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Shanxi strongly releases Lancai signal to create "talent depression" with reform

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China News Network Taiyuan, March 29 (Reporter Li Xinsuo) declared war on rigid planning economy talent management thinking and system, and issued "green cards" to overseas high-end talents. On the 29th, the Information Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government announced the policy of “Reform of Talent Development System and Mechanism” to release the signal for the industrial transformation and upgrading of the coal industry in Shanxi Province, in an effort to create a “talent depression” through reform.

In recent years, Shanxi Coal has undergone the test of "A Song of Ice and Fire". With a lot of pain, Shanxi Province, a coal province, is determined to make a complete transformation, and regards innovation-driven and industrial transformation and upgrading as a strategic implementation.

However, for a long time, under the influence of the industry inertia of “one coal mine” and the talent plan management system, the total number of talents in Shanxi is not large, the structure is not optimal, the ability of innovation and creativity is not strong, the number of leading talents is scarce, and the regional talent competitiveness is weak .

Against this background, Shanxi has launched the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Talent Development System and Mechanism" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") in an effort to implement efforts to implement the autonomy of the main body of employment, reform the traditional talent evaluation mechanism, and build a new talent flow mechanism. To complement the "talent shortcomings" in industrial transformation and upgrading.

Here, Bai Xiuping, deputy head of the Organization Department of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, said that the shortage of high-level talents in Shanxi is related to the failure to break through the talent plan management system. For a long time, the autonomy of employers has been invaded by the government, and the autonomy of talents has been invaded by employers, which has seriously suppressed the enthusiasm of talents for innovation and creation. The core of this reform is to "decentralize power and release energy" and give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of human resources.

Aiming at the tendency of "educational qualifications, professional titles, and dissertation only" in the traditional talent evaluation system, the "Opinions" completely removed all non-professional conditions attached to the evaluation of professional titles, and further decentralized universities, research institutes, and state-owned enterprises. The right to review senior titles of employers has truly returned to the correct orientation of “focusing on evaluating talents based on ability, performance and contribution”.

Bai Xiuping said that in response to talent shortages, Shanxi clearly implemented a "green card" system for high-level talents at home and abroad. High-level talents at home and abroad who come to work in Shanxi can choose their own residence within Shanxi, and the employer is responsible for implementing the turnover house. Relocated children can voluntarily choose primary and secondary schools in the province. If the spouse who is relocated has not completed the work for the time being, the employer shall first provide a living allowance for the employee based on the average salary of the employee and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with regulations.

The "Opinions" stipulates that Shanxi encourages high-level talents at home and abroad to come to Shanxi to innovate and start businesses through consultant guidance, short-term part-time employment, and project cooperation. High-level foreign talents can apply for a five-year valid residence permit at one time, and those who meet the requirements can apply for a "permanent residence permit for foreigners" first.

In addition, Shanxi has clearly introduced talents who have full autonomy in "choice of scientific research direction, establishment of scientific research teams, procurement of instruments and equipment, and allocation of scientific research funds".

In fact, since 2017, Shanxi has started reforms such as the reform of state-owned state-owned enterprises, a comprehensive transformation and reform demonstration zone, and the "Jin Shang Jin Cai Return to Hometown Innovation and Innovation Project", and has taken 2% of the land area for development zone construction. Meanwhile, the contradiction between Shanxi's accelerated transformation and shortage of high-level talents has become increasingly prominent.

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In this regard, Shanxi's high-level voices frequently. Luo Huining, secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, once said that Shanxi's underground resources are very rich, and the first most valuable resource is human resources. "Only by activating human resources, all other resources can be transformed into development advantages."

It is understood that there are still many innovations in this reform in Shanxi. According to Bai Xiuping, deputy minister of the Organization Department of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, Shanxi will break restrictions on household registration, region, identity, education, ownership, etc., remove barriers to talent flow, build a new system of independent selection, reasonable flow, and effective allocation of talent, and open up the system both inside and outside Channels for talent flow, study and formulate policies and measures to attract outstanding talents from non-public economic and social organizations to party and government agencies, and encourage party and government officials to leave their posts and start business.

Bai Xiuping said that Shanxi encourages the support of cadres of party and government organs to leave their posts and start businesses, with the intention of cracking the bottleneck of civil servants' career development, encouraging the talents of party and government agencies to flow to the market, supporting them to establish and develop the real economy, and actively participating in entrepreneurship and innovation. (Finish)

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