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Great Powers Join Hands to Promote the Global Wave

Public number: 3E children's English test Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:09:45

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Yiye Qingchen

18、19两日访华,展现柔软姿态、释放积极信号。 US Secretary of State Tillerson visited China on the 18th and 19th of last month , showing a soft posture and releasing positive signals. Tillerson said that the United States is willing to develop relations with China in the spirit of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation. This is the core content of acknowledging the new type of great power relations that China advocates. At this moment, the two major countries, China and the United States, have become strong partners, building a big win-win situation.

“习特会”铺路。 Tillerson's visit to China this time will pave the way for the "Xi Tie Hui". Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the two heads of state had two telephone communications before, and Tillerson's visit to China is an important step in implementing the consensus between the two heads of state. 在外长会面期间,双方重点讨论了如何构建中美建设性的关系,并为接下去两国高层会晤铺平道路。 Tillerson also said that during the meeting of the foreign ministers, the two sides focused on discussing how to build a constructive relationship between China and the United States and pave the way for the next high-level meeting between the two countries. “为中美关系未来50年的发展确定方向”。 The meeting between the two leaders will "set the direction for the development of Sino-US relations in the next 50 years."

Already, China's dance in the wave of globalization has begun. The world is growing faster and faster, and we cannot afford to wait on the shore. ——其实我们早已在全球化的汪洋中遨游许久了。 Look -in fact, we have been traveling in the global ocean for a long time. And, so to speak, we swim faster and better. The establishment and continuous improvement of China's international status has drawn the world's attention, and China will further commit itself to the promotion and development of globalization.

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“一带一路”愿景。 When we talk about globalization, we have to say another language. China ’s 5,000-year-old splendid culture will be displayed more and more in front of the world. This is also the "Belt and Road" vision. When communicating with other countries, being able to use English fluently to accurately share and communicate Chinese culture to other countries is the key. This requires us to train a large number of people with excellent English skills. English is a language and an international communication tool. When facing foreign partners who have a win-win cooperation, we show our English ability and Chinese culture. Let us welcome them and convince them.


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