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The perfect combination of makeup artist and post-ps

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Extreme God of War

Xiao Cheng feels that the real makeup artist must be a designer who understands styling

化妆师都有“发现美的眼睛·创造美的双手·” Regardless of the object or occasion of makeup , a makeup artist has "discovering beautiful eyes · creating beautiful hands ·"

美妆与后期制作的结合作品 A combination of beauty and post-production

Youthful makeup

Beautiful sentence

Pleasing graphics

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Flower Man Independence

Light rain swallow flying

April in the world

Mountain temple peach blossoms are in full bloom

Charter of Owners Committee

There are two realms of life

One is painless

The other is to laugh without saying a word

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Chicheng District, Zhanjiang City, Jingcheng Vocational Training School

Courses: Advanced Makeup, Korean Semi-Permanent Tattoo, Korean Fashion Nail Art, Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Interior Design, Computer Assembly and Maintenance, Office Software Application, Photo Studio PS Digitalist, Taobao Art Designer, Private Baking / Decoration Division, public nutritionist.

费课程: Free course: Makeup, beauty, Chinese pastry teacher, trainee requirements: aged 18 to 55 years old, with social security card or rural medical card in Guangdong Province. (Civil servants, students, staff members are not eligible for the free policy).

Consulting Hotline: 0759-3711388 / 13318035584

Website: www.zjckjc.com

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