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Ancient teachings: cultivate your mind in confusion, persist in despair, and stabilize in panic

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Meditation in confusion

Come back to nature, cultivate your mind

It is said in the Western Han Dynasty Liu Xiang's "Warring States Policy" that "returning to the truth will not be humiliated for life."

Human nature is simple and innocent. But with age, thoughts and desires continue to sprout, obsessed with the original nature. Let the mind and life return to the state of simplicity and innocence. The so-called "don't forget the original heart, always get it" is the case. If we lose the new one, we will become more and more confused, resulting in more and more losses, and ultimately nothing.

Persist in despair

Dripping through the stone, you insist

"Taishan's slipping through the stone, the unipolar dysentery is dry. The water is not a stone, but the Sophie wood saw, gradually making it so." Written in "Hanshu Meicheng Biography"

Do things with perseverance and continuous efforts to achieve success. There will be fire in the wood drilling, and water can penetrate through the stone. Only persistence is the true scripture of success. As long as you find the right path, you will not be afraid of dangers. Success will be just around the corner!

Smooth in panic

Stop arrogance and irritability, treat them equally

Confucius said: "A gentleman is not proud, but a villain is proud but not arrogant." Lao Tzu said, "If the end is careful, there is no defeat." Mao Zedong said, "Stop arrogance and impatientness, and always maintain a modest and progressive spirit."

Be wary of pride and impatience, be open-minded and aggressive. Meditation in this irritable society is the most valuable. People who can sink their hearts can eventually get more. Humility and practicality are also the most lacking atmosphere in this society. On the contrary, quick successes have become the mainstream. ? This requires us to slowly slow down at some point and try to listen to our inner voice.

Avenue to Jane

From Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching: "At the beginning of all things, the road is simple, and it evolves to many."

The big truth is often extremely simple. The simplicity is not lacking, but the awakening after prosperity, it is the state of going to simplicity. Too much complexity will make people lost. The reason is often like a car. It is always a tooth and a shaft. If you think about it, you go back to the origin. The truth is like the center of the car. Only the center is the root. The center point, nothing after that.

Eighth district

As good as water, never dispute everywhere

Saying "Lao Tzu": "It is better to be good than water. Water is good and everything is beneficial, but it is not evil.

Water is perfect and soft; water is dense and dense, small is silent, and giant is turbulent; it is indisputable but contains everything. There is no other way of life. To get along with people should be based on leniency, too restrained and harsh.

Don't be clever if you are wise

Speaking out of Song, Su Shi's "He Ouyang Young Master to Shi Qi": "If you are brave, you will be timid, if you are wise, you will be wise."

His intellect is very high without revealing his sharp edge. With Lao Tzu, "Da Yin Xi Sheng, the elephant is invisible" is a meaning. There are two extreme types of dumb people. One is that they really do n’t understand anything. The other is that they understand everything but do n’t like “revealing”. These two kinds of people are one who speaks and everyone understands. Speaking will reveal your ignorance, and those who do not like to show off will open their mouths and write the truth.

Indifferent and bright, quiet and far

The earliest "Huainanzi Master Training" from the Western Han Dynasty. Zhuge Liang's "Sincerity Book" also quotes: "No indifferent to no ambition, no tranquility to no distance"

If you are unclear, you cannot make your ambition clear and firm, and if you are uneasy and quiet, you cannot study hard for a long time to achieve your ideal. The learning process is difficult to be fun and easy. The relaxed learning process must be slow. You should calm down, find fun in the dullness to learn, and finally strengthen your ambitions and achieve your dreams.

Boguan appointment

In the book "Taxes for Zhang Hu", Su Shi said: "Broadview of appointments, accumulation of thin hair, I will stop here."

Wide reading and simple and prudent access, after a long period of accumulation, will definitely make a difference. Reading doesn't depend on what we remember, what we can write, but the reasoning in the book can affect us subtly. If you read more, you will naturally have your own feelings. This feeling is what you read in the book. Essence, quantitative change causes qualitative change, and will eventually erupt at some instant and become a real "learned" person.

Haina Baichuan Inclusive Storage

Saying "Preface to the Three Kingdoms Ministers": "The shape is not there, and the square inch is acceptable." Li Zhouhan's note: "The heart of the square inch, such as Haina Baichuan, also includes Guangye."

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. Openness and generosity are important cultures for a person. There is no such person as a person who has heaven and earth in his heart and a poem in his belly.

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