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The designer tells you how to make a regular office building artistic

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Dongguan / 722㎡ / office area

400,000 (design + construction + main materials + soft outfit)

modern style


This case is the design of an office area in the Songshan Lake Everyone Art District, Dongguan. The office area has four floors. The theme is everyone ’s art district. The overall design is based on a smart and efficient design rhythm, showing the spirit of the times with quality and efficiency. Colors and greens are the mainstays, so as to show the overall sense of space as much as possible, contrasting the neat style of the office building, everyone's style, and modern fashion characteristics.


In the office area, a creative bookshelf that is designed to gradually rise upwards and forwards is designed with a straight line as the keynote. The large ceiling outlines a ceiling ceiling that strongly corresponds to the bookshelf, bringing a visual impact and driving the entire atmosphere. Rhythmic. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring a transparent view to the office and fill the interior with vitality.


On the negative floor, there is a staff leisure area. The fusion of colorful colors and fashion elements makes the space look vibrant and helps employees relieve the fatigue of the work day.

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Negative floor plan

First floor layout

Two-level floor plan




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