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[Practical] Has your baby ever been afraid?

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Children often have inexplicable fears about some things, but this is actually a normal phenomenon.

What are the external manifestations of children's fear?

Mild and short-term fears have nothing to do, but long-term and severe fears can have a great impact on children's health ~

  • · Material fear

    In life, children often feel that certain things make them afraid, so they dare not face them, and even mentioning their names makes them very scared. This fear can be divided into 3 categories:

    :如惧怕黑夜,惧怕雷电,惧怕猫,狗等动物。 1. Fear of something in nature : such as fear of night, fear of lightning, fear of cats, dogs and other animals.

    :如害怕和陌生人交谈,害怕上学或考试,害怕警察等。 2. Fear of certain social factors : such as fear of talking with strangers, fear of going to school or exams, fear of police, etc.

    :如害怕所谓的鬼神或怪物等。 3. Fear of things that do not exist : such as fear of so-called ghosts or monsters.

  • · Psychological fear

    According to the study of the nature of fear psychology, the Soviet psychological community believes that fear psychology is derived from the factual or imagined threats encountered in human natural or social life. This illustrates three essential characteristics of fear:

    1. It is an instinctive reaction of a person in a crisis situation;

    2. It is a necessary response when a person feels at risk of being harmed or threatened but is powerless;

    3. Give people the feeling of being hurt or threatened. It may be something in reality, but it may also make people imagine things themselves.

  • There are various reasons for children's fear of external things, which can be summarized as follows:

    1. Lack of children's knowledge and common sense of life

    For example, if the child lacks the understanding of the laws of movement between the earth and the sun, he will be inexplicably afraid of the night; he does not understand the natural laws of life, sickness, and death, so he is greatly afraid of the death of his loved ones.

    2. Fear of children's own experiences

    As the old saying goes, "I was bitten by a snake, and I was afraid of well ropes for ten years." Children encountered bad stimuli from the outside world during their growth, leaving very deep and terrible memories in their minds, even if time passed.

    3. Affected by the fear of others

    The panic-like appearance of others under threat can have serious effects on children. Even if you have no fear of this thing, you will gradually be affected by it and be afraid of it. If the mother is afraid of the dog, she will be terrified whenever the dog barks. This kind of fear will affect children and make him afraid of the dog.

    4. Sudden changes in the external environment

    Such changes make children feel unable to adapt, and the behaviors in the original environment are not effective in the new environment, thereby forming fear. Such as changes in the environment from kindergarten to elementary school, parents suddenly became ill.

    5. Generalization of fear

    Extending the fear of a bad stimulus to something else with a certain similarity or relevance, this is the generalization of fear. For example, some children have progressed from being afraid of the police to being afraid of all people wearing similar police uniforms (such as postmen).

  • Dota Legend Endless Nightmare

The impact of fear on children varies. Mild fear is irrelevant, and will naturally disappear when grown up; moderate fear will bring a series of adverse effects on children's lives, and even cause psychological sequelae. The most terrifying thing is that children are caught in severe fear, restless all day, dull expression, constant nightmares, and high fever. This is extremely detrimental to his healthy growth.

  • The occurrence of children's fear can be completely prevented. Parents need to:

    1. Can't spoil children

    Addicted to children is harmful but not beneficial. Such children are willing to rely on adults for everything, without any independence. Once detached from "protection", they will be afraid of the outside world and have no courageous character.

    2. Educate children not to be capricious

    The content of parents' education and the standards of right and wrong should be consistent, and must not be changed from day to night, otherwise the children will fall into the confusion of thoughts and behaviors. In addition, both parents should try to be consistent in their thinking, and should not use two different concepts to educate their children.

    3. Don't be angry at will

    Random anger will only cause them to fear. In the future, they will not dare to do anything, or have no opinion, only know that the parents' orders are obedient.

    4. Do not blame too much

    Gently criticize and correct the child's mistakes. Accusation is not the goal. Helping them to correct mistakes and establishing good behavior is the goal. Excessive accusations can make children feel useless, and their self-esteem is greatly affected. They will be more afraid of strange things in the future.

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