid in the body, eating Houttuynia cordata immediately can help you get rid of it.

How amazing is Houttuynia cordata's anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effect? Give a few small examples.

1. Yuxingcao Decoction conditioning jaundice hepatitis

Use three pounds of fresh Houttuynia cordata every day to make a thick soup. Drink it on behalf of the tea, and you can regulate jaundice hepatitis.

Various types of hepatitis can cause jaundice. Jaundice is a manifestation of severe hot and humid conditions in the body. Houttuynia cordata can reduce inflammation and completely eliminate dampness and heat of the body. Hepatitis virus can't blame it without the soil on which it breeds.

That was a young man with jaundice hepatitis. At that time, the uncle's conditioning method was blindly: Houttuynia cordata. This person insisted on drinking soup from Houttuynia cordata at home every day, and after a period of time, the illness eased.

2. Smokers must drink Houttuynia tea every day

If you know the dangers of smoking but can't quit, then you can at least do one thing for your health: drink more Houttuynia tea.

Houttuynia cordata is a food especially suitable for smokers. It can clear lung heat and detoxify tobacco smoke.

Prepare some dried Houttuynia cordata, take a little bit of water every day to drink, it can reduce the damage caused by smoking, prevent chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis and even lung cancer.

Don't bother, this little habit will bring great benefits to your future health.

Houttuynia cordata also helps quit smoking. People who want to quit smoking drink a lot of Houttuynia cordata tea every day, they will not want to smoke so much.

3, Houttuynia cordata fever

Houttuynia cordata can regulate upper respiratory tract infections, reduce fever, and relieve cough.

Wind fever, cold and flu are upper respiratory tract infections. Typical symptoms are fever and sore throat, and even cause pneumonia and edema. Some people continue to cough for two or three weeks.

At the beginning of the wind and cold, drink some Houttuynia cordata water immediately to reduce inflammation, which can play a role in reducing fever. This trick is especially useful for the elderly and children. Because the general antipyretics and antibiotics have side effects for the elderly and children. Houttuynia is food, which is peaceful and very safe.

A male elderly man in his 70s had a fever suddenly after eating dinner in the summer, more than 38 degrees. He didn't have any other symptoms, but his throat was uncomfortable, it was a simple fever. I asked him to boil water with Houttuynia cordata and drank it only once. He had a fever that night, and he would be fine the next day.

Elderly people do not have a fever easily. A fever is not a trivial matter, and it can cause complications if not handled properly. Like the example above, if you do n’t use Houttuynia cordata for anti-inflammation in time, even if it doesn't cause complications, it will burn down in a few days.

4, Houttuynia cordata water conditioning cold effects have a wonderful effect

Not only the elderly, but the young people have a sense of it, often dragged on for a long time can not break the roots, coughing, and sad. This is the relationship that the damp heat and poison in the body are not cleared, that is, the inflammation has not disappeared.

Second, the method of dietary treatment of Houttuynia cordata

The function of Houttuynia cordata anti-inflammatory and anti-infection has long been recognized in modern medical circles, and a well-known Houttuynia cordata has been developed, which has been widely used as an antibiotic in Chinese medicine.

For the nature-loving me, nature has created a medicinal food of Houttuynia cordata. I did not expect that we must use modern methods to transform it into a cold potion and inject it in painful ways. Into the blood vessels of the body. Let ’s conform to nature and try to use diet as much as possible, while tasting various symptoms, we can also taste delicious, and live up to the gift of nature.

1.Houttuynia cordata tea

The easiest way to eat Houttuynia cordata is to use it to cook for tea instead of boiling water. People who are not accustomed to fresh Houttuynia cordata, or can use dry products without fresh products.

Note: Do not cook Houttuynia cordon for as long as other traditional Chinese medicines. The dried Houttuynia cordata is boiled for a long time, and the anti-inflammatory ingredients evaporate. How to cook it? Grab a handful of Houttuynia cordata, put half a pot of cold water, and submerge the Houttuynia cordata. After the high heat is boiled, wait for two minutes, turn off the heat immediately, and scoop out the soup to drink. Do not pour the cooked Houttuynia cordata. When you drink it next time, you can add water, cook it again in the same way, and drink it again. It can be cooked three times in total, just enough for one day.

You can also cook it three times in a row, and mix the three soups together for better results.

There is really no condition for boiling water. For example, when you are at work, you can also drink dried Houttuynia cordata tea. Use a little more Houttuynia cordata, rush into boiling water, soak for a while, can also be effective.

2.Houttuynia cordata

If you can accept the smell of fresh Houttuynia, it is best to use fresh products. Fresh Houttuynia cordata contains the most active ingredients and is better than dried. And Houttuynia is easy to treat.

  • Regulate a variety of bacterial and viral infections, such as wind and cold, herpes, and urinary system infections. Be sure to eat them raw and cold.

  • To prevent wind and cold, just stir fry and eat. This mode of eating is relatively mild, and it is also suitable for the frail people to eat daily.

  • When a mother eats chicken for the first time in confinement, she must put some Houttuynia cordata to prevent postpartum wind.

  • By the way, Houttuynia can also be used topically to treat scabies. When the scabies are ripe but not broken, and the pus can not spread inward, fresh Houttuynia cordata is mashed and applied to the outside, leaving the middle sore mouth. Houttuynia cordata has the effect of chasing poison, and it will soon force the pus out.

  • Normal people usually use Houttuynia cordata as a vegetable for health care. The most common way to eat is cold food, which is suitable for most people. Houttuynia is cold and cold, and the elderly and frail people can use chicken stew. Put some sesame oil on it and moisturize it. Very helpful to relieve summer irritability

Many people eat Houttuynia cordata only with white roots. In fact, the tender stems and leaves of Houttuynia cordata can be eaten and the taste is very good. In addition, the leaves of Houttuynia cordata are more suitable for lightening and declaring the lungs, and are more effective in regulating lung problems such as cough, sputum, and hoarseness.

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