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Gas Safety | Important, important, especially important

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At about 7:10 a.m. on April 1, an explosion occurred at a rice noodle shop in Luodong Township, Yizhou City, Hechi. The shock wave generated by the explosion caused the fan shop items to fly dozens of meters away, causing serious injuries to one person.

A preliminary investigation by firefighters found that the natural gas tank of the rice noodle shop was installed privately, and the bottle clearly stated "onboard compressed natural gas tank" . The working pressure of the two high-pressure natural gas tanks at the site was 20 MPa, far exceeding the pressure of ordinary domestic liquefied gas tanks. Firefighters said that if such a device leaked, it would easily explode in a confined space.

At more than 10 o'clock on the evening of April 3, a gas explosion occurred in a high-rise residence in Yannanyuan Community, Nanguanling, Ganjingzi District. A woman was blown off from the 25th floor and died unfortunately after falling to the ground. Near the point of the explosion, floors and walls were damaged, and doors and windows of multiple households were blown up.

On April 6, at 7:51 am, a gas deflagration occurred in a bank cafeteria on Jiangdongnan Road, Yiwu, and one person died after being evacuated to the hospital, and four were injured. The cause of the accident and the follow-up situation are under further investigation.

,其中29起事故发生在民居。 In January 2017, there were 45 gas explosion accidents in China , which caused more than 60 injuries and 9 deaths , of which 29 accidents occurred in residential buildings.

In February 2017, there were 42 gas explosion accidents in China , which caused 40 injuries and 6 deaths . Among them, there were 27 gas explosion accidents in residential buildings, accounting for 64% of the total.

In March 2017, there were 69 gas explosion accidents in China , an increase of 40.8% compared with the same period of the previous year, which caused 58 injuries and 6 deaths . At least 40 of the 69 accidents were caused by liquefied gas, accounting for 57.8% of the total number of accidents.

There are "seven taboos" in gas safety,

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