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What do you think of this good boy in the eyes of this parent?

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Guo Quanbao

A few days ago I was chatting with a big sister. She said that her child was very good. She ran around and asked her what she did at home. She said that she was watching mobile phones and playing games. I asked the child how she was studying. She said it was not good.

I am shocked at the "good" in the eyes of this parent .

When talking about home education, some people think they are busy and don't have time to educate their children. It can be believed that some people are really busy. They are busy for "money", "right", "love", coming and going in a hurry, going and hurrying, busy with the stars.

In short, many people seem to have a lot of endless things to do, but they ignore the more important thing of being busy-that is, the education of children. In the end, there is money, power, and love, but the child is "lost." Until then, it is the parents who regret it, and it is also the parents who are punished and complained.

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The growth of a child is inseparable from the words and deeds of his parents. Parents are the child's first teachers!

,孩子自己玩不来烦家长、不惹祸就行,需要家长全心的付出,了解孩子每天玩什么、身边都有什么朋友、什么人对他影响大,家长所有的努力也都会有收获的。 For children, it is not only the children ’s food and drink, but also the education of the children. It is not for the children to have a mobile phone or an Ipad . The children ca n’t bother their parents or cause trouble. Whatever you play, who you have friends with, and who has a great influence on him, all your parents' efforts will be rewarded.

With the proliferation of electronic products today, all kinds of information on the Internet are widely spread. Don't parents worry about their children's health, psychological and learning problems? The phenomenon of children playing mobile phones is inevitable but must be reasonably restricted.

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