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[Dry goods] The most complete JD management system in history

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Guide: You may know that by the end of 2015, JD.com had nearly 110,000 employees, and in 2016, JD.com ’s total number of employees will exceed 160,000. The growth rate is so amazing. What should its management structure look like? Let's try to sort it out.

What kind of company is Jingdong? Here I will share with you from the management system.

Let's start with the organizational structure and executives.

[Jingdong Organizational Structure]

Business system:

Functional system:

[Jingdong Core Business]

1. Jingdong Mall: The core section of Jingdong, which has four business units: 3C business unit, home appliance business unit, consumer goods business unit, and home furnishing business unit.

2. JD Finance: Established in 2013 and completed a Series A financing in January 2016, raising USD 1 billion with a total valuation of over RMB 46 billion. It is estimated to be listed independently within 3 years.

3. Overseas Business Division: Established in April 2014 and launched on overseas platforms in June 2015. It will begin to do global export business on a large scale-global sales. JD India Company was established in 2015.

4. JD Homecoming: Established in April 2015, formerly known as Daojiao, responsible for occupying the O2O market for living services. Currently focuses on the distribution of fresh and supermarket products.

5. JD.com: On January 19, 2015, the original NSNG subsidiary was renamed as JD.com. Main business direction. "Smart Cloud Platform". "JD +" JD smart products, as well as the famous JD + Milk Tea House.

Editor's summary

In fact, JD.com also has a "Paipai.com" business unit, which specializes in auctions and second-hand goods. It was shut down in November 2015.

[Jingdong core executives]

Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Jingdong Group, too much information, skipped Kazakhstan. Talk directly to the CXOs.

Huang Xuande: CFO, Chief Financial Officer, joined JD.com in September 2013. Financial background. 2006-2013 Ren Wensi HiSoft CFO. The most interesting thing is that Huang Xuande studied ballet for more than ten years, then went abroad to study MBA, transferred to finance, and also got a New York State Certified Public Accountant.

Long Yu: CHO & GR, full name of Chief Human Resources Officer and General Counsel, joined Jingdong in August 2012. Legal background. From 2010 to 2012, he was the Global Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of UT Starcom. He graduated from the Department of Economic Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law in 1998 and is a classmate of China Europe International Business School with Liu Qiangdong.

Bluebird: CPO, Chief Public Affairs Officer, joined JD.com in February 2012, and was previously the Group's CMO. Lenovo. Worked at Lenovo from 1994 to 2008. He successively served as general manager of the Northeast District of Lenovo Group, deputy general manager of the Technical Services Department of Lenovo Group, general manager of the Key Account Business Department of Lenovo Group, and vice president of sales of Lenovo Group. From 2008 to 2010, he also served as the president of Founder Technology.

Chen Chen: CTO, Chief Technology Officer, joined JD.com in March 2015. Yahoo. Worked at Yahoo from 1997 to 2015, and successively served as Yahoo Global Vice President and founder president of Yahoo Beijing R & D Center. Yahoo Beijing R & D Center was closed on March 18, 2015, so JD.com has to thank Yahoo. The previous CTO has changed several terms.

Editor's summary

Jingdong's four CXOs arrived within three years, and the latest CTO in November 2015 were all airborne troops.

Shen Haoyu: CEO of JD Mall, 46 years old. He joined JD in August 2011 as COO. Baidu Department. From 2007 to 2011, he served as senior vice president of Baidu, and previously served as vice president of the American Express personal card issuing department, consultant and project manager of McKinsey. He graduated from the Department of International Finance of Renmin University of China in 1992 and obtained an MBA degree from the University of Iowa in 1997.

Chen Shengqiang: JD Finance CEO, 40 years old. He joined JD Finance in April 2007. He was previously Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance. He was appointed CFO in March 2012 and was responsible for JD Finance in September 2013. JD. Chen Shengqiang is the only core executive cultivated by JD.com. Bachelor of Accounting, Beijing Technology and Business University in 1998, MBA from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2005, and EMBA from China Europe International Business School in 2013.

Xu Xinquan: Senior Vice President, 45 years old, responsible for JD's overseas business and international market development. He joined JD in March 2014. Department of Huawei. From 1996 to 2014, he started as a Huawei sales staff and served as president of Huawei E-Commerce when he left office. He graduated from Tsinghua University in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and studied in Russia.

Wang Zhenhui: President of JD.com, 40 years old. He joined JD in May 2011 and was the regional general manager at the time. Lenovo. From 1999 to 2007, he served as general manager of a certain region in Lenovo Group. Bachelor of Economics, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 1998.

Zhijun Wang: President of JD Daojia, 44 years old, incumbent in March 2015, joined JD in 2010. Lenovo. From 2002 to 2010, he served as Director of Services at Lenovo. After joining JD.com, he was responsible for the establishment of JD.com's customer service system. In 2013, he was responsible for the distribution system. Later, he was responsible for the promotion of rural e-commerce and campus e-commerce projects. 1996 Bachelor of Automation, Tianjin Institute of Technology.

Editor's summary

Jingdong's business sector BOSS doors are all 40-45-year-olds. From the resumes of senior executives, Jingdong executives still prefer the "Lenovo" department.

[Jingdong Business Structure]

Operation system of JD Mall

JD's R & D architecture

Jingdong's Human Resources Structure

Jingdong Human Resources adopts secondary management and control, adopts HRBP model, and takes group HR as an example.

[Jingdong Culture] ·

Just look at the picture quietly.

Goal: To be the most trusted company in the world

Mission: Make life simple and happy!

Editor's summary

Xiaobian prefers Dongge's short-term goals for JD's "national enterprises":

First, revenue (net income exceeds one trillion)

Second, more than one million employees (full-time and part-time employees)

Third, the target tax amount (over 10 billion US dollars, 70 billion yuan)

Fourth, social responsibility. From 2016, every year led 50,000 families out of poverty in China.

Fifth, globalization, to appeal, persist, work hard and struggle for the rise of Chinese brands.

[Jingdong Values]

Integrity: Internal frankness, honesty, and trustworthiness

Customer First: Customer Benefits First, Think for Customers, Do More for Customers

Condor Heroes Mobile Games

Passion: positive, proactive, diligent, and upward

Learning: Humility, learning, progress, brain

Team spirit: cooperation, integrity, consistent pace

Pursuit of Transcendence: Innovation, Competition

Editor's summary

High-frequency words of values: "Customer, team, integrity" Many companies are similar, including Alibaba's six-pulse magic sword.

[Jingdong Talent View]

Style, Stage, Speed, Success.

Editor's summary

In a sentence-Jingdong gives you a stage, I hope you learn the style with the fastest speed, so as to achieve personal success.

[Jingdong post sequence]

Jingdong's job sequence is mainly divided into M, T, and P sequences. The T-sequence contains products and technologies, and the P-sequence is the project manager.

[Jingdong Performance Evaluation]

Editor's summary

To be honest, Jingdong's salary will be more disadvantaged than BAT. However, the newly announced employee benefits can be liked:

1. Maternity leave: 30 days for female employees and 7 days for maternity leave for boys.

2. Interest-free loans: 1 billion yuan, key employees can apply.

3. Relief fund: 30 million, employees can apply, up to 100,000.

[Jingdong Promotion Mechanism]

[Jingdong Training System]

In 2010, the training was separated from the HR system. In 2012, Jingdong University was established with the core positioning of “improving the working ability of Jingdong employees, advocating and implementing company cultural values,” and currently employs 30 people.

School of Talent Development: Ability development and improvement for business professionals

Leadership Academy: Facing Management Capability and Echelon Building

Learning Management Center: training operations, standard formulation, system construction and implementation

Cultural Innovation Center: Promoting and Constructing Jingdong Culture in Various Forms

Jingdong Business School: training organization for sellers

What does Jingdong University do?

What does Jingdong University do?

1. General force training: mainly for senior executives. JD.com has a training week. On the first Saturday of each month, employees learn public courses of their choice. In addition to inviting lecturers from both inside and outside, Liu Qiangdong himself will also give lectures.

2. Professional training: based on independent research and development. Professionalism courses include not only ideas, but also tools and methods summarized in practice by business units. Developed and taught by the business department.

3. Leadership training: test-based training. Managers are often organized in "training classes", and the two-day study uses multiple teaching methods such as face-to-face teaching, video teaching, case analysis, group discussions, and role-playing. The scenario simulation test has achieved significant results.

[Jingdong's famous management triangle]

Inventory: Three hard strengths behind JD.com

Hard Power 1: Jingdong Brain

Regardless of the selection stage or the order generation and distribution stage, JD Brain's biggest contribution is to improve service and operational efficiency. JD.com started as a self-operated 3C category, and the accumulated high-quality users accounted for a very high proportion. These high-quality data are the basis for JD.Bao's brain to process data to provide users with personalized services. The number of users has reached 130 million. At this time, it is very necessary to establish a data map of user portraits, community portraits, and product portraits for personalized page presentation. It can be said that Jingdong Brain upgrades the user experience of the entire chain from the front-end user experience to the inventory management and distribution service through the data bottom layer.

Hard Power 2: Multi-Center Trading

For promotional activities like Double 11 and New Year's Day, the peak order processing and affordability of the order is the real test of the strength of a platform. Otherwise, when the big cake hits you, it may not be the joy of success, but watching the paralyzed server and Crying with lagging data. The multi-center trading system constructed by JD.com actually decentralizes traffic and data to multiple centers. On the one hand, it can achieve multiple growth of the system's carrying capacity, ensuring a smooth user experience at peak times, and on the other hand, improving the resistance to attacks and the system. Stability, and the biggest difficulty of multi-center is just like its name. Real-time data synchronization needs to be implemented in multiple centers. This is not a small challenge to the technology. However, from the feedback of Jingdong Double 11 and New Year's Day, Nothing seems to be the case!

Hard Power III: JD Cloud Platform

The concept of "cloud" is actually nothing like the word in the cloud. In the face of JD.com's huge and complex information system, which involves procurement, warehousing, logistics, after-sales, and customer service, the cloud is the basis for supporting the operation of business systems. It solves the interconnection and intercommunication of data between systems, and then allocates various resources as needed. With the help of the elastic cloud, JD.com also realized fully automated maintenance and direct deployment, the platform realized unified control, and the capacity was automatically expanded and contracted with traffic. (Source: Today's E-commerce Headline; Editors' Choice: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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