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Chinese Amulet | Past and Present Life of Chinese Longevity Lock

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"Ruyi Lock" Filigree and Red Agate Long Life Lock Pendant

Long-life locks are also called "named locks", formerly known as "long-life locks", and are popular in all regions of the country. It is ancient lock-shaped, usually made of gold, silver and jade. It is a decorative object hanging on the neck of a child. It bears people's desire to "lock" life, and the child grows up safely and healthy. As a result, many children have hung this kind of ornaments from birth to adulthood.

For thousands of years, through the experience of life history, the Chinese have conquered the most important and beautiful blessings on the "long-life lock" through intensive refining and craftsmanship. "Long life lock" was worn on the child.

History of Longevity Lock

Bronze and Gold Fulu Longevity Lock

In the Han Dynasty, every five days of the Dragon Boat Festival on May 5th, every family hung five-color silk ropes on the lintel to avoid ominousness. Although colored silk is a small object, it symbolizes the power of the five parties and can drive away demons. The ancients believed that the five parties had magical powers and could ward off evil.

Silver-fired enamel-colored unicorn in Hebei area in the late Qing Dynasty, Naji praying for a long life lock

In the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, due to frequent wars, coupled with plague. Disasters continue, people use five-color silk braided ropes, tied to the arms of women and children, in order to pray for evil, disaster relief, longevity, health and longevity. Prior to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival during the Dragon Boat Festival had been inherited in Jingchu and other places.

Republic of China silver-fired enamel color long-life rich lock, silver-fired enamel color butterfly long-life lock

By the Tang Dynasty, this custom had prevailed in all parts of the country. In the Tang Dynasty, Zhang said that the poem "The Dragon Boat Festival Banquet should be made to detect the fish characters" poem records: "I wish you a long life, to continue the great grace."

A Silver Long-Life Lock for "Kirin Sending Children" in the Late Qing Dynasty

In the Song Dynasty, the court had the custom of giving life to a hundred officials by the Dragon Boat Festival. Every time before the Dragon Boat Festival, the emperor also personally gave a reward to his ancestral ancestral palace in Changchun Hall, so that they could wear it during the festival.

Bronze and Gold Blessing Corning Long Life Lock

In the Ming Dynasty, long-life locks were extremely popular throughout the country as children's exclusive adornments, with fewer adult male and female users. Generally used when children are over the age of one, the further development of Baisuo has become a long-life lock.

Silver Long Life Lock

Late He Qing Dynasty and Early Ming Dynasty

The mainstream long-life lock in the society is mainly made of silver, but it is rare for children to wear other precious metal jewelry. Why is this? On the one hand, silver is widely used. It was directly used as currency in ancient Chinese society and was used in daily life to obtain materials. It is very convenient: find a silversmith and melt the money to make jewelry. It does not affect the continued use of currency. .

Xiaomo Youku Space

Silver Fluke Qixiang Long Life Lock

Wearing a silver lock is more related to the characteristics of silver: silver itself has a health effect on the human body, and is suitable for delicate children. In the Compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, stated that silver has the functions of "safety of the five internal organs, peace of mind, relief of fear, and elimination of evil spirits". In other words, silver can avoid evil, help children get rid of the "fetal poison" in their bodies, and help children with unsound minds to calm down.

Republic of China silver and silver burned blue longevity lock with hat

Silver also has a bactericidal and poisoning effect, which is beneficial to growing children. Therefore, among precious metals, silver is more suitable for children: it is both beautiful and healthy.

Silver Immortal Sending Child Unicorn Pattern Long Life Lock

A piece of silver "longevity and wealth" in the late Qing Dynasty

The silver unicorn gave birth to a long-life lock in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China

Qing Die Lianhua Naji Longevity Lock

Silver locks come in both round and oval shapes. Usually 10 to 14 cm long and 6 to 8 cm wide. Use a necklace or silk braid to penetrate the lock, forming a loop, hanging on the child's neck, and the lock hangs on the chest under the item. There are words and patterns on the front and back of the silver lock. They both have the effect of enhancing the childcare power of the lock, or they all express the people's beautiful wishes for the longevity, happiness and good fortune of young children.

Set of silver longevity locks and caps

Yinbaijiabao Flower Pattern Long Life Lock

Yinshoushan Fuhai Long Life Lock

The text mostly appears on the front, and is generally "long-lived hundred years old", "long-lived riches", "long-haired Qixiang", "awesome afterlife" and other words. The decorative patterns are mostly on the reverse side: most of them are unicorns, dragons, tigers, rich peony, auspicious eight treasures, lotus bats, auspicious clouds and beasts, and some related Han folk stories and myths that are auspicious. Colorful.

Yinshuangfu Holds Longevity Lock

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