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[Liaocheng Red Eagle Excellent Business Recommended] Liaocheng Xinlong Decoration

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Business introduction:

Xinlong Decoration Engineering Office of Liaocheng Economic and Technological Development Zone is a private enterprise with a 10-year history of development. It has a high reputation in Liaocheng's building decoration industry and is also a unit of Liaocheng District Decoration Association. Over the past 10 years, the Liaocheng Xinlong Decoration Engineering Office has made unremitting efforts and adhered to the development philosophy of "based on Liaocheng, serves Liaocheng, and faces the whole country." From a single industry to a diversified development, it has achieved innovation and transformation in its management model. Xinlong Decoration is an early professional team engaged in interior architectural decoration design and construction in Liaocheng area. It has more than 30 employees, including more than 10 registered designers. It has established a trustworthy person, exquisite business, and focused on corporate development in the development. Elite team of high-quality design, construction and management. As a result, the strength and level of Xinlong Decoration has established a leading position in the Liaocheng area and even the national decoration industry. The business contracted by Liaocheng Xinlong Decoration Engineering Office covers all inside and outside Liaocheng, involving more than a thousand interior decoration projects. The main industries are: overall home improvement, government agencies, financial institutions, medical and health, large shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on. Gathering "gold" as "Xin" and "heart" into "Dragon", Xinlong Decoration is developing steadily, striding forward, with a sense of responsibility to the industry and society, adhere to the "promotion of scale, branding, and professionalism" Enterprise operation ideas, continuously adjust business strategy, enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, forge ahead and forge ahead, "build quality projects, become decorative monuments" stride toward the "hundred years of Xinlong" corporate vision. "Five Hearts" Service: Peace of mind: The overall solution of quality home improvement + modern homes is easy to live directly, a true one-stop service; rest assured: No matter after-sales service is material quality or construction issues, Xinlong Decoration takes full responsibility! Comfortable: No need to consider the wear and tear when purchasing materials, restocking, Xinlong decoration all-inclusive, the real one in the end! Peace of mind: In Xinlong decoration and decoration, all brand-level environmentally friendly decoration materials are used; happy: save heart + effort + time + money Promote quality with quality, build brand with quality. Enterprise goal: to create a century-old Xinlong and become a leader in the decoration industry. Management policy: implementation, summary, improvement, improvement. Service items: Part 1: Cooperate with real estate developers to create real estate decoration, including design, planning and management of the entire process; Part 2: Design and construction of hotels, office buildings, villas, comprehensive sites, and high-tech factories

  • :鑫龙装饰 Business Name : Xinlong Decoration

  • :陈经理 Contact : Manager Chen

  • 2865118903@qq.com Email: 2865118903@qq.com

  • :0635-8308233 Phone : 0635-8308233

  • :15069548844 Phone : 15069548844

  • Q Q : 2865118903

  • Address: Room 806, 8th Floor, Building 1, Red Star Macalline Xingmei Building

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