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Phoneless Class | Who lowered the noble head again?

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On the subway


In class


They bow their heads

Happy to play with mobile phone


Helpless Teacher

play games

Fast food reading


Circle of friends


Time is passing

Classroom knowledge also slipped away

Does the scene above seem familiar? Is there your figure inside?

的相关规范措施。 In recent years, in view of the serious situation of college students playing mobile phones in class, many people have proposed related normative measures for "no mobile phone classroom" . So how do you know and understand the mobile-less class?

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Phoneless Class

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Question time: April 10, 2017

[Best answer] Class without mobile phone means that some colleges and universities require students to hand over their mobile phones before class. After class, everyone takes their mobile phones away. It is mainly to prevent students from playing with mobile phones while listening to class, which will affect the order of the classroom. With the popularity of smart phones, many college students ...

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Mobile phone storage bag has become a great magic weapon to promote "mobile phoneless classroom":

Looking down at mobile phones in the classroom is almost a common problem for most college students. I found a few volunteers to experience the feeling of a “mobile phone-free” classroom.

Phone dependence



Symptom manifestation

During class, I can't help but use my mobile phone to memorize words, swipe my circle of friends, swipe my Weibo, and watch the passage.

Treatment programs

Without a cellphone to the classroom

Patient feedback

Personally I feel that sometimes the content of the class is boring and easy to get sleepy.

The mobile phone is rich and interesting and attractive.



Symptom manifestation

Use your phone to chat on WeChat during class

Treatment programs

Give your phone to your classmates and supervise each other

Patient feedback

In the beginning, I always thought about my mobile phone and didn't listen to the lecture, but after a while, I found the teacher's content very interesting.



101 education ppt

Symptom manifestation

Almost every class can not be separated from the mobile phone, visit Zhihu, play yin and yang division.

Treatment programs

Turn off traffic

Patient feedback

No traffic or no mobile phone will feel boring, easy to sleepy or distracted.



Symptom manifestation

When you are bored or you do n’t want to go to class, you use your mobile phone to read novels.

Treatment programs

Sit in the first row

Patient feedback

认真听课学生影响,会有所收敛。 Sitting in front is not easy to get distracted, and will be somewhat affected by students who listen carefully.

I have something to say

What do you think about the "less mobile classroom"?

@ 同学 -administrative student Yan:

It does not support the implementation of mobile phone-free classrooms. The university is a place for autonomous learning. Every student has the right to choose whether to play mobile phones. If enforced, it could have the opposite effect.

@ 汉语 文学 专业 刘 同学 :

I think the class without mobile phones is very good. Many students often don't listen to the teacher's lectures and always watch mobile phones. This is both disrespect for the teacher and disrespect for yourself.

@Performance of the classmates:

I very much agree with the trial without a mobile phone class. People now rely too much on mobile phones, and they often happen to play mobile phones in class.

Now when we take professional classes, we hand in the mobile phones in the order of the student numbers, which not only makes it easier for teachers to check the attendance status, but also greatly improves our learning efficiency and does not make mobile phone slaves.

Opinions and suggestions of Associate Professor Zhou Liangwu of the Marxism School:

Nowadays, the phenomenon of college students playing mobile phones in class is relatively common. Although the process of informationization cannot be avoided, it can be regulated best. Watching mobile phones too much during class will affect the efficiency of class. Students should try to arrange the time of using mobile phones reasonably.

If a “mobile-less classroom” is to be carried out, first of all, the system needs to be perfected, with clear rewards and penalties, both hard and soft, and mutual supervision. Second, class cadres need to take the lead and assist teachers in improving the classroom learning atmosphere.

Finally, and the most important point, in order to truly achieve a “mobile-free classroom”, students must be ideologically aware of the disadvantages of being addicted to mobile phones in class, and let students advance autonomously . This is the most basic and effective way.

吗? After reading the opinions of the teacher and classmates, do you agree with the "no mobile phone class " ?

在留言区告诉大家你的想法吧~ I believe that students will have their own views on the serious phenomenon of today's college students lowering their heads to play mobile phones, and also have their own suggestions and opinions on "no mobile phone class", so let's tell everyone what you think in the message area ~

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